Alves invites Milan bid


DIEGO ALVES’ agent thinks his client is worthy of a contract at Milan.

The player has played on regular basis for UD Almeria since 2007, after arrived from Brazil.

The 25-year-old goalkeeper has been linked with AC Milan a while ago, but there was no contact. However, Alves’ agent Emiliano Froldi has suggested his client is ready for a big club.

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Diego Alves has played one amazing season in Spain, and is considered one of the best three goalkeepers in the league,” the agent said. “Definitely he deserves a stage like Milan or other big club.

“It’s true that the Rossoneri have signed a contract with [Marco] Amelia, but the cost of Alves’ card is around 10 million euros.

“Almeria is a great club that works well, but it is clear that the ambition of any player is to arrive at an important club like Milan or Inter, so Diego leaves the door open for any big European,” he concluded.

By Meytar Zeevi, Rossoneri Blog

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Buy him and sell Abbiati! Alves has European passport too.

Heru Septiawan

I’d rather choose him than Amelia or Abbiati..
His younger and his reflexes is very good..
Madrid almost get frustated in the match againts his club..


If abbiati leavs than we should get him or Felipe or Bruno.By the way lattest news suggest that Milan are interested in Micah Richards.He can do well as Rb, hes so powerful.And i would like Milan to get Domenico Criscito.Now its time for Criscito to go to a big team he can do well at Milan.


yes get him now. He is an amazing keeper. better than Amelia and he is younger.


he is a good player
i bought him in FM LoL


I hope Milan be:Amelia,
Sell out:Huntelaar 25mln,Kaladze and Janku 6mln,
Antonini 5mln,Bonnera 5mln. And our Budget 20mln.