Eusebio Cup: Benfica 1 (5) – AC Milan 1 (4), another fall


After 1-1 in 90 minutes, the match been sent to penalty shootouts and once again, Milan players couldn’t strike the target. With the most crucial shootout of this game, Luca Antonini brings Milan their six lose this pre-season in front of the eyes of 62342 spectators at Estádio da Luz stadium, Lisbon, Portugal

The history of AC Milan reaches a new level… I thought five horrible loses in a row is a disaster, but this the sixth. The luck is not in Milan side as with not so bad squad, they come back to Milano empty-handed. Well, not empty-handed – with a shame in their bodies.

Once again, Storari stood between the sticks. Defense: Zambrotta on the right-hand side, T. Silva and Nesta playing at the centre defense, and Favalli on the left-hand side; Midfield: Abate on the right-hand side, Pirlo in the playmaker position and Jankulovski on the left; Attack: Di Gennaro; Pato, Borriello.

Benfica, who won two games before yesterday, came up with Quim in the goal; David Luis, Luisao, Sidnei in the defense; Di Maria, Ramires, Javi Garcia, Ruben Amorim playing in the middle of the pitch, and Aimar; Cardozo and Saviola in the attack.

First Half

With those 22 players up on the pitch, the game started with Benfica control. The Portuguese club attacked in the opening seconds, as the first chance came when they were 40 second on the clock – Aimar sent the ball to Ramires who unleashed a nice shot, but it went just wide of the right post.

On the 12th minute, the host tried again – Javier Saviola dispatched a ball through Oscar Cardozo but the 26-years-old striker saw only Milan keeper Storari puts the shot on the side after tried to score from inside the goalkeeper box.

Milan just weren’t in the game those minutes… On the 21st minute, a corner by the Águias, found no one – Luisao crossed the ball from the right-hand corner spot side, but his ball passed everyone, to the out position.

Nine minutes later, Benfica kept to be on the driver sit, had another opportunity score, when only with help of Zambrotta the situation had been foiled – Di Maria crossed the ball well into the box and found his teammate Cardozo, who couldn’t put his leg on the ball as the Italian defender cut the of ball.

Mazel Tov: Milan make a dangerous move for the first time with Thiago Silva getting the ball from the left of the area, but there is no luck in his side as before he could make a shoot, David Luiz cleared up the area.

Half Time: Goalless 45 minutes passed and only one change was made at the Portuguese side during the break – Carlos Martins replaced Ramires. Leonardo did nothing despite the lack of attacking intent from his team.

Second Half

Leonardo made the first change about 10 minute later, replacing Di Gennaro with Brazil star that hasn’t been called up since February to his national team, Ronaldinho. This substitute was made only to revive AC Milan attack game.

Before Ronaldinho got into the game (mentally), Benfica goal changed the post of the match: Schaffer made the right move and delivered the ball all the way to Cardozo’s head, which put the ball into the net from the left-hand side. On the 57th minute: Benfica 1 – AC Milan 0…

The game slowed down and the Rossoneri found two chances to shoot as on the 77th minute, a long range ball found unmarked Marco Borriello, who unleashed a weak shot which been saved by easy by Quim. Then, Zambrotta tried to score from outside the box, but again, Quim saved it.

Pato came from the left, made a deception and left substituted Patric on the ground. Now, the Brazilian talent sent a low cross towards the attack players, BUT! Sidnei tried to clear the area, but all he did is put a ball into his own net… 87 minutes on the clock and this is: Benfica 1 – AC Milan 1 – OWN GOAL

The color returned to my face and to all Milan faces around the world when the equalizer came, but then the ref whistled to the end of the 90 minutes. In this kind of tournaments, there is no extra time so we skip right to penalty shootouts, very unlucky penalty shootouts.

Penalty Shootouts

Just less than 10 days ago, Milan lost to Boca Juniors in shootouts and here it come again: Barcelona loan player Keirrison took the penalty and… SCORED. Pirlo, who missed the penalty against Boca Juniors, sent a good ball towards the net and SCORED.

Shaffer put the ball INTO the net – 2-1 in pens for the host side. Ronaldinho sent a LAME shot right to the keeper’s hands, very disappointed. Coentrao could make it 3-1 but NO, MISSED! Jankulovski SCORED. Amorim put the ball in the BACK of the net as well. Interim Status: 3-2 to Benfica after 7 shots.

Quim SAVED Thiago Silva shot! Benfica’s Weldon … Sent the ball ABOVE the woodworks! Borriello then stood up to the shootout and the back of the net found his BALL. Yebda … IN. Pato SCORED. Patric … OUT! Zambrotta shootout was as LAME as Ronaldinho kick. Interim Status: 4-4 after 14 chances.

Two important shootouts came now, as there were only two more. Own goal scorer Sidnei put the ball now in the right NET (unlike he usually does). But the man of the match for Benfica is only Luca Antonini, who took and last penalty, but it was LAMER than Dinho’s shot! Pens summary: 5-4 to the Eagles.

Match Stats

Benfica won AC Milan, made it three in a row – Milan owe them ice cream, but so as they owe to Milan, who lost their second third defeat in a row. Six matches, six defeats…

Official Note – AC Milan Official Website

“In the friendly played in Portugal against Benfica, Milan came away unbeaten after 90 minutes, but are beaten on penalties. 6-5 for the Lusitans, who win the 2009 Eusebio Cup. Cardozo gave the Portuguese side the lead in the 58th minute, while Sidnei scored an own goal to make it 1-1 in the 87th minute.”

Benfica 1-1 (6-5 On Pens) AC Milan
1-0 Cardozo 57′
1-1 Sidnei (OG) 87′

Benfica (4-4-2): Quim; Ruben Amorim, Luisao, Sidnei, David Luiz (Shaffer, 51′); Javi Garcia (Yebda, 72′), Ramires (Carlos Martins, 46′), Pablo Aimar (Patric, 64′), Di Maria (Fábio Coentrao, 72′); Saviola (Keirrison, 64′), Cardozo (Weldon 64′).
AC Milan (4-4-2): Storari; Zambrotta, Thiago Silva, Nesta (Onyewu, 79′), Favalli (Antonini, 73′); Abate, Andrea Pirlo, Jankulovski; Di Gennaro (Ronaldinho, 56′); Pato, Borriello.

By Meytar Zeevi, Rossoneri Blog

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