AC Milan 0-1 Udinese Calcio: Rossoneri Eliminated From Coppa


IN THE cold night in a clash in Milan Meazza, desolately desert, Milan and Udinese in a match valid for the quarter-finals of the Italian Cup.

To the men of Leonardo, after the drubbing on Sunday evening in the derby against Inter, he immediately offered the opportunity of gaining access to rebuild the semifinals where he is looking forward to Rome, qualifiers last night with a victory against Catania, Udinese , by contrast, returned from a series of two defeats and two draws, and drown in the low areas of the classification, search, at least in the Cup, to rediscover the ancient automatically, and the smile.

Leonardo used to deploy a robust turnover falling Abbiati in goal, on the line of defenders Zambrotta, Kaladze and Bonera Antonini, Flamini in midfield, Gattuso (60 ° Verdi), Jankulovsky, forward Di Gennaro (from 54 ° Pirlo) Inzaghi and Huntelaar (60 ° Borriello).

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De Biasi, Udinese responds by deploying the model team with Handanovic in goal, in defense Zapata, Coda, Isla and Pasquale, D’Agostino in the midline (60 ° Lodi), Inler and Sammarco, forward Di Natale ( from 88 ° Zimling), Floro Flores (from 78 ° Pepe) and Sanchez.

From the first moments you notice immediately the difficulty of the Rossoneri to stay on the field, too many changes distort the already precarious balance, taking away the personality and creativity to the team, which loses too much in defense of its 22 meters and struggling to stay short, while the points remain helplessly abandoned to themselves, with few or no supplies.

So it is all too easy for the Friulian orchestrate at will across the clearing, with embarrassing ease, the tips before you called repeatedly to respond to shots coming from all positions.

After a long period without emotions, the match heats up after the 20th with Udinese who went close to scoring with Di Natale forcing Abbiati into a difficult rejected, resulting corner on the comic clash between Flores and Zapata, just in front of Abbiati, but soon after, Pasquale, almost from the baseline, forcing, with an insidious tirocross, the great speech Abbiati.

AC Milan meets our 26th with a shot from 20 meters Jankulovski Handanovic which deviates in plastic dip, just a minute and Sanchez, after foul shot down Antonini, appears alone in front of Abbiati but blatantly kicks against the far post, the 28 ° turn to Flamini, with a fireball from thirty meters, call Handanovic a difficult detour.

The final time, with Milan, which still does not sting, with the attacking trio inconclusive and not very proactive, there is still evidence of Udinese with a fine shot by Di Natale, with difficulty saved by Abbiati, and finally at 36 °, with Floro Flores who casts a strange and distracted easily Kaladze and forced Abbiati into a difficult refused to foot.

The second half started with the only flash of Di Gennaro serving Huntelaar, early exit for a breath of timely Handanovic before the deserved advantage guest at the 55th Antonini trivially loses ball in box after a contrast to Sanchez, the Chilean serves promptly onrushing that Gokhan Inler, of course, you found the joke as far corner.

Milan skids and in 5 minutes Udinese Throwing aside three scoring sensational by Di Natale, Floro Flores and Isla who, alone in the area, still kicking at the side of a whisper.

Leonardo tries inserting Pirlo, Borriello, and Verdi, but the music does not change, the team is too slow and ineffectual, almost helpless in the face of restarts enemy offensive and inoffensive in the episode, so that the only issue becomes predictable tactical pocketed by Borriello, Pirlo that the concentration and careful central defense Bianconeri have no problems in containing.

The only time Rossoneri reach 90 ° with a shot from an excellent position Jankulovski that turns off one meter from the pole, while Udinese grazes a couple of times the goal with the ko ispiratissimo Isla.

Ends up with a deserved victory in the semifinals of Udinese calling, in total contrast with the championship Friulians appear toned, perky, attentive and supportive, playing a high pace for all 90 minutes, optimally guided by a renewed D’Agostino and drawn by an irresistible Christmas delights the audience with sublime play at Toto tonight is not just the goals.

Unexpected and disappointing performance of the Rossoneri, with the limits of decency commitment, nonexistent competitive nastiness, the glaring gaps in midfield and defense, is not received by the attack, only happy and positive note, the great performance of Abbiati, which I hope Leonardo has so convinced to return the jersey holder.

The game has also said something very important, the rosa del Milan is absolutely inappropriate for a season full of commitments, with the second lines have proven not up to target the.

The Best: Abbiati and Verdi in Milan, in Udinese Di Natale and Coda.

By Gfloriano, Rossoneri Blog

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dammit!! we lost again. that was a bad game of milan. i just hope they’ll beat livorno


That was a very bad game indeed. Udinese controlled the middle of the pitch, while Milan found it very hard to create attacks. I couldn’t understand why Leonardo took Davide Di Gennaro out instead of Pirlo, I’d took Janku. Verdi was good, and Huntelaar is just seems to be another flop… Forza Milan! keep working!


The only positive point is Abbiati. The rest played like shit


Udinese were much better and deserved to win. Milan lose again. If they don’t beat Livorno then they are in BIG TROUBLES


like i thought at first place – another season with nothing in Milan hands. Inter seem to run away too far with the 9 points gap. Milan lost the chance to win Coppa Italia, and in Champions League – well, it’s Manchester United so… Forza Milan! I keep to support but the chances of actual title seem unreal now

AC Milan Egypt

I couldn’t watch it here. But the hightlights show Milan were weaker