AC Milan 1-0 ChievoVerona: Seedorf Inspires Title Hopes


WEEK by strong and conflicting emotions, after the crushing debacle in Manchester on Tuesday, resulting in exclusion from the Champions League, arrived Friday night’s unexpected and sudden debacle Inter Catania with the opening scenes of unimaginable until 4 weeks ago .

The wait is great from the environment Rossoneri but, alas, the stadium has many, too many voids, Leonardo chooses Beckham and play in front of and Borriello with just a click with a 4-3-1-2 Milan: Abbiati; Abate (46 ‘pt Oddo), Thiago Silva, Favalli, Zambrotta, Gattuso (12’ F. Inzaghi st), Pirlo (34 ‘st Seedorf), Ambrosini; Beckham, Borriello, Ronaldinho. Replacementes: Dida, Kaladze, Jankulovski, Flamini.

Di Carlo proposes Chievo with a 4-4-2 with: Sorrentino; Sardo, Mandelli (35 ‘st Morero), Yepes, Mantovani, Luciano, Rigoni, Marcolini (35’ st Bentivoglio); pliers; De Paula (28 ‘st Ariatti), Pellissier Replacements: Halmosi, Morero, Jokic, Bogdani, Granoche.

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The beating English seems to have left many toxins in the legs and head of the Rossoneri struggling with a carburetor and become ensnared by pressing up and stifling of clivensi already at the first Pellissier is wrongly detained in offside, with Abbiati who is turning over of the foot.

Maneuvering with difficulty Milan, Beckham and struggling to create scoring Pirlo, Ronaldinho subsist on the band, often doubled and tripled, unable to leave the pressing ends up not affect anything, the poor Borriello, left to itself, must come to retrieve balls away from the area, with the consequence that then there is no one in the heart of the defense gialloblu.

The Milan shows up from parts of Sorrentino only about 20 ° with a diving header in Borriello forcing the goalkeeper clivensi a miracle diving.

The finish time is very difficult for Milan, the distances between departments are not, the accomplice of serataccia Ambrosini and Gattuso an unrecognizable, and put Chievo distressed Rossoneri defense, and Mantovani first to fly Abate, who is injured by falling and must leave the field for Oddo, and to head it, comes out of a pigeon that goes beyond Abbiati and is rejected by the crossbar, then Yepes was to restate the network you may have about a short rebound after a shot from the edge, but the linesman is flaunting a off side that seems to be no.

The recovery is a completely different part, Chievo slowly recoils, the pressing becomes less suffocating and continuous, AC Milan Ronaldinho breaks down repeatedly on the flanks, where it becomes elusive and invents perlead every touch, and Beckham runs like a maniac dishing cross cross, hail the chances.

Seems to be made when, after a couple of shots Borriello, against the eleventh defenders, Dinho you put the ball inside the area and invents a coach tour that exceeds Sorrentino but crashed on the pole interior.

Chievo however, is not to look and again whenever the opportunity presents itself, Pellissier launched its own network but also overcomes Abbiati concludes weakly reversed in half allowing you to save Thiago Silva on the line.

The attack is a real siege of Milan, we try to turn a bit ‘all, but the door seems to spell the first and Inzaghi, excellent piece of his game, to appear alone in the area, but after aa fall on the most beautiful Sorrentino passing out, then Ronaldinho is all alone to shoot badly wide from the optimal position, finally Beckham, fished alone in the area, on an assist at kiss Dinho, wasting everything with a soft shot deflected by Sorrentino, after masterful control.

Come in for Pirlo Seedorf not really convincing, but 5 minutes from the end collapses Beckham, carried off in tears for him Achilles tendon rupture and world goodbye ….

The match was decided in the first 6 minutes of recovery when Seedorf wins centrally ball on three quarters, moves forward and grows, just entered the area explodes terridicante a ground-to-air missile off its course beneath the intersection of Paul opposed to shoot.

San Siro explodes, jump on the couch that I scream GOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL in all languages and tones in a cry liberating and suffered.

Chievo pours into metacampo Rossoneri, the last occasion was on the feet of the ground engaging Ariatti Abbiati.

Ends with a resounding, difficulties and soffertissima a big win against Chievo who fought like a lion and not giving anything to the opponent coming out of San Siro in head high.

AC Milan wins, but not convincing, the match was very hard psychologically, the pressure high, but in the end a great team the Rossoneri have managed to snatch victory with tooth and nail, with a team that is losing a piece after ‘another, his most important pieces, the outlook does not seem so optimistic, partly because the second lines are not so competitive.

Anyway tonight is at a point from Inter Milan ……

The Best: Seedorf and Ronaldinho for AC Milan, in  Chievo Marcolini and Luciano.

By Gfloriano, Rossoneri Blog

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Another good article by Master GFloriano LOL! =D yes I jumped on the couch too when Seedorf scored. The whole game was nerve wrecking. I can’t believe how many opportunities Milan missed on scoring. Borriello seems to be losing his touch, had many chances but just could not score :\ . I actually thought Milan would waste this chance they had but Seedorf prove he is still worthy of wearing the 10 jersey 😀 . We also need more defenders, Favali can not play well anymore. I’m glad to see Oddo is back because we need him, but I hope… Read more »


WHAT the hell was going with Pirlo? Was he on the pitch. Poor game of the Italian. He must gather his game again.
WHAT Borriello was doing on the field – a winger or a centeral striker, because in the center he was not! Milan must a new striker.




i’m very happy for the goal. it just saved us. forza milan! we’re one point from scudetto! napoli would be tough


I’m really sorry for David Beckham. I hope he’ll be fit for the World Cup. He had a good game, unlike Andrea Pirlo. Pirlo just lost it – he must get better for Italy and for Milan. Now, Pato is even more needed since Milan don’t have a right-wingman (Mancini is out too). Forza Milan! Bad game – important three points!!




poor game, but it doesn’t matter at all since we’ve got all 3 points. 4za milan!


We really need play in Seedorf more. He adds an attacking quality to the game. Borriello and Pirlo were very bad. Inzaghi missed three 100% sure goals that I’m sure Huntelaar would had scored.


FORZA AC MILAN! no class in game, but in the goal – WOW! he just turned it around to the back of the net. Great Seedorf. Too bad for Beckham


i just can’t believe it that Beckham got injured. this is unbelievable! WHY GOD, WHY?!?!?!?!?


I couldn’t stop screaming when the ball went into the goal. I’m still surprised that the police wasn’t knocking at my door…;-) Forza Milan!


Good win. Forza Milan! Becks and Abate are out. That’s bad