AC Milan 3-2 Udinese Calcio: Hunter & Duck Down Zebrette


THE DROUGHT is over for AC Milan who are finally back on the right track, with a victory over Udinese at Stadio San Siro of Milan. Ronaldinho, Pato and Huntelaar won the match.

After the period following the disastrous defeat in the derby that the Rossoneri took 11 points from Ben Cousins, AC Milan ahead in anticipation of the difficult Champions League match against Manchester United next Tuesday, his commitment to championship round opponent the same Udinese, capable of wiping out 20 days ago and oust the San Siro in Milan by the Italian Cup.

Between absences and choices Leonardo chooses a Milan with a 4-3-3: Dida; Abate, Nesta, T. Silva (from 40 ‘pt Bonera), Favalli, Gattuso, Pirlo, Ambrosini; Mancini (dal 13’ pt Pato), Huntelaar, Ronaldinho (from 32 ‘st Beckham). (Abbiati, Jankulovski, Flamini, F.Inzaghi).

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De Biasi, after the two victories that have restored the breath and calm environment of Friuli, row l ‘UDINESE with a 4-3-3: Handanovic; Isla, Coda, Zapata, Pasquale Sammarco (from 27’ st Pepe), Inler (from 16 ‘st Lodi), Asamoah, Sanchez, Floro Flores (from 27’ st Geijo), Di Natale. (Belardi, Cuadrado, Badu, Lukovic).

The match is immediately interesting with the Rossoneri who started well, eager to shake off the negativity and lack of wins, and already the 7th took the lead on the development of a corner, a center area serves Gattuso Ronaldinho who wins the bottom line and brushes a kiss on the cross which Huntelaar is ready to find the first pole, too easy for the hunter to the center by two meters.

Udinese, not at all shaken, play well, perhaps too overwhelmed defending behind, but again skillfully with fast action where easily able to create the superiority on the wings, in rapid succession are shooting Isla, Sanchez and Christmas but can not find it mirror door.

AC Milan meets dragged by a stellar Ronaldinho, who first serves Ambrosini’s cross at the center of which is saved in extremis by tail, then draw a precise triangle with Huntelaar launching Pato, Mancini all’acciaccato already succeeded in 13th, just before Handanovic, the duck and score past goalkeeper, the linesman for offside but it pinches millimeter, finally, received the ball in midfield, without looking, fanning a throw of 30 feet for the shot by Pato arrives in front of the goalkeeper comes to the recovery of a defender, but is quick to jump on the loose ball and deposit it into the unguarded net on the 39th for 2 to 0 Milan.

In the end of time many things to write, he stops for a muscle problem Thiago Silva, replaced by Bonera, so we try Pirlo free-kick from the edge that Handanovic deflects for a corner and, just as 47 °, on a quick restart of the guest of Christmas excess Favalli and draws a clear path toward the center of where Floro Flores anticipates head toward the center door directing Gattuso, Dida combines one of his usual trouble and rather than dismiss easily, he paints an unlikely outlet with the result of accompanying the ball on the network for 2 at 1 closing time.

AC Milan contract comes from the changing rooms and Udinese takes the opportunity to pick up the ball in the game, but behind the Rossoneri suffer Friulian become dangerous only two shots out of worries that Asamoah Dida.

The game seems to be ice at the 57th when, on the development of a Ronaldinho free-kick from range, the ball deflected by Ambrosini, arrives at the center area where Huntelaar is a very quick turn around and electrocute Handanovic for his second goal and third of the staff Rossoneri.

Guests are feeling the pinch and Milan still touches a goal Huntelaar who served as Pirlo knee strike sending the ball side and Gattuso, caught by Dinho only area that you reject the shot from close range from a small miracle of Handanovic.

Udinese responds with Christmas first, upper, Dida requires an operation in plastic dip, then launched to the area in an unfortunate back-pass to Beckham, but also overcomes Dida out too widens allowing the defense to save .

The finish is all a thrill, Pato first is from a good position to shoot diagonally, Handanovic you save the beautiful and better with the ball that dances dangerously on the goal line, then to 87 ° and Christmas to avoid the pitfalls of ‘off-side and beat Dida with a nice shooting around the goal number 17 of his league.

Milan fears the mockery and effort to contain the final assault of the guests but with the whistle of the sky, arrives well-deserved victory for the Rossoneri who return to success after nearly a month.

The Rossoneri give reassuring signs of recovery, the approach to the match is right, the will to do so, but still too many defensive amnesia and loss of contact from the match is always around the corner, with this you can also eggerezza scoring many goals, but allow their opponents too many opportunities easier.

Important Returns Nesta, more than his fair trial by Pato goal immediately even if clearly still far from his standard, comforting proof of Huntelaar, and leta good at the net, although less than for the team all’acciaccato Borriello, sumptuous performance of Ronaldinho who has dispensed pearls football every time he touched the ball.

The Udinese plays his honest game without tricks tactical details, creates a lot, but little concrete fails to translate into clear numerical superiority created innumerable occasions and suffered serious goals for insensitivity of their defenders.

The Best: Ronaldinho in Milan and Huntelaar, Udinese Di Natale and Isla.

By Gfloriano, Rossoneri Blog

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Amazing Wow. Although Udinese had some control, Milan gave us an amazing match. Huntelaar 2 goals, people get it through your heads, he is top class. We don’t need Dzeko, we need to give Hunt more time to fit in. Dinho gave the game that rhythm that made it fun to watch. Pato had a great comeback. Man U better watch out because Dinho, Hunt and Pato are amazing, just like in My Fifa 10 LOL!


YEEEEeeeesssss! Dinho Pato and Klass were unstoppable.

Forza Milan!


Great game indeed. The second period of the match was in Udinese domination, but Milan managed to score though. There were some moments when Udinese missed out that I said: Ronney would have scored it, so Milan must be very careful when playing against Manchester United. Forza Milan!


I’m glad for this victory. Huntelaar proved the be THE MAN! While Ronaldinho retruns to his great form. LET’S BEAT UNITED NOW!


Great game…Klaas, Dinho and Pato were amazing!
I’m not going to talk about United.


It’s 8 points from Inter and we’re with a missing game. I hope those fags will drop some points, as well as Roma


Amazing game. We played very well. I’m happy for that. We deserved the victory. I hope more games will be on Friday!


NICE PHOTOS! Great match


Huntelaar was great. Ronaldinho was amazing. Pato was unbelieveable! Forza Milan!


Good Match. Ronaldinho and Huntelaar were top klaas lol
Forza Milan! Let’s beat Manchester United. Now Milan have to rest…


One task is behind us, now let’s beat United!!



AC Milan Egypt

FORZA MILAN! I didn’t watch the game, but the highlights show we werre great. WHAT AN AMAZING assist by Ronaldinho in Pato’s goal. Unbelieveable!