Former agent: Totti could have joined AC Milan at 12


Milan offered Totti a contract when he was young, but his agent and his mother decided to refused to sign, as they believed he worth more than what AC Milan offered

Francesco Totti is Roma’s greatest player, one of the best Italian strikers in the history. He turned into a star at A.S Roma, after signed there in a pretty young age. However, his former agent Stefano Caira reveals he could have wore Black & Red shirt instead of orange.

A member of the Milan management spoke with Totti’s mother about her wonderkid when he was about 12 years old. But the agent, who knew Totti is going to be one of the greatest, convinced the mother to refuse and wait for a better offer.

This decision was right, as now Totti is Roma’s legend, not Milan’s. Totti arrived to Roma from Lodigiani in 1982 (when he was 12-years-old). Now, the 32-years-old is no longer the wonderkid, as he now a legend of the Italian football.

"When Francesco was 12, a person from the Milan team presented to Totti's mother [Fiorella] 150,000.000 lire," the now ex-agent revealed to Radio Incontro. "She asked me what I was to do, and I responded that, that amount was too little for Francesco."

"At 18, Roma offered him his first professional contract, worth 50 million lire, whilst Nike made him quickly sign a 300 million lire contract as a testimonial to their products. After Nike came Adidas, who offered the player €1.5million a season, and €500,000 a year for life to become an ambassador.

"It was at this time that someone around him told him to not accept these deals, and the rapport between us two was never the same," Caira concluded.

Totti scored 181 goals in 423 appearances for Roma. On Wednesday night, his side face Palermo.

By Meytar Zeevi, Rossoneri Blog

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Roma fit Totti best. You never know if he could reach everything he did at Milan