AC Milan 4 – 3 Cagliari Calcio: Samba On The Grass Of San Siro


At San Siro there are 80,000 of Italy-New Zealand last Saturday, steps have so many, too many empty spaces, but never as now, none have really had so many wrong.

Milan and Cagliari are two of the hottest teams of the moment, 4 wins in a row for the Sardinians, eight match unbeaten run for the Rossoneri, but both now have to do without two very important elements for the general balance: Nesta and Cossu, stranded court sports.

After the resounding success of convincing and yesterday afternoon, the Milan is called to respond equally successful and convincing, Leonardo now relies on its experienced and successful with 4-2-1-3: Dida, Oddo, Thiago Silva, Kaladze , Zambrotta, Pirlo, Ambrosini, Seedorf (25 ‘st Abate), Pato (38’ st Strasser), Borriello (31 ‘st Inzaghi), Ronaldinho. (Storari, Favalli, Antonini, Huntelaar).

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Happy, delighted with the exciting result, produced a spectacular game and profitable, responds by relying on a 4-3-1-2 with: Marchetti; Canini (25 ‘st Pisano), Lopez, Astoria, Agostini; Dessena, Conti, Biondini ( 17 ‘Nene); Lazzari; Jeda, Matri (36’ st Larrivey). (Lupatelli, Brkljca, Word, Baron).

The beginning of the match immediately secures the scene of the vigil, the guests begin without awe from becoming dangerous parts of Dida, AC Milan but the 4th, took the lead on the first lunge, Seedorf, received the ball on the trocar, serves in that area Borriello attract two defenders and Marchetti same, the ram is split into Rossoneri back to the onrushing Dutch, close the triangle and, of course, realizes, despite the attempt to save the line of Biondini door.

The response is immediate, Cagliari, 7th Matri, launched a network by itself, is tackled and brought down by Dida out, it seems clear penalty, the referee leaves instead run, never mind two minutes pass and the Islanders tie, Lazzari, on the left edge of the area, crossed the center for Matri that slips between Kaladze and Thiago Silva, practically stationary, and, flat on the fly, It bags for 1 to 1.

From this moment and for a good half hour we see a huge field in Cagliari, beautifully orchestrated by Lazzari and Jeda and dragged by a Matri immarcabile, thus resulting in serious opportunities arising from fast restarts and effective, only delays the day in good Dida Goal of the advantage to 17 ° can reject a nice shot of Matri primed by Lazarus, the 19th is repeated saying no to a deviation in the measure Jeda, optimally served by a cross Matri from the band, the 25th flies parade plastic seizes taken in a stroke of neck Lazzari’s free-kick on to accounts.

Milan are struggling to become dangerous, the trident offensive moves little and is harnessed by the rearguard host, is trying to bait Pato Ronaldinho with a nice assist to 26 °, the duck, though, came his appointment with the deviation of a delay in air blow.

The Islanders continued to design the tram stunned Rossoneri rearguard just do not get to read, so, after yet another intervention of Matri Dida on the 28th arrives, inevitable and deserved, the half-hour, the goal of benefit rossoblu, I realized the best of hosts, Lazzari, who receives the ball from a precise cross from the right wing of Jeda that cuts across the area, the domestication of the left and, with the same foot over Dida casting towards the far post .

Cagliari seems absolute master of the field, but, suddenly, the Milan back into the game, charging Zambrotta plays it, sometimes uncontrollable, which was launched by Ronaldinho, he steals away on the band, over a couple of opponents and will contract in corner, developments which, per minute 38 °, Pato, at the near post, frame toward the intersection of the poles, it comes with half miracle Marchetti, nocking on wood and the ball back toward the door where the quickest of all is Borriello that head-to-door bags, empty, setting the score at two by two.

AC Milan, now the team seems confident, unpredictable and uncontrollable, in recent times, passing just another minute, and the 40th, Ronaldinho Pato from a central position serves in area, the little Brazilian controls, it widens a couple of feet and fired a bullet air-ground going to take away the cobwebs from beneath the intersection opposite the lead Milan and San Siro in delirium.

