Report: AC Milan have chosen Matri


AC MILAN are keen to land Alessandro Matri this January, as a replacement for the injured Inzaghi.

The Rossoneri said they will sign a forward in the winter, and according to, they have made their choice: Cagliari’s 26-year-old Matri.

Matri admitted he’s flatted by the interest of Milan, and now it seems that the Rossoneri are ready to bring him. It appears that they will pay Cagliari €12 million in three installments (each of €4 million).

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But, Milan are also ready to give Cagliari the other of Davide Astori. The 23-year-old defender, who grew in Milan’s youth system – like Matri – would therefore become a fulltime Cagliari player.

Despite the interest of Milan, and other clubs in Matri, Cagliari boss, Roberto Donadoni has made it clear that he wants to keep the forward, who scored a brace yesterday: “We must hold him [Matri] tight,” he said.

By Meytar Zeevi, Rossoneri Blog

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what we gonna do with him at the end of the season .. if we get him in jan ?

I want suarez for next year this guy will deffo suit our game..

but welcome to milan Sandro


Giving up Astori for Matri? HUGE Mistake.


what? €12 and the other half of Davide Astori? noway!!! get back palochi and the other of astori!!!

Prasad chiplunkar

Matri is average. .
He is nt dat gr8.
Luk at his record.
He is nt a bomber. .
We want a bomber. .a goal scoring machine. .who is also fast. . M nt wid buying matri.
As he kn onli score easy goals.
Pls buy a champion. .
Who kn score in difficult situations.
Sum1 lyk pippo. .or sheva. . .
We need 2 buy AM and a fullback in january. .it is true nid in jan.


This is a good buy. We already have superstar forwards, we need role players that can cover for them in rotation, and Matri is very solid, plays for the team, and most importantly, knows Calcio and Serie A! He may not be very flashy but he has produced good moments and knows how to play smaller defences!! Ibra Pato starters, Matri Paloschi Verdi subs. Robinho(Merkel, Di Gennaro) behind the strikers and we have a great offence!! I hope we dont give up Astori



The president of the club already said matro WILL NOT BE SOLD in January… move on, end the rumour.


Get Paloschi like Pippo said, or get back Zigoni or bring in Balo. But certainly don’t let Astori go


shitter-bum says….we should get him as soon as possible..because he will be a good player in milan jersey !! shitter-bum says…….forza milan


Get pazzini. He is better

Sohel Sharif

We dont need anymore superstars to be benched…and he is not a superstar…


Before reading the article, I was pretty happy, but to give up Astori is atrocious. NEVER.


We better do if we sign Lorenzo De Silvestri and David Luiz, so we should try to change De Silvestri with Sokratis. We should sign David Luiz, also it would be good if we get Alessandro Matri.
Abbiati, Silvestri-Silva-Luiz-Antonini, Flamini-Pirlo-Boateng, Pato-Ibra(Matri)-Dinho(Robinho).