Sampdoria 1 – 2 Milan


MILAN are through to the semi finals of the Coppa Italia, where they will face Palermo, after beating Sampdoria 2-1 at the Stadio Luigi Ferraris earlier tonight. Two first half goals from Alexandre Pato secured victory for Milan, and despite a consolation goal scored by Guberti in the second half, the Rossoneri looked comfortable once more overall.

The Rossoneri lined up in a 4-3-1-2, with 2 players making their Milan debut. Flavio Roma continued in goal, whilst Massimo Oddo and Sorkratis Papastathopoulos came in alongside Yepes and Antonini. In midfield, Thiago Silva continued in the anchoring role, whilst Urby Emmanuelson made his debut at the left of the middle 3, with Van Bommel making his debut alongside him. The front 3 consisted of youngster Alexander Merkel, Robinho, and Pato – meaning a well earned rest for Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Milan’s first chance of the game fell to Alexander Merkel. After some wonderful play from new signing Urby Emmanuelson – playing a 1-2 with Robinho – the dutchman managed to find Alexander Merkel with a wonderful layoff, however, Merkel’s shot was pulled slightly wide as he opened up too much whilst taking the shot. An early warning sign for Sampdoria just 5 minutes in, though after all the excellent build up play, the shot was a bit of a let off.

‘Milan in pole position to sign Ganso’
Sampdoria-AC Milan: The Rossoneri squad

Within 2 minutes, Robinho had the ball in the back of the net, but his goal was ruled out. After a volleyed attempt from Urby Emmanuelson, and a deflection off a Samdoria defender, the ball flew high up in to the air, and as it fell, Robinho latched on to it perfectly, volleying it cinlincally in to the bottom corner of the goal, just inside Da Costa’s far post. It was not to be though, the brazilian was standing in an offside position when the shot was taken, and the goal was correctly ruled out as a result.

Wih a quarter of an hour gone, Milan took the lead. The corner from Robino was played short to Emmanuelson, but the dutchman gave it back to Robinho, who volleyed it in to the box. After a bounce (which Sampdoria failed to cut out) Thiago Silva went up and challenged for the ball, and he managed to flick it on for Alexandre Pato, who volleyed it in to the bottom right corner with a stunning finish to cap off a well worked goal! The lead was a deserved one, Milan were looking fairly comfortable and the attack seemed fluid.

5 minutes later and The Rossoneri doubled their lead! Urby Emmanuelson did well to pick out Pato, but the real magic was yet to come. Receiving the ball from Emmanuelson, Pato managed to bring the ball forward, and use a bit of skill to nutmeg Accardi to get past him, before taking an extra touch or two and emphatically blasting the ball in to the back of the net! A stunning goal, and another sign of Milan’s domination, Pato was really enjoying himself out there!

Sampdoria’s first decent effort of the game from Kiko Macheda (on loan from Manchester United) the 19 year old Italian received the ball around 20 yards out, and powered a shot goalwards, but Roma managed to tip it over the bar relatively trouble free, and the pass to Macheda was slightly behind him making it more difficult, espcially with Papastathopoulos coming to pressurise him from the edge of the box.

The lead was almost cut down to 1 once again shortly after. Picking the ball up on the edge of the box, Macheda ran at the Milan defence, and managed to get a shot out quickly. As a result of it travelling low and fast, Roma only saw the ball late, but despite Macheda’s effort beating him – the Italian’s shot was not on target, going narrowly wide to keep Milan 2 goals ahead with 35 minutes on the clock.

Milan were pressing well all over the filed but it was Sampdoria who came closest to scoring next. After good work from Macheda, Guberti was able to get a shot away, however, his effort was blocked by Mario Yepes. This didn’t stop Sampdoria though – as the ball dropped, Kiko Macheda headed the ball on, and Massimo Maccarone reached and took a shot, but Sokratis Papastathopoulos came in with an excellent block and clearence to deny Sampdoria a goal, good brave defending from the greek.

The Rossoneri had one or two half chances to extend their lead before half time, but Pato’s effort went wide, Robinho only just reached the return ball from Pato in a 1-2 (and so missed) and Alexander’s Merkel wasn’t struck with enough conviction. With 2 players making their debut, and a bit of an injury crisis, you’d be forgiven for thinking Milan would struggle against Sampdoria, but the Rossoneri ended the first half on top, with a deserved 2 goal lead thanks to some exellent goals from Alexandre Pato.

After a mixed start to the second half, Sampdoria scored just 5 minutes in to open up the time again. Massimo Maccarone managed to get by Sokratis Papastathopoulos (however, this took place on the left flank where Luca Antonini should have been convering, Sokratis was just filling in), and played the ball in to the box, where Guberti managed to head the ball past Flavio Roma – who had no chance of saving the header from such a close range – to halve Milan’s lead. It came as something of a shock to Milan given how comfortable the Rossoneri had looked, but Sampdoria crafted the goal well.