The recovery, with the teams a little more tired, it starts with Milan to give the show, drawn by a star Ronaldinho, who invented and, with delightful touches, starting the game of the Rossoneri ahead, pouring the applause for the Brazilian ace increasingly convincing .

At 52 ° Dinho serves Borriello that acts as a bank for Pato, the Brazilian’s first shot deflected into the corner from Biondini, the linesman did not see a deviation to 54 ° triangle still close Dinho-Borriello-Dinh, playmaker hit badly, shooting however, becomes a cross for Pato striking head sent to the side.

Cagliari, far from being resigned and submissive, always vigilant and you see the dangerous parts of Dida to 56 °, Agostini reaches the bottom, which leaves from a cross to kiss for Lazarus, Solissimo, wastes header side.

We test two minutes after Biondini with a stone from 25 yards which Dida is ready to hold, at 59 ° breathtaking action with the Rossoneri all the Rossoneri ahead of triangles that form the edge of the heel, save in extremis Astori now only about Pato front Marchetti.

The excessive power Rossoneri close to 61 ° when the restart of a whirling spear Borriello Pato in an excellent position, the ram Rossoneri, just entered the area will be addressed by Astori it extends, strictly net and yellow card to the defender.

Ronaldinho penalty is responsible for realizing displacing Marchetti and depositing the ball into the net to the right of the goalkeeper, 4 to 2 at the 62nd.

Milan will start to experience fatigue and, after another counter-attack in superior numbers, undone by a poor control of Pirlo, salt back into the chair Cagliari, Leonardo tries to do something about thickening the midfield with the Abbot before and after Strasser.

We test at 68 ° Conti with a venomous shot from the edge, Dida dive and comes across with his fingertips diverted for a corner, but not even a minute that goes back to the Cagliari game, Jeda receives the ball to the trocar and sorted for the onrushing neoentrato Nene monitoring, into the area, and lightning Dida with a precise shot near the right pole for the 4 to 3 that opens the games.

The Rossoneri are now breathing and oxygen debt, the islanders, fresher, we believe and continue to attack with his head down, before and Matri 80th to be addressed roughly the limit of the area, let it go but Valeri Then all ’82 and 86 ° are Dossena and Larrivey, both headed to fail to grasp the big target.

Ends at 94 one of the best games of the year is rewarding as its champions Milan have managed to create and put into practice and the strengths and cynicism displayed even in the worst moments, but punishing beyond its demerits a Cagliari bold, effective, and never spectacular dome.

Between two teams rated the attack came out of a game exciting, balanced, intense, full of reversals in the face that have delighted, and the fans in San Siro, and the television audience, thus continuing the course of a Milan returned credible, saucy and brave, always ready to seek the path of the network, perhaps at the cost of discovering a bit ‘too much, but now subservient to the new dogma inculcated by the excellent Leonardo.

I do not know if it can be enough to chase Inter monuments of this period, but certainly the Rossoneri have found the support of their fans they’re starting to give a beautiful set of pearls.

Allegri team we can only speak well, a collective that works with the accuracy of a Swiss watch, with the pieces that move from memory on the field, able to reverse any action opponent and turn it into a chance of offense, few teams in Italy would not have lost to Cagliari today.

The Best: Borriello and Ronaldinho for AC Milan in Cagliari Lazzari and Matri.

By Gfloriano, Rossoneri Blog

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Great game. I really liked the goals, espicially the goal of Pato, wonderful assit by Ronaldinho.


Seedorf was wonderful, as well as Ronaldinho and Borriello. I feel like we’re improving. But to bad we conceded so much.


Great goals.


Forza Milan. We Won, We’re Seven Points From Inter, That Is Terrific


Milan will be first someday. I hope Juve and Inter will finish with a draw next weekend


Forza Milan


Milan is the best team is the world