AC Milan 0 – 2 U.S. Città di Palermo: Rossoneri Streak Breaks Down


PLAERMO stunned AC MILAN at Stadio San Siro. The away side were not at the game in the first half but took control at the last 45 minutes to decide two-nil at the end of 90 minutes and end Milan’s 13-match unbeaten record.

Recessed suffered a qualification to the knockout stages of the Champions League, AC Milan, after the unexpected defeat of Juventus last night, trying to take off in the league and remain in wake of ‘Inter, on his way met the Palermo Delio Rossi, who replaced Zenga, yet capable of bringing home a defeat against Chievo and a win with Cagliari.

Leonardo, who must do without some important pieces, fielding the training that you expect and selects with a 4-2-3-1: Dida, Zambrotta, Nesta, Favalli, Antonini; Ambrosini (from 32 ‘Flamini) , Pirlo, Abbot (from 6 ‘st Pato), Seedorf (from 24’ st Inzaghi), Ronaldinho, Borriello. (Storari, Kaladze, Jankulovski, Huntelaar). (Storari, Kaladze, Jankulovski, Huntelaar).

Highlights: AC Milan 0 – 2 U.S. Città di Palermo
Line-Ups: AC Milan – U.S. Città di Palermo, Pato Out Abate In

Conversely Rossi chooses a 4-3-1-2 with: Sirigu, Cassani, Kjaer, Bovo, Balzaretti, Nocerino, Liverani, Bresciano, Simplicio (15 ‘st Shepherd), Cavani (46’ st Goian), Miccoli ( from 23 ‘st Budan). (Rubinho, Melinte, Bertolo, Hernandez). (Rubinho, Melinte, Bertolo, Hernandez).

Milan test immediately to guide the match on their side, but the Rossoneri shortstop, led by an increasingly inspired by Ronaldinho, struggling to find the right way, also because the Abbot is committed, as usual, but play the role of Pato is not certainly in his ropes.

Palermo is well placed in the ground and closes all lanes, well-run in midfield by Simplicio and Liverani, and ready to put on fire the Rossoneri rearguard with acceleration of the various Bresciano, Miccoli and Cavani.

Already the 3rd Cavani Miccoli is unique to fish only in the area, the Uruguayan strikes dirty and puts the ball on the side of a blast on the 4th and Brescia outside to find his fists prosthesis Dida, a minute later we test Nocerino also from the edge, the ball unfortunately ends high, seems Assatanate Palermo, AC Milan fails to react and to oppose firmly.

The Rossoneri are trying to shake off trying to break down the flanks, the 17th and Ronaldinho to fish in area Seedorf, the conclusion of Dutch is inaccurate, Borriello comes just a second too late to correct score.

Fall rhythms but Milan just cannot effect, Rossi has studied well the game and the Rossoneri have the weapons to overload the device of Leonardo, the 29th of Cavan good initiative that serves Brescaino only area, the Australian But the wrong target and pulls over the pole farther.

Milan responded with two good actions, to 33 ° is that Borriello, received the ball on the edge of the area, defends her, turns and rolls quickly, the ball literally shave the pole as far away, a minute later Zambrotta from outside to send a wire pole.

The second half started again with the arrembante Palermo and Milan, almost blocked, unable to leave their own trocar, at 49 ° Bresciano Miccoli is the limit, the attacker into the area and pull a spin, Zambrotta adjustments to the trajectory and Ball slips near the opposite pole, beyond the reach of Dida.

The reaction of Milan is soft and not very convinced and results in only a few cross stream into the area of Sirigu, so it is Simplicio, 55 °, to fail doubled, terrified at the exit avalanche of Dida, retracts instead of putting head on the trajectory of the ball so that you lose on the bottom.

Milan finally conquer the field and besieged the area host, we show first intention Borriello from outside, one foot opponent deflects for a corner at 58 degrees on a cross from the bottom Ambrosini butt by two steps and hits Borriello headed instinctively without But we could not give the necessary strength to overcome Sirigu.

