Fan Zone: Ahmedona (Egypt/USA)


ROSSONERIBLOG.COM’s Fan Zone has brought you a young talent to examine.

The Fan Zone is a new zone on where YOU, can show your skills publicly. Love the ball and he loves you back? Share this with the world. If you have it, contact us here.

Today, we brought a young AC Milan fan. His name is Ahmedona and he’s an Egyptian who correctly lives in the United Sates of America. Ahmedona has good ball control and is able to do some great things with the ball. Check him out!

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By Meytar Zeevi, Rossoneri Blog

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He’s good. He needs to work very hard of course and improve his ball control if he wants to reach the top, but his basis is good.


Liked the videos, especially when he took off his shirt and when he did pushups with the ball on him… But he has to work hard.


Nice boy. Work hard!


Unedited videos are the best. The 13-year-old is good. My little brother would have wanted to be like him… Still, he needs to work harder on the ball control.


good segment. I wish I was good at Football. I wish I was more athletic then smart, I had to be a tactician.