Inter 0 – 1 Milan


THE ROSSONERI won the Derby della Madonnina 1-0 earlier tonight, , Zlatan Ibrahimovic securing a win for Milan to break Inter’s undefeated home record and to put them top of the table, despite playing with 10 men for a third of the match!

Milan started very brightly, Abate making a good run down the side, and playing it in for Seedorf to head over the bar despite having a lot of time to pick his spot! But the positive start was not wasted, as minutes later, Ibrahimovic broke form inside his own half, to secure a penalty after a foul by Marco Materazzi. The swede stepped up and took the penalty himself, and slotted in to the bottom corner, to put Milan 1 up within 5 minutes!

Zlatan Ibrahimovic broke the offside trap once more with 13 minutes on the clock, unfortunately though, as he tried to play the ball in for Flamini, Ivan Cordoba made an excellent block as the frenchman went to strike the ball, and Inter scrambled it away. And that incident followed the formbook and the trend of the game, as Milan completely dominated the first 15 minutes of the game, grabbing a deserved 1-0 lead in the process.

Match Preview: Inter v Milan
Ancelotti ‘hopes’ Milan beat Inter

At the end of that period, Milan had another chance to double their advantage, Marco Materazzi once again unaware defensively, as Ibrahimovic plucked the ball out of the sky, and put it across the box, only for Lucio to clear it away from the oncoming Clarence Seedorf. Ibrahimovic had certainly started well, and after a good ball from Seedorf, he struck it on the volley from the right hand edge of the box, audaciously attempting a Van Basten-esque strike, only for it to go slightly over the bar.

Robinho had the ball in the back of net at the 1/4 way stage of the game, but it was correctly ruled out for offside, as he’d just made his run a little early, to latch on to Ibrahimovic’s through ball, it may not have stood but it was once again an indication of Milan’s dominance, and their excellent start to the game.

As the half drew to a close, Inter did finally begin to press – Obi was taken off for Coutinho, and that positive action helped spur on the Inter side. Rino Gattuso walked the red card tightrope as he fouled Sneijder on the 40 minute mark, he could very easily have been sent off for it, but the ref decided not to spoil the game, and gave him a final warning.

The first half ended with Milan 1 up after 2 minutes of stoppage time, and they were very much deserving of that lead – it was easy for the Rossoneri to find space, and you could only fault them for not scoring more than just 1 goal, Inter’s threat had been minimized, and their defence seemed shakey at the best of times.

Wisely, Massimiliano Allegri brought Andrea Pirlo on for the already booked Gattuso at half time, to prevent him from getting sent off. It may have seemed risky, but Inter wouldn’t be able to focus on him given how fragile their defence seemed, and Pirlo has excellent ball retention regardless.

The second half started at a much less frantic pace, but Inter had noticably improved on their performance on the first, certainly for the first 10 minutes or so at least, although it almost seemed as though Milan were sitting back a bit and hoping to counter, which is a risky plan to adopt.

Inter came fairly close around the 56 minute mark, Sneijder blasting a free kick at Abbiati, only for the italian to save well, before Ibrahimovic controlled it and cleared well, Inter had definitely made a better start to the second half though, and the Rossoneri seemed less positive.

Unfortunately, Ignazio Abate was then stretchered off injured, only to come back on the field ok, before being sent off! After a shove from Pandev, he responded, and picked up his second yellow of the game, bringing Milan down to just 10 men, and offering Inter a route back in to the game. Antonini was then brought on for Robinho, who was sacrificed as a result of Abate’s actions.

Despite all of that, and a booking for Ibrahimovic after a high foot on Materazzi, Milan came close to scoring once more, Seedorf’s shot from outside the box was directed well, but he didn’t strike it cleanly. With an extra man advantage, Inter switched to a 4-2-3-1, and tried to press on, with 20 minutes left on the clock.

Allegri then decided to take off Clarence Seedorf, for the more athletic Kevin-Prince Boateng – so he could close down the Inter players and go from box to box more effectively, and Milan still threatened Inter, even though the Nerazzurri had a man advantage and were beginning to press more.

