AC Milan 5 – 2 Genoa C.F.C: Rossoneri Destroy Rossoblu


IN the eighteenth day of the series closes with the postponement of the evening Meazza, before Milan and Genoa, after the success of direct competitors, the Rossoneri are called to a victory, and why not, with a convincing performance that gives the exact measure ambitions real Rossoneri, who have suffered a significant slowdown after the unexpected defeat against Palermo.

Announced the absences is added at the last moment also to Pato, then go-ahead from Beckham to return to Italy after the defeat in the final on penalties with his Galaxy in the role of outer tip, while the two bands are assigned by the first minute for the first time in the league, with Abate and Antonini, falls at last, Gattuso.

Leonardo chose a 4-3-3 with MILAN: Dida; Abate, Nesta, Thiago Silva, Antonini Gattuso, Pirlo (Flamini 20 ‘st), Ambrosini; Beckham (Jankulovski 31’ st), Borriello (Huntelaar from 21 ‘st), Ronaldinho. (Storari, Kaladze, Favalli, Inzaghi).

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Gasperini responds by deploying the genoa with a 3-4-3: Amelia, Biava, Moretti (Modesto by 38 ‘pt), Criscito; Mesto (Zapater 16’ st), Milanetto, Juric, Rossi, Palacio Suazo (Crespo from 36 ‘st), Sculli. (Scarpi, Esposito, Tomovic, Fatic).

After the initial thrust of the guests the first quarter of an hour is a real show of the Rossoneri that sink, such as butter, displaced defense of Liguria, on the 3rd and Beckham to dish up a firm to assist the right wing Borriello, ready deviation one sees the acrobatic centreforward deny the goal by the excellent response of Amelia, the 5th Beckham still fishing on the pole opposite Ronaldinho, the output of the goalkeeper, puts to the side, then English is the same with a badly to close a hit side a beautiful action to climb.

We see forward to the 10th Genoa with an easy job that engages in the parade ground Dida, but the 13th in a beautiful triangle speed Ronaldinho-Ambrosini Antonini-ended with the intervention of foul Biava, closing in on midfielder Pesaro , net penalty but Ronaldinho is parry from Amelia pulling gently to the left of goalkeeper.

Milan accuses an instant hit but continues to maintain the initiative and to set on the band is looking for a centrally Borriello inspired and driven by an overflowing Ambrosini.

As often happens in football but the Genoa passed a surprise lead after 25 °, located Mesto Palacio who arrived on the bottom, crossed to the far post where Abbe falls asleep and allows a reactive Sculli on impact of head beating Dida.

The Rossoneri, just the goal, after a loss to understand quickly fall into the game and resume drawing plots of fast and spectacular game that the rearguard rossoblu just can not curb the inevitable and timely, at 32 °, reaches a draw, even on a penalty kick assigned correctly by Orsato for a foul that overwhelms Amelia Ambrosini, released in area from one bank to head Borriello, this time pounding Ronaldinho halfway up the right hand of Amelia who is thrown away.

The Rossoneri do not stop and treading on the accelerator and, after a shot of Beckham who turns off to the side of a breath, went ahead following a sweeping action, Nesta bowl Borriello who tries to head off the pole, a Save defender on the line, the ball comes to pulling Ambrosini ready to fly, it still exceeds Amelia rejecting, Thiago Silva pounced on the ball that turns in a charming and finally puts the ball in the net.

The recovery follows the same script with the Rossoneri always vigilant and forward and live in Genoa and disoriented soft on defense, and already at 48 ° Ronaldinho Antonini fishing area in the side and wait Marco Borriello checks are for the easiest of goals.

The rossoblu, disheartened casting off, and the rampant Milan, resounding in the 60th with his fourth goal of the Rossoneri Antonini that Borriello is on the opposite side, the center, in a few inches offside, coordinates, and scissors wheel, throws the ball to slip near the pole opposite to the apotheosis of San Siro.

The match now becomes the academy and everyone is looking for glory, he tries to controbalzo Klaas-Jan Huntelaar with a shot that ends up, you will also revise the Genoa with a shot from twenty yards Criscito down just a whisker too late, then Gattuso is to appear alone Amelia before that fixed with a parade output low.

The speed of the umpteenth percussion Rossoneri forcing Jane Doe to trample in area Ronaldinho, Gaucho leaves the task of the penalty to Klaas-Jan Huntelaar who at 74 makes the fifth seal displacing Amelia.

In the finale, at 79 °, there is glory for David Suazo, the first with the jersey of the griffin, which takes advantage of the indecision of Nesta and beat Dida for a goal of 5 to 2 finale.

Milan returns to successfully create the sensation of a team in great health, close to its best level all the pawns on the chessboard move perfectly designed by Leonardo, expressing spectacular football and creating chances in industrial quantities with some real pearls.

Notes of merit for Beckham, immediately at ease in the new scheme, Gattuso playing the whole match being appreciated by more than a good play and to ensure that the two young men outside their constant drive for the entire ninety minutes, and Ronaldinho lights up the palate with games for maneuvering purposes.

Genoa little to say, face to face AC Milan open, holding more or less the first time, also for the simplicity of the Rossoneri, then collapses with a crash in the second half, too wide the net of defense and space grant to AC Milan means to meet to defeat, but only rarely managed to get in trouble even though the Rossoneri are without genuine prairie in the rear.

In conclusion, the best response to rivals AC Milan Champions in both key is, perhaps, even in optical shield.

The Best: in Milan Borriello and Ambrosini in Genoa Amelia and Rossi.

By Gfloriano, Rossoneri Blog

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See, i was right – there was no Genoa on the pitch. Milan were amazing, played very very well. I’m pleased of both result and play


AC MILAN FOR4EVER, we are the best team on earth! 5-2 baby!


well, we played very very good. abmro had a very good game, was the best on the pitch in my opinion, borriello was very good too. the defense was a bit sleepy in both goals, but did the work. milan are no 1! forza milan!


AC Milan performed great. of course, genoa were off the pitch in some moments and have a bad defense, but, the attack and the midfield was incredible, and i’m glad!


We’re second, 8 points from Inter with a missing game. If was had won the derby back then (instead of losing 0-4 – DAMN), then it would have been two points only. Three penalties – all deserved, and Milan were, in fact, the better side all along. I couldn’t believe Dinho missed the first shot but repaired that with some great balls. Milan 5 – 2 Genoa, great night


I know it doesn’t rhymes but na… it doesn’t matter – the point is clear – we’re terrific!


ac milan!!!!! i have nothing else to say!! forza milan




i was right about the result too


It was very very fun to watch. FORZA MILAN

AC Milan Egypt

They didn’t put it on TV this time here, so i only watched the highlights, great goals, the third and the fourth ones are wonderful