Milan 3 – 0 Brescia


THE ROSSONERI re-gained their 3 point lead at the top of the Serie A table earlier tonight, as they beat Brecia by 3 goals to nil. 3 first half goals from Kevin-Prince Boateng, Robinho, and Zlatan Ibrahimovic – accompanied with some quality play throughout ensured the 3 points for Milan.

The Rossoneri got off to a flyer just 3 minutes in, as Zlatan Ibrahimovic worked a good move down the left with Ambrosini, before pulling it back across the box – where Kevin-Prince Boateng was waiting to tap in his first goal for the club! An excellent start!

Milan continued their domination in the first 10 minutes, though Brescia did have one close moment, when Carraciolo was played in with a ball overhead, but Thiago Silva and Nesta managed to deal with it fairly easily.

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Robinho came close to doubling Milan’s lead just moments later, once again Ibrahimovic playing the role of provider, he played it inside for the brazilian, who cut in and struck it hard and low, but Sereni held the ball well – the Brescia ‘keeper ensuring he didn’t.

A quarter of an hour in to the game, Brescia almost equalised, Carraciolo with an excellent overhead kick sending the ball goalwards, only for Christian Abbiati to deny them the goal with an excellent diving save.

Robinho – who’d made a good start to the game – was the next to come close for Milan, after some trademark stepovers on the left, he cut in to the box but his finish was poor – and hit the side netting.

The brazilian did give Milan a 2 goal lead just moments later though, after a poor backpass from Hetemaj, Robinho had a free shot against Sereni, and this time he had no chance of keeping out his shot, as Robinho finished by placing it in to the bottom left corner.

Milan had 3 before the 30 minute mark, as Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored! After picking up the ball inside the box, he used his close control and strength to keep the defenders at bay, before shifting it to the right and smashing it past the helpless Brescia goalkeeper, a goal of the highest quality.

The Rossoneri should’ve made it w just 3 minutes later, some carless play from ex-Juve defender Jonathan Zebina led to Kevin-Prince Boateng having a chance to score – Matteo Sereni pulled off a very good save to deny him, and Robinho just about reached the loose ball, but he couldn’t quite get enough on it to score, and it remained 3-0.

The pressure from Milan was relentless, after a mazy run from Robinho, the Rossoneri had a free kick right at the edge of the box. Andrea Pirlo curled it towards the bottom corner, but Sereni dived well to punch clear, and keep the damage to 3 goals.

5 minutes from the end of the half, Ibrahimovic pulled off a delicious flick over the top for Kevin-Prince Boateng, whose hard struck volley went narrowly over the bar, Milan were playing in style and dominating with ease!

Milan ended the half on top, as they’d started it, it was 3-0 at the break but it could easily have been more, nonetheless, the Rossoneri were totally dominating, and playing with some swagger.

At half time, Mario Yepes was brought on to replace Nesta – no cause for concer, Allegri was just resting Nesta, given that Milan were already 3-0 up and keeping Nesta fresh is important.

The second half started in a much less active manner, the first real chance didn’t come until 60 minutes, where Abate played in Boateng down the wing, who then put it in the box. After the Brescia defenders all missed it, it came towards Robinho – who decided to hit it first time rather than taking a touch first – and as a result went flying over the bar.

Gattuso almost scored just minutes later, Robinho putting a great ball in to the box, only for the Italian’s shot to be saved by Sereni after an excellent first touch, and a pretty decent effort.

Massimo Ambrosini was then replaced by Mathieu Flamini, once more with the purpose of keeping him fresh, whilst Milan piled on the pressure once more.

It was almost 4-0 moments later, as a deflected cross from Abate flew high up in to the sky – only for Zlatan Ibrahimovic (with his back to goal) to get right underneath it, and try an overhead/scissor kick style shot, which dribbled narrowly wide past the post!

The last substitution was for Ibrahimovic, with Ronaldinho getting a chance to show what he could do with just over 20 minutes left, whilst giving Ibra a well earned rest.

Ronaldinho was inolved within minutes, as Robinho dribbled down the flank, he played a ball in to the middle, and Dinho attempted a difficult first time powerful volley at goal, which went narrowly over the bar – the brazilian almost netting a spectacular goal within minutes.