Wonderful percussion Seedorf to 61 °, Dutch, ball and chain, runs more than thirty yards and three opponents, but to his surprise, left the ball to Pato who tries a cross in the corner replied, it was better to pull …

Still affects the rule of goal failure, goal conceded, passes a minute and Miccoli winning ball on his three-quarters topped with a stake of up Nesta and opens for Shepherd closes the triangle, the little striker twice avoids intervention in tackle Antonina, by a miracle to keep the ball on the field, arrived at the bottom of exterior Shepherd serves, the Argentine dribla two defenders but from behind, at the time of shooting, Ambrosini slipped into the sphere that ends up blowing where there are only strikers Rosanero for Bresciano is a snap to stow the empty net for the 2 to 0 guests.

The 66th and Cavan, only fish in area, burning Favalli and pulling on the outside of the network, from this moment begins a long siege of the Rossoneri creating scoring in industrial quantities, but they lack time, resoundingly, at the crucial moment.

We tried in sequence Antonini and Borriello with two slaps from inside the area but the ball is lost to the side, at 69 ° breathtaking action pulling a tour of Ronaldinho, Pato is part of the head instead of releasing turn networked to 75 ° a cross from the band is ready appointment Inzaghi but his header is controlled by taking low Sirigu.

Pato, really phased intervenes promptly on an assist by Ronaldinho hitting shoulder and disregarding all, we test on a free kick in Ronaldinho but Kjaer barrier deviates just enough to prevent the goal, at 88 ° Shout to the beautiful flight Zambrotta , Sirigu flies away the ball from underneath the intersection and deviandola for a corner, the last occasion when the swallows at 93 ° Pato that Solissimo two meters from the goalkeeper, crashes badly, hitting the sole for a comfortable passage to Sirigu.

Palermo exit San Siro deserved winner, and after taking the scalp of Juventus also that of Milan, confirming kill-large, the bandwidth of Rossi is most effective in suppressing the sources of the game play Rosson, defending himself in an orderly and again with deadly counterattack distressed that put the rear of the house, once again Miccoli exalts himself against the Rossoneri played by giving applause, signs and beckons, excellent directed by Liverani.

Leonardo ventures still wanting to remain faithful to his scheme, but it is absurd to Abate to do Pato, when we are on the bench and Inzaghi Huntelaar, this time the inferiority in midfield against a very good team has discovered a dribble too much without giving the defense no advantage forward.

The creaking and warned against Olympique Zurich evidently not been taken into account, in fact a scheme so offensive and unbalanced port these risks, too bad for this fall came after nearly two months of unbeaten, I thank the ‘Tir’ Tiribocchi for not having made this disastrous defeat thanks to his goal against Inter who has avoided the neroazzurro definitely taking off.

The Best: in Milan Ronaldinho and Antonini, in Palermo Miccoli and Liverani.

By Gfloriano, Rossoneri Blog

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Leo has to play Huntelaar more.


Well, really sorry about the defeat but there is only one person to blame – LEONARDO. Come on man! You have been using the same players in the same formation for three months. Leo must use Huntelaar more, maybe alongside Inzaghi. When Adiyiah will come I think that things will be more simple but for the next game – do rotations

AC Milan Egypt

It’s broken ha… Too too bad, we missed to many chances to score. I hate it


WTF happened yesterday. We have LOST?!?! GOD…


I think Milan deserved to loss. I mean, they did not play well during the entire game, first half was better but they were very tired. Still, Inter drew so we’re cool. But next week against Fiorentina and it’s not going to be easy!


FORZA MILAN. never mind, we will win the next game


God love Milan! Inter didn’t ran away too with the draw.


Juve lost, Milan lost, Inter drew! WTH happened in the weekend!!!



Barney Stinson

this match was LEGEND…wait for it…DARY

Franky T

I agree with Forza. Palermo deservingly beat us. We were poor, tired. Leo needs to recognise before such matches when players need to be rotated. Though he does not have many other options, the options he does have could be used better.