AC Ibrahimovic


AC MILAN are dependent on Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

The Sweden continues to be almost the only player at Milan to score goals, and since his arrival, Milan are not playing for each other, but for Ibrahimovic.

The team is becoming the player and Massimiliano Allegri changed his formation to suit Ibra. Inter’s Zlatan Ibrahimovic is back, but now he plays for the other team in the city of Milan.

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If Milan win the Scudetto this year, they will probably owe it to Luciano Moggi. During all summer, the former Juventus general manager told Milan to sign Zlatan Ibrahimovic from FC Barcelona, if they want to win something this season, after living in the shadows of city rivals Inter over the past six years. Watching the Nerazzurri winning the treble, lifting the Serie A, Coppa Italia and Champions League titles, was enough for Milan to understand that a change was needed.

Massimiliano Allegri, a young, talented coach was named as Leonardo’s successor. Silvio Berlusconi promised big names to come, but at start, all Milan fans got were insipid signings, as Mario Yepes, Marco Amelia and Sokratis Papastathopoulos and not exactly top-level players. However, the promise was kept, and Adriano Galliani managed to sign two players in the final days of the transfer market: Ibrahimovic and Robinho.

“When things were going badly, I made the most of my connections to get Ibra even when Barcelona’s headquarters were closed and Sandro Rosell was on holiday in Ibiza! I thought we could fight for the Scudetto anyway, but Ibra and Robinho added to the mix really gives us another gear,” the CEO told the Italian press yesterday, and really, he knew what he was talking about, as Milan are now sitting first in Serie A.

This first place was earned by Milan, but mostly by Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

The tall forward failed to score on his debut, and even missed a penalty on that night but that comes to nothing when you see how much he has effected on the Rososneri’s game. First, the system of Milan has changed this season. Allegri tired to play Leonardo’s 4-3-3 football, but Ibra failed to adjust and soon it was changed to something that is more Ibra-style, 4-3-1-2, with Clarence Seedorf / Ronaldinho behind Zlatan and another striker.

Inter’s Roberto Mancini had clear tactics: pass the ball to Ibrahimovic; he will know what to do from there. Milan are maybe not playing this kind of football (at least not now), but they are already dependent on the 29-year-old, who keeps on telling Allegri that he wants to rest, but yet, continues to score plenty of goals.

Ibrahimovic scored eleven goals for Milan in Serie A and in the CL: Three against Auxerre, one against Lazio, one against Genoa, one against Ajax, one against Napoli, one against Juventus, one against Palermo, one against Inter and one against Fiorentina. He has four assists in his record this year too. There is not doubt that Ibra is Milan’s most effective player this season, especially when Pato is injured.

“Zlatan’s style is more adapted to Italian than Spanish football. He played very well in the derby and showed to whom he belongs,” said Barcelona and football legend Johan Cruyff. Cruyff is 100% right. The only reason Ibra didn’t do well at Barcelona (he scored ‘only’ 16 goals) is that Barca are playing as a team, short passes, a lot of movement – that was not something Ibra was used to. The former Ajax man is not built to play as a team, of course, he’s not egoist on the pitch, but the team he plays in are playing for him, because they know that he has what it takes to win the match on his own, and he’s doing just that at Milan.

Milan can keep claiming they are not depended on Ibrahimovic, but as long as they prove different, and another player scores the winning goal for a change, they can’t hide it: This is not AC Milan, this is AC Ibrahimovic.

By Meytar Zeevi, Rossoneri Blog

Note: the written above is only the opinion of the writer.

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no,i dont like how ac ibrahimovic sounds.
ibrahimovis is milan player.
and he is important thats all.
nothing such as ac ibrahimovic.


wrong! Pato has scored also, 6 goals and was our top scorer until last week. Ibra needs a rest. Allegri needs to rotate Ibra or else, he might get injured or over exhausted.