Mathieu Flamini seemed to be enjoying himself, and he was the next to almost score, after Gattuso slipped the ball forward for the frenchman to strike with power, however, it didn’t trouble Sereni in the Brescia goal.

The game ended 3-0, and it was a totally dominant performance. The only disappointing aspect was the fact that Milan seemed to sit back a bit in the second half, and failed to take any more chances, nonetheless the Rossoneri looked assured, confident and some of the play was brilliant.

Best Moment: Ibra’s fantastic goal

Man of the Match: Robinho – could’ve been a few others, but he did a lot of running, made some nice interception, took his goal well and is improving with every game.

By Hefin Davies, Rossoneri Blog

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a very good game from Milan. they press since the first minute and got the result through a beautiful goal from Boateng. though superior, they are still pressing and reap the other two goals that maintain their distance with Lazio.


men of the match Robhino and Dhino. Worst coach Allegeri


well i like how milan looked in this game, and i can see tht prince is improving….i think its time for Algeri to drop gattuso now and start flamini over him as flamini is now clearly the better option, and thumbs up to Abate your growing throughout each game ^^….forza milan

Tamu go to bed

Tamu – you dont watch football do you? DInho was garbage is no longer worth having in the starting rotation. Start thinking with your head and not your heart.

DInho is finished at Milan and we need to get rid of him while we can still get 10-15m for him


*tamu*:dinho had 20 mins and showed nothing noteable of keepin him needs to go on Allegri he’s doin a fantastic job this team work ethic is amazing i love the way milan are playing a little wasteful infront of goal but 3 points counts .


@ tamu

shut up already…..with dinho “man of the match”,are you fucking serious huh? he should even been brought on in the 85 minute…yeah cuz that’s the sorta player he his now. ac milan is better of without…….him !!


Too bad Shitter-BUM couldn’t watch the match,BUM went to the mall to get some fresh baked french bread for tomorrows[sunday] breakfast.Even though BUM wasn’t able to watch the match he’s not troubled because….from the match report he read on rossoneriblog,it’s glaring obvious AC MILAN played a good game. BUM is in a joyous mood because AC MILAN is still shitting on INTER-MILAN…HAHAHAHAHA !!!

jacob smith

Can you guys (AC Milan fans) help me buy a new good football boot! because I need it for my school football match (competition)
Now I got the old ‘Nike t90 laser 2’ which is rubbish!

Can you True AC Milan fans name me some good football boots.

I play in strike and my team is counting on me to score goals for them because all the other strikers are injured and ill.

Just name me some football boots! thank you!!!


Are u roonie2009 in disguise? or just some troll from other rival clubs? whoever u are please SHUT UP!

btw, everything are perfect in this match. The defense and offense was great. Too bad we can’t score 1 or 2 goal in 2nd half. And i’m hoping Allegri give a chance to Merkel, Strasser, Sokratis, or Odu when Milan play against Ajax next week.



I agree with you. I still believe what the commentator said before the match, ” THE BEST PLAYER IN THE WORLD IS ON THE BENCH’. We will see how far Allegeri will take the team without the player. I found the game very boring with out Dhino


It was great match in general and they controlled the match for most of the time! Abbiati’ save was excellent, which I think opened up the eyes of everyone afterwards because right afterwards they scored another goal. Boateng had an ok game in my opinion he made a couple of bad passed and was a bit too confident; nevertheless he made some good runs and put a lot of pressure on his opponents to react quickly. This Milan reminds me a bit of Barcelona because they played a good passing game! Hopefully, they can keep up with this and improve… Read more »


Hopefully we don’t get too cocky. We all know what happened after the first match of the season…..


it was a great match, Allegri did goof substitutions and on time. Robihno the best, Although Ibra did take part in many plays. Boateng is getting there. Good job from Milan! Continue with the good Progress!

Forza Milan!!!


great result. congrats to milan. anyone who saw the match, please tell me who played as our AM. was he pirlo? or KPB? i missed the match 🙁

also, i’d like to thank to rafa benitez for his inconsistency :-). inter lost on away match against lazio. seems the real contenders for this season would be lazio and juve.


