READERS: Silvio Berlusconi Should Sell AC Milan


THE READERS have made their say: Silvio Berlusconi should sell AC Milan, and his time as the owners will be ending soon. -Poll Results-

He leads Milan since 1986, and he made the Rossoneri into the most successful club in the world, after bought it when the club was in serious lack of founds. Berlusconi had rehabilitated the name of AC Milan.

Despite that, in the recent years, since Silvio Berlusconi re-enter to a political position – the Prime Minister of Italy, there is a downfall in the titles the club achieved – losing many domestic titles to Juventus and Inter.

Galliani: The Wind Has Changed
POLL: Should Silvio Berlusconi Sell AC Milan?

There were talks about selling up the club this year, after Silvio Berlusconi’s holding company, Fininvest, which runs the Diavolo, was ordered to pay a fine of €750m for its controversial takeover of the Mondadori publish house back in the 1990s.

Due to that, the Rossoneri Blog asked you this question: Should Silvio Berlusconi Sell AC Milan. There were three options: Yes, No, Yes But Not Now.

Fininvest have already claim that AC Milan is not for sale, and despite there are few interested people, Silvio said that he had never thought about selling up.

However, the readers of the Rossoneri Blog believe that this should be the end of a wonderful period, which saw Milan win everything, and become the best club in the history of football.

People around the world visited the site, and voted what is there opinion about the situation. A decision has been made, and these are the results:

Yes: 60%
No: 34%
Yes But Not Now: 6%

According to the readers, Silvio Berlusconi is not the man to be in charge anymore at Milan, and if they were him, they will be open for offers…

By the Rossoneri Blog team

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Jay Zeneros

he lost interest int the team, we don’t have serious debt problems, we could have bought the players we wanted but he did not wanted to.


I agree.
I voted yet because I think he just doesn’t give a damn on this team anymore


Voted no because he has been the greatest


60%? Wow, you really hate this guy, do you? I think that he shouldn’t sell it now, maybe in few years




Forza Milan Forza Berlusconi


I Can´t Believe It, in 2003 Milan won the Champions League against Juventus in penalty kicks, (same year of the last scudetto) today 7 years later, it is almost the same team, i want to say thank you to: DIDA, PIRLO, GATUSSO, SEEDORF, AMBROSINI, NESTA, KALADZE, FAVALLI, AMONG OTHERS, BUT SINCE 2 YEARS AGO THE SHOULD BE OUT, why are there comments about Trezeguet? I cant believe it my heart team has become a Veteran University, is it requested to be 30 or more to be in Milan????? I also cant believe Leonardo, Galliani, as well as Berlusconi say that… Read more »