Inter came very close to taking the lead with just over 10 minutes to go, Wesley Sneijder fired the ball hard and low dangerously across the box, but none of the Inter players were awake enough to make the run, and so Milan remained in the lead with 10 minutes to go, despite a one man disadvantage after Abate’s red.

As Inter piled on the pressure, Milan defended resiliently, and for all their possession in the second half, Inter didn’t make anywhere near as many chances as Milan did in the first half, and despite 4 minutes of added time, and after having gone down to 10 men for over half an hour!

The Abate red card really did shift the momentum, but Inter failed to capitalize on it, and Milan deservedly won the derby, being the first time to beat Inter at home for 2 years.

Best Moment: Ibrahimovic celebrating putting the penalty away

Man of the Match: Ibrahimovic, he ran the show, and although he was seemingly exhausted at the end, he still wasted time effectively, and kept the ball quite well.

By Hefin Davies, Rossoneri Blog

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Gabriel Milan

FULL TIME: INTER 0 MILAN 1: A big win for Milan, who go top of the table. Inter’s 52 match unbeaten home run comes to an end, and it is an old boy who has sealed the match. Ibrahimovic’s penalty settles the derby and Benitez will have many questions to answer….LMAO….FORZA MILAN!!!!!!


And that is what I’m talking about ! Forza Ibra, Forza Max, Forza entire Milan !


Milan played well enough today. pressing since the early minutes of the game proved to be effective and receive the results through a penalty given for a foul on Ibrahimovic. Abate also played well even though he got a red card for pushing Stankovic. Milan are entitled to this victory.


Forza Milan. Now if we can play like that every game surely we can start to dream 🙂


Grats milan u made my day :), but am still not happy with the team at hand we still need 4 good signings this transfer window (hazard,palschi,astori and a full back)………FORZA MILAN!!!!


Forza Milan, LMAOF Inter could not do away with Milan.

Freaking Pandev, you’re a piece of garbage, he deserve a red card for Pushing Abate.

Ibra needs a rest, at the end he exhausted to the core.

Forza Milan, Inter is six points down now. 🙂


Leo vs Allegri.

Allegri Wins!!! 🙂

Forza Milan!!!! Let’s start to dream, but buy some fullbacks and a AM.


What do u think Allegri-haters feels right now? changes side? lol
and i agree, in January Milan must buy some fullbacks & 1 AM.

Btw, Milan plays really good. Too bad Abate got red card, but Milan still defense good too. FORZA MILAN!!!


I was not impressed at the temperment showed by pandev or stankovic…that’s why they are my least favorite in the whole of serie a.


this win is very deliciousss,,,,
hmmm,,, yummmyy…


Congrats to Mr Allegri. Finally he is showing a lot of courage and sense by dropping Ronaldinho who was making the team ineffective. I’ve said it before and I will say again; This Milan is better without Dinho. Milan must sell him in January or no later than next summer. We should also get a replacement for Inzaghi. To those whose are still nostalgic and think that Ronnie is not a finished player-well, just look at how organize and discipline Milan play without him. Even Seedorf is playing better in Ronnie’s position. Ronaldinho tricks cant win games! My brother who… Read more »


Vai Milan vai!!!! Tagliavento had a very bad game tonight, a lot of mistakes. (but who gives a fuck bout that jerk) Abbiati finally save well, he was bringing confidence in the back line, and clear every corner and free-kick well. Back line was fantastic again. Abate played very well, despite the red card, and he finally prove that he have balls. Max did a good job by putting Zambro at left side instead Antonini. I think that for those two in the middle of def. is nothing left to say, except that we have a greatest pair in the… Read more »


this match tortured me for the whole 90 minutes!i was shivering whenever inter attacks.abate was good but unluckily pandev who is a coward started an argument with him.we can start dreaming…in my opinion man of the match should be seedorf..his playmaking skills never vanish eventhough he is getting older…FORZA MILAN!


