Scudetto, and then a big announcement?


ADRIANO GALLIANI would make a big announcement regarding the market, reports suggest.

According to some rumors, AC Milan CEO Adriano Galliani has told some reporters that he would make a big announcement about the market right after Milan win the Scudetto.

The Rossoneri have a chance to clinch the title should they don’t lose to A.S. Roma next week as they only need one more point to secure the championship after today’s win over Bologna.

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Seedorf: “I have not decided my future yet”

It now appears that Galliani will make an important statement on a transfer, and the hypothesis is that he would announce on the signing of Paulo Henrique Ganso from Santos FC.

If it happens, he would probably announce on Taye Taiwo or Ganso, but it’s Galliani so you never know.

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The article suggested Ganso. Taye Taiwo is just a free transfer… I Think this is a much bigger acquirement.

Beat you to it though.. 😉 I posted it in the Seedorf article thread.

I really hope we get that point or three against Roma. I hate surprises.


I agree; I think we’re going to spend a while on this Ganso transfer. Santos seem to want to drag it out.

Any idea who?


I think we are going to announce Ganso’s signing. The player has no desire to remain in Santos. Why would it be anyone else?


who was the phenomenon of French?


Mvila? I dunno who else. I suggested Mbia, but probably Mvila.


the french phenomenom?


OOo. I forgot about that. The article says Ganso, but you could be right there too. 🙂 We shall see then.


you cant say anything abt uncle he might announce the immpossible ie signing of GANSO SAHIN BALOTELLI ASTORI FORZA MILANNNNNNNNNNNNN

Il Maestro



I think Podolski…..


This is good. I just hope Mr Galliani understand that it will take more than two signings if we are to remain competitive next season!


We’ll have two big signings, and some other ones too. 🙂 Like the last summer and winter.


Maybe its Farfan … Galliani and braida talk to his agent after the meeting with ganso’s agent…


i hope mr galiani buy gareth bale and montolivo.i think santon is better than astori




but it’s Galliani so you never know. THIS IS JUST EPIC!!!


I will love to hear d announcement of the signing of Ganso and taiye taiwo just for a start………..then followed by sahin,montolivo,astori,mexes and miraculously ………..NASRI……..


IT IS CRISTIANO RONALDO…..REMEBER BERLUSCONI PROMISED IF WE WIN THE SCUdETTO WE WILL SIGN c RONALDO……i think it is a big possibility seeing his frustation at madrid and mourinho…….CHEERS…


the renewel of seedorf, pirlo, rino, ambro contracts till 2015

the big surprise is, no signings needed, we have just won the scudetto


I hear we’re signing Yepes’s older brother….


To be among the competitors in the european stage, we need better reinforcement in our defence, lil in midfield and in attact and i bet dat treble is ours come next season


we need a big match player…like cr7 if we want CL glory….ibra is nuts in europe…..if we dont sign one den teams like tottenham wud beat us again at san siro…and not to forget man U drubbing last season……….but i agree with so many ppl that mexes and taiwo are a must…….and if d oldies go(pirlo,ambrosini,seedorf) den we need montolivo,lazzari


CR7 will not come this summer. he is enjoying his career in Madrid and he still didn’t won any major title with Madrid, so I think he will stay for another 2-3 years.


no i dont think uncle will sign “cristiano ronaldo”
but i do think the big announcement will be signing “ganso” and someone else big;)

but taye taiwo is already coming with mexas so thats already a done deal now we just need 1 more big signing other than “ganso” 😉
forza ac milan!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i want milan to celebrate the trophy at d san siro


Who cares where we celebrate… As long as were celebrating at all we should be really happy!


We are not going to do the renewals of any of the veterans (besides Nesta and Inzaghi). Even Pirlo may be on his way out. The article refers to a major acquirement, not to contract renewals.


Forza Milan.


Ganzo , Samir nasri , balotelli , sahin


I hope he buy Fernando Reges and Hulk. Forza Milan !!!

