Udinese Clacio 1 – 0 AC Milan, a lying result?


THE Rossoneri were beaten also at Udine.

For V day Italian serie A in Friuli Stadium of Udine going to play Udinese and Milan, Leonardo looking for  new good answers.

Marino presents the UDINESE with a 4-4-2: Handanovic; Isla (dal 27’ p.t. Basta), Coda, Domizzi, Lukovic; Lodi (dal 38’ s.t. Sammarco) , D’Agostino, Inler, Pepe (Sanchez dal 32’ s.t.). Floro Flores, Di Natale (Belardi, Felipe, Zimling, Corradi).

The Leonardo anwers is a MILAN with 4-3-1-2: Storari; Oddo, Nesta, Kaladze, Zambrotta; Gattuso (dal 15’ s.t. Abate), Pirlo, Flamini; Seedorf; Inzaghi (dal 28’ s.t. Huntelaar), Pato (dal 14’ s.t. Ronaldinho) (Dida, Onyewu, Jankulovski, Favalli).

Milan started well in the first twenty minutes, the possession of the ball almost completely hiding the ball with Rossoneri hosts. Wrong, conspicuous gap in the maneuver host the incapacitated creating opportunities by goal. So, after the Burian, Udinese began to be seen from parts of Storari and 22° go ahead, following a personal action of Isla who arrived in the area, to be off center, pulls hit the pole, Di Natale is more ready to pounce on the ball and deposited in goal.

After a few minutes is still Storari to save the guests on a roll thrown from a distance, close to Milan draw with a header from Nesta bouncing off the crossbar, the end of time can still see a couple of Storari disentangle complicated situations.

The recovery Milan sees a slightly ‘longer present, Udinese withdraws its center of gravity, ready to go as soon as possible, Leonardo uses the bench by bringing in Ronaldinho field, Abate and Huntelaar, the Brazilian tries to enlighten the visitor maneuver, but his passes are not given equal comfort in friends, copy the assist in heel area for Zambrotta, undone by a poor control of the lateral, Domizzi saving in extremis, I went into action, on the attempted shooting of Seedorf.

Before the end of Flamini can take two yellow cards in a minute because of two interventions brokendown, as often happens, the French midfielder beyond physics, and ends prematurely in dressing room leaving AC Milan in 10, so that the final forcing, outnumbered not produce any significant results.

The game ends with a deserved victory Udinese capitalizing an excellent first half and limited to easily control the half-hearted return to the Rossoneri in the fall of eleven new recovery. This new Leonardo worried greatly, primarily because of the smallness of the game expressed by the Rossoneri, betrayed by their men more representative, Pirlo, Inzaghi and Seedorf, and incapable of creating scoring chances. Concerned about the regression technique and tactics of Pato that after the first two days, has strung together three games mediocre and pointless. For Leonardo, there is a lot of work and frankly the prospects, with the human material at his disposal, are far from rosy.

The best: in Udinese Di Natale, in Milan Storari.

By Gfloriano, Rossoneri Blog

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