Sampdoria were taking charge now, and taking the game to Milan. With 58 minutes on the clock, Kiko Macheda went down in the box claiming a penalty, but the ref correctly ignored Sampdoria’s protests. Milan immediately went down the other end though, culminating in Robinho dribbling in and taking on defenders from the left – the brazilian did well to get his strike on target at the near post, but Da Costa managed to punch it out for a corner.

With 15 minutes to go, the impressive Urby Emmanuelson picked up a knock, however he managed to recover, and that meant moments later that Antonini would be subbed off for the return of Marek Jankulovski moments later. Meanwhile, Antonio Cassano was brought on to make his return to the Stadio Luigi Ferraris, coming on for Robinho, still in search of his first goal in a Rossoneri shirt, despite playign well and picking up a few crucial assists in his time at the club already. Alexandre Pato was denied the chance of a hat trick after he was taken off with 5 minutes to go, as Ibrahimovic was brought on to close out the game (in fairness, Pato had been quiet second half)

Despite having a quarter of an hour and more momentum, Sampdoria couldn’t muster up an equaliser – even with the 5 minutes of added time. Cassano almost had a dream return to the Stadio Luigi Ferraris, but his effort from 20 yards out was not struck cleanly, and then the game fizzled out, meaning Milan secured their place in the Semi Final against Palermo. In a fairly confident display, Milan were the better side overall, even if Sampdoria shaded the second half, Milan were much better in the first, and thanks to Pato’s 2 great goals, they had their progress to the next round to show for it.

Best Moment: Pato’s second goal

Man of the Match: Pato, simply for winning the game for Milan.

By Hefin Davies, Rossoneri Blog

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Such a different team from what we started at the beginning of the season. Great to see the depth we have now! Forza MILAN!


Pato is our best player.

Jay Zeneros



How did Emmanuelson do?


FOrza Milan sono felice con questa squadra!Papastathopoulos Sokratis is very very good!!!!!


Man, i can’t believe Van Bommel & Urby just joined Milan for only 2 days. Cause they’re playing very solid and blend perfectly with other Milan players! Prob to Sokratis who play very solid too. Now we can relax a bit for seri-a and italian cup. Forza Milan!


what’s going on between pato and ibra? ibra should be more respectful with the team mates, he didin’t even looked at pato when he changed with him, we heard about that ibra wants to play with fantantonio and binho. BUT HE FORGOT THAT PATO IS THE FUTURE OF MILAN AND HE IS THE BEST PLAYER IN MILAN!!!



The duck is back!!! Who’s next?!!!



of course!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I prefer Pato.

Forza Milan

Pato will always be Milan first striker and if pato didn’t have that injured he would have score more than Ibra. Emmanuelson, Merkel and Van Bommel did very good..


Yeah that bugged me, too. Obviously there are problems between Pato and Ibra. Then again I hope I’m wrong!


It looked like Ibra was more concentrated on helping out on the corner. Great game by pato but i would still pick ibra over pato. more experience, less injuries and has been more decisive this season.



The brazillian press such as ESPN BRASIL and Globoesporte stated that pato and ibra have problems in and off the pitch, and that a fight between them didn’t happen becuase their teammates separated them before it happened.


Very good, just get Criscito and Milan’s transfer saga will be dealt with, fresh blood for almost all positions now … Just get Criscito.


now i start to like van bommel and SOKRATIS!!!after this let’s go for bayern munich ‘s left-back diego contento.he is half italian and he choose to play for italy.


Can anyone get me the link so i can watch the goals or match highlights please? i missed the game


@ thiagosilva86 and milano86
thank you guys so much…..what a move by pato and emmanuelson…i was backed emmanuelson……hope he continues this way

Milano Q8

Great game by Milan,they all looked young!!I haven’t seen Milan play like this for a very long time.With just alittle bit of re-inforcment I can say that we have our future team.I believe there’s is jealousy between Ibra and Pato;Ibra is a professional star as for Pato is a rising star with great potencial as he is our future.He’s young, been injured for some time while Ibra was our savior as all meadia was focusing on him.Pato is batelling for his place with jealousy.Pato needs to mature,Ibra needs to respect and support the youngster as a proficional.Thye must cooperate and… Read more »


Thiago Silva is magic best defender in the WORLD then he moves on to playing in midfield assisting with goals excellent on the ball fast, athletic, strong, versatile just what cant this guy do he is just as important as ibra I would say more important FORZA THIAGO FORZA MILAAANOO


_________________ abbiatti____________________

abate m.yépes t.silva emmanuelson
(nesta injury)
merkel ambrosini/flamini

PATO cassano


wish they played Calvano


A very good Milan playing against a good Sampdoria team. Our new signings played with calm and confidence like they’ve been part of the team longer than two days. Impressive on both their parts! Van Bommel was very effective, and Emanuelson had an assist already! THiago again playing in midfield was showing versatile he was.. reminds me of Desailly.