Although to an extent I agree with this article, I do not think that this is a bad thing. What is the purpose of having great players if we are not supposed to depend on them to get us results? What is the point of all of us fans constantly saying we need top class signings if we are going to complain that we depend on them too much? Does Barcelona not depend on Messi? Real on Ronaldo? and so on? Great players deliver results and it is in no way a bad thing to rely on them. And yes… Read more »


Not agree anymore buddy… AC Milan is AC Milan not AC Ibrahimovic…


Maybe too much, then Fc Barcelona is nothing like that, then it would be Lionel Messi’s FC 😀 although they have very, very good team !


he is our best plYer but he has become like this while pato is out. inzaghi got the draw against Madrid and pato has only a goal less in serie a ion half the games of zlatan

Wrong Articule

Allegri is simply working with what he has in this team. Cus a team where most of the midfielders are not attack minded causes you to shift ur attention to the men upfront and when two of those men are down the duty of doing the damage falls on the last man standing( which in this case turns out to be Ibra). Robinho though an attacker has been finding it hard to find the back of the net this days. Ronaldinho has been on and off(though his goal yesterday was 9ice). So tell me what will be ur decision in… Read more »


I agree with this article. Its unfortunate but it is true! If Pippo Inzaghi and Pato were not injured I would have felt different. Once Pato becomes healthy Milan will be fine. However I do believe if Milan sign some important world class players to replace Dinho,Seedorf, Inzaghi, Pirlo, Gattuso, and Zambrotta Milan will be less dependent on Ibra. My only concern is that Milan must sign a quality center forward because if Ibra gets injured we dont have anyone on the bench to fill that role. Pato is too injury prone and Inzaghi is no longer around . We… Read more »

AC Milan

What will happen if this guy going to be injured? I cant wait for Coppa Italia, to see our youth again.


A forward taking the team on his own back is a sign of a great forward. If you actually think about it, Pipo has the same type of mentality in a way. As does Forlan. As does Van Basten. As does Ronaldo (brazilian) They all have the mentality of lifting their team up, creating something from nothing. This is what separates a good striker from a great striker. This is what Pato lacks to become one of the best strikers in the world. A key question for a striker is…Is the ball at your feet the team’s ball? Or is… Read more »


As far as the Pato comments, it’s obvious that we can’t really count on Pato since he’s injured every other game.


On my own opinion, the writer is wrong. would you have said MESSIlona. AC MILAN brought Ibra to do what he is doing. i am so surprised at his commitment. He plays as if his life depends on it.

Forza Milan



well i do not like either about ac ibra, it is still ac milan. If milan played like this, it is because of the characteristic of each milan’s players. hell we know about Ibra’s skill, he will score a lot of goals when he was on the pinch with his great technique, shoot, and bodybalance. Also about our midfield, Non of them are attack minded. Ambro, Gattuso, Flamini, KPB and Strasser are a box to box player, only Pirlo and Seedorf are capable in generate an attack, Abate is a wide player. so, i think 4-3-1-2 with rely on skills… Read more »


As much as I hate the sound of this article, I’ve got to agree with the dependency BUT, I disagree with the impression that its a bad thing. We got him to AC Milan for a reason and the reason was to make a change. Its been a while since we’ve had a forward whose taken this team up all by himself and we havn’t done all that bad in past years when there was no one. It’s no breaking news to us that we have an ageing midfield and inexperienced younger ones. If Gattuso and Pirlo can hold the… Read more »


As much as I like pato, he’s seriously too injury prone. Yes he scored 6goals, but they’re mostly braces when victory is alr secured. Look at Ibrahimovic, his goals are always winning or equalizing goals. He’s really the main man now. Stop with the ronaldinho crap. He had his chances against real , didn’t take it, had chances against weak, didn’t take it either. Yes Ibrahimovic got lost against real, but he came back really strong against other teams.


Please sign back kaka. Kaka would be great in midfield with his speed and goal and with pato infront we wouldnt be depended on ibra. Ibra is a important player but he needs help from the midfeild. Miss kakas distance shots goals.

