Report: Milan to offer €11m for Sakho


AC MILAN are interested in the French youngster, who might come in June.

The Rossoneri want to reinforce their defense as the search for Alessandro Nesta’s heir continues.

According to reports, Milan put their eyes on Paris Saint Germain F.C. youngster Mamadou Sakho and they are set to offer €11 million in June.

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It is highly unlikely that PSG would agree to sell their 20-year-old center-back in January, as they need him for the Europa League. However, a move in the summer isn’t off the table.

Sakho is considered one of the most promising youngsters in the world, and already in such a young age, he’s a key player for his side, and has already one appearance with the French NT.

“Kiriko” is tracked by other top European clubs.

By Meytar Zeevi, Rossoneri Blog

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this is a must happen deal.


vertonghen please. a bit proven and got more experiences than this kid. milan have learned it when they faced ajax


mr.galliani plz do sooooooo…………we need backup for nesta but 1st get rid of oddo,janku,abate,antonini,zambrotta…………they r just of no use …. we need milan standard full backs…….love u Milan

Sohel Sharif

Good choice…better than Luiz or any other nd younger

mohamad fazreen

no..we must keep ignazio abate..he is a very good player..just look at how he stopped cristiano ronaldo and samuel etoo..he is just for sakho..i would say it is a definite purchase!! very hot prospect..


Another Sokratis and Montelongo?!?
It would be useful not only to buy them but use them as well!


SMART CHOICE…he will be a key player in milan, likes maldini or nesta…i think he is the best wonderkid on defence side…please make it happen…love u so much, milan!!

Maldini A.C.Milan

what about albertazzi? I bought sakho and sokratis in FM2010, both were the best defence couple. Lol, Papa should get more chances!



Get rid of Abate?! If you don’t watch Milan then please don’t comment.


Great choice! Much better than David Luis. Vertonghen is another great choice or Andrea Ranocchia. Stefan Radu for left back or Aly Cissokho


I Always wanted D.Luiz but that guy is fucking good. Young, Strong, Fast… I would like to get players from more nationality, like France ! maybe some youngster from Spain (David de gea) Portugal, Argentina but always try to get Italian at most, thats why i like that Cassano deal, and he is one of italian best. And Why in the HELL isn’t Flamini now called up in the France team, it has to happen soon. I want our players to be all playing in national teams. Because on International break only thing i do is to watch game with… Read more »


hope this guy is as good as lilian thuram. years ago i was sad when thuram was signed by juve. ifor the next season, i hope that astori and zigoni could join milan senior.


get him he can be our next stam

Sohel Sharif

We really dont need Goalie…


come on guys, let’s be honest. If we are talking about replacing players, then the whole team needs to go with exception to Ibra and Silva… let’s just be patient, this process will take 2 to 3 years.


@KalTX, thumbs down


The process ” I ” will kill you takes less than a 2 to 3 Years…


this is my line up in PES 2011
———-poli—nuri sahin————–


who is this player montelongo why did milan buyed him tell me he is not even in the bench or in the reserve if milan want to improve they need to mix young and old together if we want to win the league.


@ Mahdi, I think you’re the one not watching Milan. Abate’s crap. Guess who had a hand in Roma’s goal… I’d get rid of him, Antonini, Janko and Bonera.


Again…….who the hell is taking my alias?

It might not be original at all, but I used it first on this site. Back off.


I would prefer David Luiz who is better than Sakho.


Abbiat,De Silvestri-Silva-Luiz-Antonini,
Pato-Ibra-Binho(Cassano). And we should get Ganso try to change with Ronaldinho.


Sakho is a great player and would be great alongside Silva while he could also learn a lot from Nesta. Not completely neccesary in Jan but we must get him over the summer. Maybe we could even get him now and let him play with PSG for the rest of the season.


as someone else said vertoghen or whatever his name is.I still wouldn’t mind sakho. We need a more technically gifted defender not the most athletic one we have silva for speed and power. in January we should do this OUT-janku onyewu dinho IN-radu cassano ad look around for new primavera players. then in summer we can sign a new CB and ganso/illicic