Sohel Sharif

I think we should remain silent….wait for the surprise


never say never….before we signed ibra and robinho…..who could say they are coming………….the point being such a big club….the most successful italian club…..why cant we buy stars in their prime……we signed ronaldinho and ronaldo nazario wen dey wer on a decline……we badly need a big player like cr7…..with d kinda market value he has…….we can b RICH…though cr7 will be damn expensive…but i feel it wud be a gud long term investment…..FORZA MILAN

Yehez Kiel

“never say never” you just said it twice.. lol…


Taiwo and Mexes are free transfers… we can realyy concentrate on CR7 and ganso….because the conditions favour a big signing….not everyday we get free transfers for players like taiwo and mexes….having saved that transfer money we can spend it big time……beware juventus,inter are signing big names like bastos,teves,robben…….


It’s Sahin and Hulk…

Ganso will be announced later.

Mexes, Taiwo, Marchetti, Mori, Astori, Nainggolan and of one CF Will also arrive…


The french phenomenon is SOW / GAMEIRO!!! As back-up striker! Yeah were so good that we use awesome strikers as back-up strikers LOL!!


if uncle had to sign “CR7 OR BALOTELI”
i think i would fly from south africa to Milan and get down on my knees and thank him……… i love baloteli he has so much potential…. even “hulk from porto” that playa has talent but ya;)
forza milan!!!!!


its Ganso and i hope Hazard, Sahin, Fernando, and Poli will be the next… but remember, we still need great CB to be competitive in next season..!


I think its going to be aquilani, ganso, taiwo and mexes all togeter, but when i think again it could be anyone knowing berlu and galliani.:D


This ganso saga kind of reminds me of the dzeko saga, remeber dzeko wanted to leave just like ganso and he wanted milan just like ganso but unfortunatly didnt happen cos of his stubborn club wolfsburg, well santos is kinda takin a similar route, they’v even got their stubborn legend pele to try and convince ganso to stay, just like he did with neymar. Just hope this article is true and the big suprise is the signing of ganso! 😀


I really hope ganso is coming this summer, but i still don`t believe he is the big announcement. I would love it to be this great ligue 1 phenomenon we`ve been talking about. when i read that topic i immediately thought of Hazard, gameiro and M`vila. i would love to see either one of them in milan, but ofc hazard is my favourite closely followed by M`vila


BALOTELLI?????it will shock internisti right,,hahaha


It won’t be Sahin. He’s going to join Real Madrid. Reports said he has agreed terms already to join Madrid. Sorry guys.

And why do we want Aquiliani? Ugh terrible player.


Agree, Aquilani is not worth signing.

Juve could use him, and knowing their brilliant transfer strategy, they’ll probably sign both him and Pirlo and complain they can’t play together.

Sahin is just a dream, I never really expected him to come (I don’t think you did either Giancarlo), as all we had is a friendship with Boateng.

Wanna bet M’via vs Mbia Giancarlo?


Aquiliani is terrible. Overrated.

Sahin won’t come. I was never impressed by him. He’s going to join Real Madrid. I think Sahin going to Madrid is a mistake for him and I thought he should stay in Germany for longer until he proves himself.

I don’t know who it will be… this announcement may not even be related to the player from France that was said.


THE FRENCH PHENOMENOM IS EDEN HAZARD !! his run and shoot like ronaldo.his dribbling skill and small like messi ! pls come to milan.theres more than enough brazilian in this squad.get some italians,dont be like inter PLS

ganso,hazard,robben,astori = we conquer europe again and mourinho name will fade away from football

indonesian milanisti

i have a gut feeling than uncle fester is about to announce the most unpredictable name(s)… and for a good reason too. the perfect gift to milan’s scudetto.. forza milan!!




fernando or ganso

Yehez Kiel

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: Ganso. other signings : taiwo, mexes, gameiro.. lol.. man i really want gameiro to come to milan as back-up striker.. pato keeps getting injured and ibra keeps getting suspended and inzaghi isnt as good and as fit as he used to be.. no offense..

black milanista

I feel it’s gonna be ganso… or the return of Kaka but i doh knw but i wld prefer we beat roma than draw!! that’s just me or is anyone else share my sentiment..FORZA MILAN!!!!


Ganso, Astori, Taiwo, Montolivo, Hazard and Mexes!