Ronaldinho negotiation to be done ‘in a day’


RONALDINHO will join another side within one day according to Adriano Galliani.

The Rossoneri Vice President Adriano Galliani revealed that Ronaldinho will leave AC Milan and join a Brazilian team today or early on Sunday.

Dinho has asked Milan to rescind his contract and Milan agreed, meaning they will get no money for the transfer, while the two-times FIFA Player of the Year won’t get severance package from il Diavolo.

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“Everything will be done in a day or maximum in one and a half days,” Galliani told reporters on Friday night. “We are in good terms with the player, he has asked us to move back to Brazil because he is looking forward to play in the next World Cup. We have satisfied his request, we will find the way to end this story and we will greet him with love.

“Something else about the market? Nothing concerning the offensive line, Inzaghi has told me that he wants to be back in two months.”

By Meytar Zeevi, Rossoneri Blog

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If everything is alright than maybe stop wasting your time in Brazil and go for Argentina to Sight Erik Lamela or work on signing new full backs!


what did you take so long?
just release him and hunt another talented replacement


it took so long because galliani was partying with dinho