Milan To Swap Huntelaar For Pavlyuchenko


MILAN are being reported of the interest to swap Huntelaar for the Russian Demon Pavlyuchenko.

Articles have been circulating around the internet and the world that Milan are preparing a shocking swap this coming January. These reports state that Milan are willing to swap Klass Jan Huntelaar for Tottenham’s Pavlyuchenko as a complete swap this Winter transfer window.

Huntelaar who has only spend 2 months in the San Siro has yet to score for Milan since his arrival. Milan were reported of paying around €13 Million for the ex-Madrinista Striker this summer. After failing to land the Bosnian star Dzeko from wolfburg, Milan found relief in the dutch Hunter. But The Hunter has failed in scoring a single goal since joining.

Milan are getting frustrated because Milan have not been able to score and also Huntelaar who seems to not fit in to the plans of Leonardo. Now Milan are finding an scapegoat for their failures to win, and have found the perfect candidate which is Huntelaar. Now Milan wanting results are looking for hope in a swap for Pavlyuchenko.

Yet this is just a rumor going around, it is growing tremendously over the weekend. Now it is being consider and actual plan by Milan according to Milan Tifose and Spurs supporters. Now even Garreth Bale has been included in this insane deal. According to many, Pavlyunchenko is not enough to cover the deal for Huntelaar. Huntelaar was purchased for a fee of 13 million euros, while his actual value was of €21 million not 13 only. Pavlyuchenko has been estimated at only €8 million plus Bale at only 5 million.

Who are getting the better deal? I would say Tottenham because Huntelaar is suppose to be a top class striker. Madrid bought Huntelaar from Ajax for about double what Milan payed.  The Hunter was suppose to be Madrid’s new superstar but after signing Benzema, Huntelaar was no longer needed.

In my opinion, blaming a player who has hardly played cannot be blame for not scoring. It has only been 2 months. Borriello has yet to score since he joined back Milan. Most of the goals score by Milan have been by Pato-2 Seedorf-1 and Ronaldinho-1. It seems that the strikers are not to blame but also the rest of the team. There have been poor excuses for crosses from both Pirlo and Seedorf. Kaladze and Favalli have been very slow in reacting and have let many errors happen.

In order for Milan to improve is not to sell their stars instead reinforce the team. Pato is being lured by Chelsea, what would that leave if Hunt and Pato leave? Pavlyuchenko and Borriello  in attack. Milan need to get a better coach, new creative play makers and defenders. Perhaps even sell Milan. But in my opinion Milan should not sell Huntelaar, and Tifose should raise their voice unto this insane events happening in the Rossoneri.

By Tremendous ICE, Rossoneri Blog

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11 years ago

Good article man! I don’t think the will sell him!