Finally its ours.Who’s superior?who’s the best? MILAN all the way.Abate’s gat the vibe.We’ve just fucked their shit face.Ass holes trail us now…6 wide a margin.Allegri is beginning to prove his worth.Cant wait to know how uncle fester is gon make jest of ‘pussy moratti’.And we go on and on.Lets dream brothers…WE RIDE.wwuhhooo


Unfortunately i got my final exam today, so i couldnt watch the team win against inter, huh!…
but i’m very happy to see the scoreline from livescore.. ha3!
beware scudetto is milan!.


Thiago Silva is without a doubt already the best defender in Italy!


wonderful weeks today has been!!!!

win is a win anyway, many interisti in my country against this win and i only lough about it

forza milan!! forza milan players and forza supporters!!

AChampion Milan




the only thing that worries me about this is that maybe Benitez will get fired soon. we better buy some fullbacks in january and next summer buy an AM and a replacement CB


Congrats to Milan, the squad, the coach and everyone behind the scene.
I am glad the coach do the right for substitutions.
This 3 points against Inter is imperative for scudetto.
Forza Milan!

@ Hefin Davies, thanks for the nice update.



Allegri haters will have to accept that Leo could not do what Allegri did, but really the credit goes to the players, even though they were exhausted, they continue to withstand Inter’s attack.

everyone is laughing because Inter have that Milan is, has, and always will be superior.

:3 🙂 LMAO

World Football Rankings

Fresh off their win against Inter, Milan move up to #3 in the World Football Club Rankings –


I take everything back what i’ve said about Allegri, He Has made us a Scudetto Material again !! But sadly i confess we’re not Champions League material… Maybe next year when we are more confidend becouse we’re Italian Champions than we can take the CL and Serie A… With new players like Diego Alves, Coates(Back-up for Nesta), Coentrao, Pastore and Neymar so we can make him our history 🙂 Expensive: YES Titles: YES


ah bring back my mood



Yeah it does Gatoto, i even think my grandpa is gone from is grave 😀


im so happy with this weekend..
and i think milan should buy striker and fullback(coentrao).

and i think boateng is slightly better than flamini. and milan should always play with 2 striker.

prasad chiplunkar

our players did well holding the defense! thats all i want to say in the long 90 mins!


Lets sing victory songs.lets merry.lets dance.lets dream.Milanista forever.


What a match! true Pandev deserved a red and all but let bygones be bygones 😀 ! Ok now for the Allegri vs Leo Leo : had virtually the same team at his hands with an inform Ronaldinho, Pato, and Inzaghi (ofcourse Allegri didn’t have Pato , Inzaghi or an in form Ronaldinho), just except for Boateng (who came on late last night). Allegri had Ibra and Robinho and the rest were the same as Leo had. There was no Eto last time either other wise it could have been 8 – 0. Now for the comparison. 1. In both… Read more »


this is a wonderful week : D

Kelechi maldini

Our own milan did us proud again. Just as i have always said,let us be patient and the sky will be our limit. Thanks hefin for the update. Did anyone see the way our defence and midfield was impenetrable throughout. Where is ronnie2009? U have not been posting ur comments lately. Forza rossoneri.


@ihuntyou Yup, what they can do right now is accept that Allegri is better than Leo and cheers Milan together with us. Cause i grew tired when some people praise Leo like God but bash Allegri to hell, when in the fact Leo only gave us a lot of embarassing result. @Jack What Leo can’t do is to fine a balance Milan like Allegri did. He’s too much rely on Dinho, where the fact Dinho is not a balance player and only gave enemy more hole’s to counter attack Milan. Honestly, Dinho is a great player but right now Milan… Read more »



Shannon Shev Stevens

Lets not judge ronaldinho & leo on this win. Ronaldinho can still make the difference if he gets his support from the fans, & allegri deserves his win & his support but leo did not have the options allegri has right now & still leo did well against a madrid that had kaka ronaldo benzema alonso & ramos in their line up & he also gave inter a race for the title before slacking last minutes of the league & they had morinho not banitez, anyway no offense forza milan!!!


@Shannon Shev Stevens
is not that we hate Leo, is just that we are sick and tired of people praising him too much. that was in the past, this is now. Allegri made some mistakes and they were already sending him to h***. Leo took his time until the team was solid.