Oh and IBRA DID NOT DISRESPECT ANYONE. Some people need to stop taking things out of context and blowing them out of proportion. He NEVER disrespected Pato…


Come on guys, please don’t destroy this good result with some bullshit / fake gossip. Like NorthwaveBrder said, Ibra just sub in the last 5 minutes and Milan in danger when Sampdoria can equalised the score with corner. So he just focus on helping that, not disrespect Pato.

Agree with you bro


About the Pato vs Ibra debate… I think Ibra is the one who should always start the CF role. Pato just doesn’t think. Or when he thinks, he takes too long to think. There are a lot of times when he passes when he should shoot, or when he shoots or dribbles when he should pass. This will deff improve over time, but for now, Ibra is the one who should start. Anyways, with a solid midfield like we have now, there is no reason that Pato and Ibra cannot play together. They would have the midfield support they did… Read more »

Milano Q8

@ Giancarlo- Ibra did not disrespect Pato in a direct way but it’s obvious that there is tension between them. When was the last time you so them play together and see that Pato played well? If Ibra played with him today from the start then I guarantee that it will not be a successful match for Pato. Pato today was free and wanted to prove a point, wanted to prove that he is in top form and that Ibra is not the only star. We don’t know what happens in the dressing room but we all know how Ibra… Read more »


Sokatis Played very well too.


NO. It’s obvious you’re just taking some out of context and blowing it out of proportion, Milano Q8. It’s people like you trying to stir trouble in the press. In the training videos they are close to each other.


The last time i seen Pato and Ibra played together is where we draw 4-4 with Udinese. In this match, Pato scored 2 goals and one of them is from Ibra assist (Pato celebrated the goal with Ibra too). So, like Giancarlo said, stop blowing out of proportion. Every players in Milan are wanted to prove that they are worthy to the coach and fans. Not just Pato.


i just remember that ibra says, pato is a good striker. 8 goal on 11 match on serie A, if he not injuried. it will be top scorer today..

i just imagine that ibra direspect pato is not right..
on yesterday match i just see ibra is concentrate with match.. so is not direspect..
so stop to make a HOAX…

Maldini A.C.Milan



Pato is a great striker and reall shows it this game. But I would pick Ibra over Pato for hsi experience and the fact that he is a better team player. He doesn’t just score goal but also deliver incredible assists. I have no idea if it’s true Pato and Ibra doesn’t like eachother but when people are aroudn eachotehr that much it’s boudn to happen from tiem to time between players, andyes Ibra isn’t oen to hold back punches and will most liekly say what he means without sugarcoatign it thus more argument prone. Have a hard tiem seign… Read more »


salut to urby and mvb. i hope mvb could control his anger in the future. i would kill him if he does something stupid or ridiculous that can damage the team. agree with everyone who commented that thiago silva is our next desailly. i recall that few months ago i posted a comment that milan needs a STRONG DM like rijkaard or desailly to protect our defence early from midfield. this strategy will strengthen our midfield and harden our opponents to attack. ideally, our LM and RM should be a player who is fast, versatile and has deadly shooting skills.… Read more »

Milano Q8

@Giancarlo and Master – Well a I am not trying to stir troubl in the press; infact there are no Milan fans who trys to creat trouble to Milan players. This is my opinion like the opinion of others and i do respect your opinion. At the end I hope your right, as I hope Ibra and Pato plays to gether upfront as a team. Forza Milan


nice match but i miss KEVIN.What about his injury??PRINCE27

Jay Zeneros

@sheva7 not much has been said about Boateng. Until Feb. they will give a better diagnosis on his injury. the whole Pato vs Ibra is just hype the media makes. But its true that Ibra and Pato get along in the training sessions. And we have seen recently how Pato goes and celebrates with Ibra when a goal is scored. yet you never know, Ibra already was involved in two fights previously. but up to know its just the media speculating, the same with the whloe Gattuso and Pato fight. Just keep an open mind and respect everyone’s opinions when… Read more »


@Milan08, there are some Milan fans who don’t like Ibra. And are trying to stir trouble against him. From all the training videos I’ve seen, Pato and Ibra are fine. I don’t even think Cassano is a problem. And Ibra is a team player… he recently praised Yepes highly recently. Sounds like the guy is becoming part of our team, whether the idiotic media likes it or not.

Oh and as far as the fight with Onyewu. Completely exaggerated. There was nothing there. And Onyewu is gone now…


I’m respect u’r opinion too bro and i’m sorry if my coment offends you 🙂
Yeah, i knew u’r feeling. No, we knew u’r feeling cause like Giancarlo said, some Milan fans don’t like Ibra for what he did in the past. But until now, Ibra looks just fine. And i hope it will stay like that for a long time 🙂
Forza Milan!