Ronaldinho admits: ‘My desire is to join Gremio’


MILAN demands stall Ronaldinho’s Gremio return.

Ronaldinho Gaucho will leave Milan this month, and he has already made his choice: he wants to come back to where he grew up – to Porto Alegre.

“If it was down to me I would already be a Gremio player,” Dinho told Brazilian reporters today.

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“I am not an auction object for sale. The problem is not the deal I have been offered, but what Milan are asking for. My desire is to wear the Gremio jersey.”

Milan want €8 million but Gremio can’t pay this much. They have an agreement with the player, but a deal with Milan has not been reached yet.

There are rumours that the Brazilian side could be ready to pay €4m for the services of Ronnie.

By Meytar Zeevi, Rossoneri Blog

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Just leave already.


our desire is to get paid 8 million for you taking up a roster spot this season.


^…and a fat paycheck!


Beautiful words but Dinho is all about the money unfortunately. But hey if your desire is to wear a Gremio jersey than Dinho should pay that 8 million Euros to Milan and than he can play for Gremio….


do you guys see even he knows he isn’t worth so much as 8 million anymore.


Then why did he request the 3 miljon euro for compensation? He must have known that Galliani would never pay him to move there.

He’s just saying shit so Gremio fans won’t hate him when he goes to some other brazilian team.


Stop talking shit about ronnie we should be thanking him or atleast not being assholes about it just shut the fuck up you fucking haters


I don’t understand why all of you are bitching, he signed a contract that both he and milan agreed on so he wants his pay. Any one of you would do the same thing especially when its a 3 million euro paycheck. I enjoy watching ronnie play and respect him for all the help he provided to our club in the past seasons. I say we take accept the 4 mil gremio is offering and be done with it otherwise he will just stay until summer and then leave for free with us paying his wages until then


Milan loves to buy players on FREE but they dont like to let them go for FREE. Best advise for Ronaldinho is TO STAY IN MILAN ,PARTY ALL NIGHT AND HOOK UP SOME TEEN GIRLS ALONG WITH SILVIO,ON MATCHDAY SIT ON THE BENCH GET SOME GOOD SLEEP UNTIL 85 MINUTES AND THEN GO SMILE ON THE FIELD IN THE 89TH MINUTE: SHAKE HANDS of your OPPPONENTS and GO BACK TO THE NIGHTCLUB, FAT PAYCHECK WILL BE ON ITS WAY, come June just thank Milan for all that they did and wait for the right opportunity to knock at ya doors.


His desire is to join gremio.. mine is that he goes ASAP….


@Pasha I’m so with you on this one. I’m not the biggest fan of Dinho but he did well for us before this season. You can say that we could’ve spent the 18 million we paid for him elsewhere but that wasn’t entirely up to him, G&B wanted him, was it his fault? Would you reject one of the biggest clubs in the world if they came knocking just because you think some other youngster could do a better job than you? I don’t think so. I do believe that he would do well working behind the strikers if he… Read more »


thanks for everything that you have given to milan, ronaldinho. good luck with your new journey. the things that you have not given to milan are trophies. before you depart to porto alegre, better to apologize to pato for breaking his marriage. keep smile wherever you are, ronaldinho. 🙂


Hope to exchange Ronaldinho with Mario Fernandes. Mario is the player that we need for our defence 20year old, 1.89height and strong player who can play as center back and right back. GET MARIO FERNANDES.





It’s already official that Dinho is the one who requested the transfer. U cant’ request a transfer and want compensation at the same time. But him wanting might have been false news.

I’m really thankfull for his services but i’m a little angry that he didn’t work harder. If he did he would have been our best player.



I guess some people are right when they said he lost that motivation and hunger to win after his successful years at Barca. Unfortunate, really. Especially with a player of his calibre.

R9,R10,K8 fan

the f***ing and mediocre coach called Allegri has made me feel bad once again!! Ronhie is the greatest player alongside R9, Allegri should watch R10/80, with his 20.000 fans that went to see him, Apart from your family no one will ever hear from you when Silvio will fire you. milan victories have nothing to do with Allegri but the players themselves while the losses go directly to this shit of coach called Allegri. you only hve this season and having and award of bench THE GREATEST PLAYER OF ALL TIMES ALONGSIDE R9. SHAME ON YOU ALLEGRI!!! [email protected] write to… Read more »