Lloris: I Want A Greater Team


HUGO LLORIS has admitted that he thinks of his future and may consider a move to a bigger team than Olympique Lyonnais.

The 23-year-old goalkeeper is considered as the World’s next best ‘keeper and he’s being followed by many clubs nowadays, who’re trying to lure him from Lyon, where he’s doing a wonderful job.

Lloris is one of the main reasons that his side is still competing for the Champions League title. The French team goalkeeper has admitted, however, that he’s ready to make a step forward and be in a greater team.

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“I want a great team,” Lloris told the French press. “As a youth I always tried to excel. When I left Nice to Lyon, I decided to grow. And now I want to do it again.”

Adriano Galliani told last week that Lloris was very close to join AC Milan, but Christian Abbiati blew the deal when refused to go to Palermo.

Milan are following the player, but they are not alone as Juventus, Bayern Munich, Arsenal and Manchester United  are just part of the ‘great’ teams Lloris has attracted their interests.

By Meytar Zeevi, Rossoneri Blog

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He didn’t mention Milan, but I think AC Milan is greater than Lyon, I’m right am I?




Milan should get him. Lloris will be a wonderful goalkeeper and at the moment, he’s better than Abbiati, Storati and Dida together. I don’t think Milan will get him because Lyon wouldn’t release and there is a huge competition on him


Milan should make an offer to this player 10mln+Jankulovski or Storari and let marcus diniz on loan to Lyon.