Report: Allegri still wants Lazzari at Milan


MASSIMILIANO ALLEGRI wants Andrea Lazzari and Milan have been in touch with Cagliari.

The Milan coach wanted Lazzari in the summer, but Milan failed to sign the Italian. reports that Allegri still wants Lazzari.

AC Milan Vice President Adriano Galliani hasn’t ruled out the possibility of seeing defenders and midfielders joining il Diavolo in January, and it seems that Milan want the 26-year-old.

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It is believed that Milan and Cagliari have been in touch for about 12 days. The Rossoblu President Massimo Cellino values his midfielder/left winger at €6-8m.

Lazzari was given his current position by Allegri, who coached him for couple of years in Sardinia. Allegri likes to call this position “mezz’ala”.

It remains to see if Cellino would agree to sell his man in January – something he ruled out before.

By Meytar Zeevi, Rossoneri Blog

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hmm, sounds uninteristing. if you want a great playmaker, look at ganso or lamela, dude. this guy is average and wont help milan win the UCL


what is his possition? hes totally unknowned for me, maybe because he doesnt make goals. so he cant be an attacking midfielder, and if he is then he have do be bad AM not scoring. If his a central midfielder then we already have plenty at milan already. and if his defensive midfielder then his just booring.

Sohel Sharif

Hey Lenggo did u evn saw Ganso playing…or just watched youtube??
@ Shevé…he Pirlo’s replacement…he is just a junior Pirlo…so decide urself hw he is…
To all…personaly i dont think Ganso is better thn Lazzari at this stage…


@sahel i watched brazil friendly match a few months ago and ganso was playing great. a true number 10 that milan is still missing


@ sohel: I totally agree with u I’ve been watching ganso for a while now and to me he’s more a playmaker (pirlo) than a kaka.On lazzari he’s a very good player and allegri knows how to get best out of him just look at Milan bench (seedorf) yes a great player but his time has past I endorse this signing along with tremoulinas/criscito,luiz gustavo/yann m’villa and de silvestri. In the summer if ganso doesn’t come milan should buy Nuri Sahin he’s a dictator in midfield and a great player.


aah, come guys..comparing ganso and lazzari its like comparing gattuso and essien, ronaldinho and totti, ronaldo and vieri..we cant comparing this two guys..they are two different players..gattuso, totti, vieri maybe seems not stylist enough as a football players but they are not bad and they prove it when they can bring a lot of trophy to their club.


Ganso i very Expensive, and we don’t have the most money in the world.. But Lazzari is a good player, he don’t make any stupid things, very stable player. He can be used in champions league. He is maybe on the same neveu as flamini.


i think lazzari will be a good addition to the mid, we dont have a naturally left footed player in our starting lineup or direct rotation, i think janku is the only one in the squad actually. and as far as pirlo’s replacement, i think we should buy ANDREA POLI!!


i want this to happen but I don’t wan him starting or anything but what about strasser. he would be much easier and he’s a good box to box mid like essien. Also guys he may take pirlos spot but well never get a pirlo replacement his passing is a gift from god that only xavi can match

Sohel Sharif

Bey…we dont need Ballon D’or material… Gattuso won more thn Essien… Totti lasted for 7 yrs as a Golden man where Ronaldinho 4yrs…only Ronaldo is better…i’m sorry he is best…so Lazzari over Ganso


I agree with the signing of Lazzari. Lazzari is similar to Milan’s great Donadonni. He is not a trequartista but a good leftsided midfielder. As for Ganso I prefer Aturo Vidal. I’ve always watch Brazilian football and I am not sold on Ganso. I will explain why: Ganso is the type of player who is a crowd pleaser! I dont like those type of players. All the tricks and flicks dont mean crap if we dont get the results. I think it would be a very high price gamble for Milan to sign Ganso. Italian football is different from the… Read more »


I forgot to include that Lamela is another great option at a cheaper price. Lamela has speed, great technique and vision. So my choices for the trequartista is Aturo Vidal or Lamela. Ganso is a crowd pleaser, too slow,too expenase and too much of a risk in my opinion.


Evryone look up “Eden Hazard Compilation” on youtube, I think that he is better than Ganso and is faster


Hmmmm. Lazzari would be replacement for seedorf…but tht means he also would be competing with boateng. I really wanted Kagawa from Dortmund to replace seedorf…but whatever. Lazzari is good and is on top of tht Italian. Im afraid he wouldn’t like being on the bench though as allegri will give equal playing time to each of them.