PLEASE forget pastore and ganso and get kaka. You will see changes immediately promise


Like it or hate it, this is the fact ” AC Ibrahimmovic ” I would like to see Milan playing as a team but the current players don’t help that seek ,,, he is the only one who reminds us of shave ,,, he is the only one who gives us the won in the derby ,,, he is doning well same like what kaka did ,,, In 2007 we got the Cl just because of kaka so why now why scared to say Ibra gonna get it for us ,,, there is no shame saying that he is one… Read more »


Ibra is best 4 milan this season but there is alot of players those who are important also so we must not say milan dipends on one man


then you would have to go back and say AC BASTEN, AC SHEVCHENKO, AC KAKA and AC MALDINI among hundreds of others. each team try to make the best out of their most inform player at any time. And Allegri didn’t change formations to suit Ibra as Ibra scored most of the goals in 4-3-3, he changed the formation to provide much need support for our mid field and to create a link between midfield and the player behind the attackers. This article is most idiotic yet.


Just wanted to add that a recent interview with Swedish media Zlatan clearly stated that it’s not only because of him the team is doign well since without his wonderful teammates he wouldn’t be able to do any of what he’s accomplished so far. I’m happy to see Zlatan playing like he has fun again, something in this team brings out the joy of football in him. Also can’t really say he did bad in Barcelona I mean first half of the season i think he was equal or ahead of Messi in goals and had several assists. It wasn’t… Read more »


To be completely honest, I feel that this article is a bit naive. If not naive then completely cynical and made by an extremely purist Milan supporter that hates players like Ibra that the world has labelled as some that’s a sporting mercenary. First of all, I agree with what the others say that the ability to take on the greatest responsibility of all the players in your team to score the winning/equalizing goals IS a mark of a true world class striker. It just follows that his team would start playing for him because they acknowledge his capabilities. It… Read more »


this article is a joke. soccer is a sport which requires teamwork. while pato and pippo are injured, ibra has lots opportunity to score. that is it.


I think we should live the moment for now.. we are relying on ibra but guess what .. thats what he’s there for,i think the whole team is growing in confidence,so theres always a chance for our other strikers and midfielders to score… I had my heart seet on dezko but ibra is doing a good job.. i just wonder if were gonna buy him after this season?? well we will keep pato for another year .. hence injury and will not get a decent price Anyway my milan brothers lets welcome this IBRA with open arms and with a… Read more »


reasonable article…

maybe just request…

write about “ac milan is italian big team, where is the big italian player in milan?”


dont try pamparing ibra cuz he has not won anything!


So what if he always score? If ibra didnt score some would say: that was a mistake by signing ibra blablabla.. And if he scored plenty of goals another says AC ibra.. Thats very wierd..


Adebayor although being cup tied would be excellent cover for both inzaghi and ibra milan could take him on loan and then focus on a left back and although seedorf is playing well I still think we need a trequista cuz dinho doesn’t play well there and is to inconsistent


what is this article insinuating…uh-uh? if by chance any ac milan player…should have blogged on this site,don’t you think its gonna create some selfishness in him?…And later on in a match up,that selfishness is really gonna cost us,..why?because in a situation whereby that player is suppose to pass the ball…he to might also go for glory and thereby shooting the ball over the post….so you see that selfishness would technically cost the whole team….yeah the whole ac milan team !!


This is just to harsh Meytar and don˙t go that far!

Vai Milan!!!


@snitchy Most coaches, for tryouts, first see what is a player’s mentality. They put two players in a 2 v 1 situation with a goalie too. Another defender goes up once 5 seconds pass. A coach looks to see if the attacking player passes it to his teammate because its 2 v 1, or tries to dribble and shoot. A coach will almost always prefer a player that carries the responsibility instead of getting rid of the responsibility. If the second attacking player misses it, I don’t care. I just passed it. It wasn’t my fault, etc. Sure it might… Read more »


Milan need need to sign an alternative striker like El Hamoudou, he is fast and has shot


No player is greater than the team !