We just demand respect for Allegri since he is a part of Milan now, and Milan is our main focus. If Ancelotti, who helped Milan win 2 CL, does not criticize him, instead he gives words of advise.

Milan Together, We Stand!


@Master Exactly he tried to balance the whole team on Ronaldinho, which stops working as soon as the other team cuts off the supply to Ronaldinho. Its better to have a few options. @Shannon Well I am assuming that your comments were pointed at me, among others. If not then I apologize. With that being said, I am not judging Ronaldinho or Leo, Leo did do a good job last year regardless his all time attack mindedness resulting in big losses against big teams. All he lacked was the balance which Milan didn’t have last year, it was probably because… Read more »


Completely Agree!!

Sohel Sharif

Where is Ronnie2009…without him rossoneriblog is lifeless…
Congrates fellow milanista… Forza Milan, forza Allegri…
But 1 thing for sure we need fullbacks only in January…and we dont need Coates to replace Nesta…we need Astori, i so the last match, he shows some worldclass defending…another 1 is Romagnoli…he is really a milan material


@sohel sharif

Like i said last week.. ronnie2009 is on the LA Galaxy web site now…. lol

Grande milan.. we played better with OUT pirlo .. Sorry guys.. And has anyone else heard tht were asking for borrello back.. God i hope its not true



Like ihuntyou said, we’re not hating Leo (and Dinho). But we’re only want some respect for Allegri. Just like that.

wow bro. i can’t agree more with u. cheers, Forza Milan!

Yeah, i knew Allegri got more backups players than Leo. But Leo’s strategy is too straight-forward, so the enemy can seen what Milan weakness even before they’re playing. Maybe someday Leo can coach Milan again when he got more experience.

la milanesto

even though abate took a red card but still he and gattuso were the best players in the match


great game from our team (all the players) and ALLEGRI was great. SCUDETTO WIN = NO INJURIES.


In my opinion I do not think Ronaldinho is a done player nor does Allegri think so. Its just the fact that whenever Ronnie is in the line up everyone in the team tries to get the ball to him and expect him to magically pull a crazy pass out of his ass so the striker has no problem scoring, and all the teams know that and they mark him with atleast 2 to 3 men every match. What Allegri is doing is trying to keep Ronnie out of the line up so the team can learn to play without… Read more »


congratulations to the whole squad, job well done, Seedorf you were amazing !


I’ve been wondering…WHY, WHY can’t we hold out a clean sheet but against Inter who got the second best Attacking team in the league we keep it clean… Don’t even try to say Juventus are better becouse they are terrible, Match them Iaquinta – Eto’o = Eto’o wins by mile, Amauri – Millito = Millito WINS, Del Piero is a legend so match with him, Sneijder-Aqualani = By MILES Sneijder, and then Krasic bla bla bla… Milan got the best Ibrahimovic-Robinho-Pato and then we can choose Seedorf, Pirlo, Ronaldinho and everything, I looked at Fiorentina and i was like ”… Read more »


hope this posting could invite ronnie2009 to post his comments. 🙂
since he has not congratulated milan, some of us are curious whether he is real fans of milan.

the application of “IF….THEN….ELSE” function on the absence of ronnie2009 :-

IF milan win THEN check
IF dinho play THEN ronnie2009 would post “how fantastic dinho is”
ELSE ronnie2009 would not post
ELSE check
IF dinho play THEN ronnie2009 would not post
ELSE ronnie2009 would post “blaming the coach for not choosing dinho to play”


i think you are absolutely right!!


thanks for agreeing, but don’t call a girl bro. :3 🙂


Diavolo Fully Agree with you, this is so true, I didn’t even noticed, i just thought something was going on in personal with Allegri, but i can see now, by just watch old games, Everything depends on Ronnie, But If everybody can play than Allegri add him maybe, Milan = Unstoppable – In the League 😀 Clever thinking Diavolo Bravo Bravo 😀


Can someone help me shout out to ronnie2009 that ‘i fuckin miss him’.I miss u bro.come back sendin yo heart shakin comments.I dearly miss u the way i miss seein dinho on the pitch and equally the way i miss havin my boo beside me.Tell me u copy.I luv u rossonero.