Imho, the AM is Boateng. Allegri position him right behind Ibra and Robinho. But if Boateng stuck, Robinho or Pirlo take that position.

Personally, i really love this Milan. In the past, we only count on one AM like Kaka or Rui Costa. And when they’re gone, we can’t do nothing without them. Right now, we had plenty of AM. Seedorf, Pirlo, Dinho, Robinho, and Boateng. So it’s really dynamic and the enemy’s can’t predict our attack.


all these ronaldinho fan boys!! are really making me sick. The twenty mins he played he showed no effort (i wanted him to at least try, because I wanted him to take seedorfs place)but he didn’t. And after this awesome win I see everywhere all these so called “MILAN” fans are complaining even after ronaldinho got a chance to show, the subs were perfect and Milan are actually dominating matches. Ronaldinho should leave this Jan just to get rid of all these filthy fanboys from Milan sites. I never knew these f——g fanboys would be so illogical and stupid. So… Read more »


hahahahahahaha…BUM is laughing is dick off…ronaldinho playhouse!!


Well i dont wanna say i told you all so… r80 is total rubbish ….

i think everone is right tamu is ronnie2009 in disguise.. Or is he on the LA Galaxy forum


Milan oggi piu che mai !!


I’ve got nothing to say.just look at the comment of jack…he has written all u need to know.


wow – some very angry people on here 🙂
Who cares about Dinho that much? if he plays & is great enjoy it and if he is rubbish then just look fwd to replacing him.
its not rocket science.

Daniel Medeiros

Ronaldinho is just different from all the others. he does things that no one else even thinks about doing. I agree with Hofa, we played well but the match was boring until Dinho came in.

and, come on, I can’t believe everybody here would prefer KPB to him as AM!


@Jack I support Milan becuse of Dhino. I have ten Milan jersies and buy Milan products when ever I can. Hence, I support Milan financially. Last night I did not turn onyTV until the 70th minutes. I like to watch beautifulpasses, creativety and accurate free kicks. No one does these acts better than Dhino. With out Dhino Milan is a boring team to watch. I glad Milan is winning. But to blame Dhino when Milan loses is plain stupid. I turn on my TV to get exicited certainely not to wathch the grim face of Allegri and his boring tactics.… Read more »


@Gordon then you shouldn’t write in this blog because its a Milan blog. I am not even gonna mention what I have done for Milan cause its an insult to all us MILAN fans, if I compare myself (a milan fan) with Gordon (thats you! ….. probably ronnie09). If you think Milan plays boring matches don’t watch em we dont need people like you in our fanbase. secondly just WATCH WHAT HAPPENS TO RONNIE IN TWO YEARS. Taking into consideration that you are Gordon the Jack ASS!! as YOU WILL BE KNOWN ON THIS SITE FROM NOW ON!! 🙂 read… Read more »


where is the double thumbs up jack really deserves it : we are AC MILAN NOT RONALDINHO MILAN we play as a team last season we dinho played bad milan was bad now with this new teams work ethic the whole team must play bad for milan to play bad i love what allegri is doin and i would run the street naked if he gives us the scudetto its been too long >


well dhino is a great player but lacks discplin. Allegeri has gone too far in benching him. I hope milan wins all the way. But the team lacks creativity and at times , it is boring to watch. The second part of the season will be tough and I hope Allegri has other ideas beside benching ONE OF THE BEST EVER TO PLAY THE GAME, Ronadhino.


@milno The Best Ever To Play The Game would be Ronaldo R9 in my humble opinion. -Three Fifa player of year awards even after big injuries. -Took Brazil to two world cup finals and won one. -LEGEND in Barcelona, Inter Milan, Real Madrid and although he had a brief time in Milan and was at 40% of his fitness still scored 9 in 20 matches most of them he played for only either side of the halftime. And of course he is a legend in Brazil (pretty much all over the world, except for kids who cheer for christina!) –… Read more »


dinhio should have played more than 20 mins!! Great game binhio though, those two should start every game with ibra. He was an instant reaction, nearly getting that brilliant goal.