Time To Leave, Rino?


GENNARO GATTUSO seems to have some unclear issues with the new coach and Rossoneri Blog’s Meytar Zeevi checks if the time for the legend to leave has arrived.

The perfect soldier, the warrior, the man that afraids of nothing. Call him how you would like to, but this man, is one of a kind, but unfortunately, the aspiration of his commanders, kills the spirit of soldier, who just lately looks unhappy at the army of AC Milan.

The army released the warrior’s favorite general in the summer, and brought another, who has no knowledge in the army tactics as a general, but as a soldier. The simple warrior now feels in trashes, as his chief does not use him very often, unless someone gets hurt during a war.

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This soldier names Gennaro Gattuso. Gattuso has joined the army of AC Milan eleven years ago, back in 1999 and correctly functions as the vice-captain. The aging warrior will do anything for his army – reduce his salary, fight harder – as long as he plays.

So let’s stop using those military terms, and perhaps, try to understand the story that goes behind Gennaro Ivan “Rino” Gattuso.

In Via Turati – they have already made a choice: all the veterans, and over 32-years-old players will be no-more Black & Red players within the next years and the club starts a new rejuvenation project, that Milan believe that will help them to win first Scudetto since 2004.

The rejuvenation project is valid also on Gattuso, and he’s not immune of anything despite he has been helpful for Milan. On the contrary, despite has been very helpful, Milan want to clear up all the shards of the last generation that led Milan to all the titles and honors of the last ten years.

Gattuso arrived to Milan in 1999 from Serie B side Salernitana Calcio. Two, three years after arrived, Silvio Berlusconi and Adriano Galliani managed some big acquisitions – but they made a big mistakes when did not replace those players, who after seven years, reached already the ages of 32, 33 and even 34 – which is overage in these days.

The era of Seedorf, Pirlo and Gattuso is close to an end, and when Milan think forward, and they do, there is no probable option that those players will finish their careers with the Rossoneri, despite still performing well in their ages.

Carlo Ancelotti is a huge admirer of experienced players, but the new Rossoneri coach Leonardo, believes in three words that valid in football: attack, attack, attack. And he knows that players like Gattuso, Rino, great player in the history of Milan, a huge warrior, a hard-man is not good for this idea, because of his age.

Gattuso is a player that has a very clear reputation, he is known for his strong and maybe even impulsive personality. But when his beloved general, Ancelotti, left the club for Chelsea, his heart was broken, and he cried.

It does not seem like he has the same rapport with Leonardo. Leo has hardly used Gattuso this season. Ok, right, there were injuries and suspensions, but in ordinary season with Carlo Ancelotti, Rino would have played much more after 13 weeks into the Serie A.

Despite playing little comparing to last season, Marcello Lippi took Gattuso back to the Italian national team. Lippi now tries things out and tries to build a team for the future, after finally understood, that like Milan, his team is just too old for the high levels.

Gattuso will do anything for Milan, for his army, as long as he plays. He already said that he’s unhappy at Milan and just want to play more. Like Filippo Inzaghi, the condition is play or leave – and here, Milan must take a side, because, it’s clear that he would not provide the required even next years, when he turns 32.

It’s a question that now or never, because Milan will let people go, the old players, like in military, sometimes this is the time to retire, and start other life, after spending the most of that doing something, something you were good it, because sometimes – you just stop being the warrior and just, just move on…

By Meytar Zeevi, Rossoneri Blog

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Rino - My Love
10 years ago


10 years ago

Well, good article first. I must say that the use of military terms was good idea. Anyway, Gattuso should leave. I mean, he does not play, and as long as you can get money on him – that’s great.

10 years ago


10 years ago


10 years ago

Milan must get younger. I’m not a Milan fan, but someone who sees things from the side. Milan play very good football now, but the must think about the next generation and sell some players too

10 years ago

A good soldier stays until death. FORZA GATTUSO.

10 years ago

I think it’s time for him to say good-bye

10 years ago

Well, it is very hard to say goodbye to Gattuso, a real soldier. But if it is good for both Milan and him, I will say goodbye.

indra dwi
indra dwi
10 years ago

stay…stay….stay….in ac milan dont go…..u is the legend of ac milan..u must stay in milan….forza rhino…..forza milan