Olympique de Marseille 1 – 2 AC Milan, SuperPippo is the king


AC Milan start the Champions League with an important win against Marseille, at the Stade Vélodrom

Under a pouring rain, under the orders of the Danish referee Bo Larsen, the Velodrome, packed into every type of place, warm and passionate as ever and more, welcomes the first meeting of the Champions League group C  ‘Olympique Marseille and the Milan.

Challenge the cartel in the nineties when the two teams faced each other in two separate clashes in the past history for different reasons, the case-spotlight in 1991 and the final won by the French in Monaco in 1993, tonight is facing with very different expectations and assumptions.

The hosts, revival after the dark years of scandals and relegation to League II, guests on a downswing and a very nebulous future, after the many successes of a still recent past.

Didier Deschamps, after reporting Juventus in Serie A is back to ‘home’ and its host Olympique Marseille with a 4-4-2: Mandanda; Kaborè, Diawara, Heinze, Taiwo, Cisse (88 ‘Morientes), Lucho González (75 ‘Ben Arfa), Mbia, Cheyrou, Niang, Brandao (substitutes Andrade, Bonnart, Hilton, Abriel, Valbuena).

Leonardo, after the conflicting evidence and little positive start of this season, his fielding responds with a 4-3-1-2 MILAN: Storari, Oddo, Nesta Thiago Silva, Zambrotta, Flamini, Pirlo, Ambrosini (58 ‘Gattuso) , Seedorf (93 ‘Abbot), Pato, Inzaghi (87’ Huntelaar) (substitutes Dida, Kaladze, Jankulovski, Ronaldinho).

With just a few beats to realize that the anthem of the Champions boosted the Rossoneri, bringing them into the dimension that is nearer to Europe, moving in the field focused, balanced and determined, the defenestration of the very dull here, Ronaldinho for Seedorf, restore order and patterns in the game of guests who are defending and attacking with little compact, but good ideas, but also returning to make a prudent and effective possession of the ball, the foundation of offensive.

Marseille, while animated by fierce and warlike intentions, and dragged into the field for many young, physically overflowing, there is a bit ‘surprised by this unexpected version of AC Milan and suffers through the first time tending more to counter that with the decision to offend .

AC Milan goes ahead in the 28th when, from a good restart on the band attacking the left, the ball comes from Pato to Seedorf who, after a dribbling the edge of the area over an opponent and draw a precise cross to the far pole where Inzaghi, alone and in millimeters offside, close to the flight of the right, past Mandanda at the near pole.

The reaction of the OM and angry, most of nerves and physicality that brain, but is limited to producing only certain mixtures in which Storari is careful and clever to release out at the last minute of the first fraction is trying Cheyrou with a nice shot from the edge, Storari you find ready and able to deflect over the crossbar with a plastic surgery.

The second half started with a very different leitmotif, the French, by Mister. loaded properly in the locker room and pushed from passionate inciting their fans, now stick his head down, taking literally assaulted every area where the Rossoneri , guests falter, lose the link between departments and defending with great sorrow, never managing to get the ball out of his halfcourt.

Ignite mixtures thrilling resolved by the skin of headphones, a shot from the edge of Lucho addressed at little corner is deflected by Nesta for just enough to let go off the edge of the pole, on time, the 49th, comes the goals of the French, Cheyrou, from the top right corner of the area, cut a cross toward the center on which Heinze goes up to everyone and makes the tie slipping the ball between the legs of Storari.

AC Milan sees ghosts and falters, defending with increasing anxiety and fear, OM believes in the enterprise and attack at full strength, he tries Cheyrou free-kick at 58 °, Storari is attentive and deviates in fine style, risk and Flamini deserves, red for bad tackle in midfield, the referee him grace.

AC Milan sees little forward, the team seems clearly split in two, an initiative of Oddo stems from a corner which ends up Inzaghi for the land, the referee let it go, far more dangerous BiancoBlu of occasions, first with Lucho, whose volley from inside the area you lose the top, then with Taiwo who sees his shot deflected twice by Rossoneri defenders but can not find any partner willing to reiterate goals, finally Brandao that presents itself in the area, timely and excellent Storari, low output, manages to steal the ball from the feet.

Then suddenly like a bolt from the blue, comes the second flash of SuperPippo, 75 ° Pirlo free-kick beat the surprise attack on the trocar, the ball comes to Seedorf who, outside of first intention, this is to the center of the box ‘Inzaghi who anticipates the onrushing defender and, flying to outer right, send it to impact the ball halfway to the pole to the right of Mandanda, which can only observe the net bulge for the new Rossoneri’s advantage.

The French, impressed at their best, lose heart, like their fans to this point really commendable and impressive, and lose bite and order, the final is a mixed boarding who can only turn to the crowd that some defense Rossoneri unravel without excessive difficulty.

It ends with the unexpected victory of Milan, which is a big step forward in the economy of the group at the end of a game well played and easily check for over an hour, suffering the first half hour the second time it is, taken into account the strength and determination of the opponent, playing a game of generous and strong-willed, perhaps a little unfortunate, the result is still substantially correct.

The best: in OM Niang and Lucho, in Milan Inzaghi and Seedorf.

By Gfloriano, Rossoneri Blog

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11 years ago

Wonderful. Inzaghi is the best