Chelsea FC 2 – AC Milan 1, Second defeat in one week


Today in Baltimore, at stadium “M&T Bank Stadium”, as part of the “World Football Cahllenge”, Didier Drogba and Yuri Zhirkov scored to keep the Rossoneri with no-wins so far in pre-season

Chelsea midfielder Yuri Zhirkov complete Chelsea 2-1 winning over AC Milan today at the USA.

Chelsea, who came after two consecutively wins, were in good shape, but the challenge wasn’t the facing against The Blues, it was against Chelsea manager Carlo Ancelotti who used to coach Milan until the end of last year.

If you saw yesterday video, you know how bad Kalac is (click here if you haven’t). Well, in last time these two sides met up for a clash, it was ended with five goals for the England side, most of them because annoying mistakes of the keeper, Kalac.

BUT, it seems like Milan don’t have any other choice, as the man who stand between the sticks is the same Australian, Zeljko Kalac. Kalac had to get into the game pretty fast, as on the first minutes of the game, a shooting-ball by Chelsea captain Frank Lampard, saw the gloves of Kalac saving it.

Six minutes are out of this game and the goal was ready to come following big pressure from Ancelotti team on Milan, trying to scored over and over and over and finally success! ON the Six Minute, Drogba sent an unstoppable shoot from distance right to the top right hand corner; Kalac had nothing to do with it! WHAT a GOAL.

The game is going in, we’re on the 18 minute – first scoring-chance for AC Milan as Andrea Pirlo shooting from range, but Petr Cech’s left foot was sending to save it, the rebound is Milan’s as Ronaldinho shots, but it bounced out off Marco Borriello.

Chelsea’s was Kalac with lousy display in the goal, making Chelsea possible be sitting onto the driver sit of this game. Kalac made some foolish tackles in the penalty area and outside but for his luck, the whistle stayed hang on the neck of the referee.

Half-hour is almost behind us, but now, Milan have the best scoring-chance in the whole half, as Flamini gave the ball to Borriello who softy passed to Seedotf, the Dutchman was in the box, chip over all the Blues, including Cech himself, but Terry saved it from the line. Almost 1-1, great skills displayed here.

The game opened fast and was very fascinating, but after a half-hour, it slowed down a bit. After 35 minutes of playing, a yellow card was written for Jon Obi Mikel, following a tackle on Mathieu Flamini.

Now, it’s Seedorf who break through: on the 37 minute, a ball sent to him from Ronaldinho who marked by a player, laid up the ball for Seedorf outside the box, the Dutch who has amazing shooting skills from distance shows it again, when scoring this wonderful goal, which seems familiar to Drogba’s goal earlier this match. The Rossoneri make it 1-1 draw with The Blues from West London.

Chelsea got back into the game fast. Drogba’s ball found unmarked Yuri Zhirkov, but the ball’s direction changed following Kalac’s trailing leg. After this chance for Chelsea, the first half whistled to be over. Chelsea made the most interesting and real chances, while Milan with few passing made a goal. THE First half is closing with the Result 1-1.

Friendly match has unlimited substitutions, but both coaches Leonardo and Ancelotti, did nothing in the half-time, same player went down and up after 15 minutes in the dressing room. The game is open again.

Chelsea were the team to lead for the entire game, and were about to lead also with the result when few minutes left from the second half, Nicolas Anelka found space, slid his shoot, but the ball hit the far post of the goal.

Seconds later, Seedorf could put in the back the net a contender to the best goal of the season, following a back-heel by the Brazilian Ronaldinho, which arrived to Seedorf, but the midfielder’s lob flew just wide.

The second half was certainly a busy one for Kalac goal, as Chelsea captain Frank Lampard tested him from range. Branislav Ivanovic then got booked and Milan earned a free kick that was taken by Ronaldinho… Just wide!

Substitutions time is now, in those minutes both managers did some substitutions in order to not get the players tired and see what others can do. Ancelotti replace Nicolas Anelka with Andriy Shevchenko. Leonardo replaced Seedorf, who seemed somewhat injured for Ignazio Abate. Oguchi Onyewu and Gianmarco Zigoni replaced Nesta and Borriello respectively.

With 20 minutes on the clock until the whistle, Chelsea took the lead again as the man who started the process with Shevchenko. Sheva cut in from the left, and saw how his shot been saved by Kalac, Kalac saved another shot of Lampard, but the third shoot came as Zhirkov got the ball outside the box and scored the winning goal!

More substitutions from both sides: Leonardo took Pirlo out and put Gattuso in, while Marek Jankulovski took Zambrotta’s place. Ancelotti just did one change, replaced Drogba with Claudio Pizarro.

All Milan XI was changed during the match, few minutes after the second wave of the substitutions the third arrived, as Di Gennaro replaced Ronaldinho, and Filippo Inzaghi took Pato’s place.

Nothing really happened until the end, just another substitute for Chelsea on the 85 minutes, when Zhirkov was replaced with Michael Mancienne and his dream debut came to the end. Just before full time, Jose Bosingwa was withdrawn for Sam Hutchinson.

In the last minutes, Inzaghi headed toward Cech goal but nothing happened from that, Onyewu gave the last touch to this game and that’s it! The referee whistled to the end of this match. Chelsea 2 – AC Milan 1.


Milan: Kalac; Oddo, Thiago Silva (77′ Kaladze), Nesta (67′ Onyewu), Zambrotta (’73 Jankulovski); Flamini, Pirlo (71′ Gattuso), Seedorf (63′ Abate); Ronaldinho (78′ Di Gennaro), Borriello (67′ Zigoni), Pato (80′ Inzaghi)

Chelsea: Cech; Belletti, Terry, Ivanovich, Cole; Obi Mikel, Lampard, Bosingwa (90′ Hutchinson), Zhirkov (85′ Mancienne); Anelka (63′ Shevchenko), Drogba (73′ Pizarro)

Goalscorers: Drogba (C) 7′; Seedorf (M) 37′; Zhirkov (C) 69′

Refferee: Mark Geiger (USA)

Booked: Flamini (M) 35′; Ivanovich (C) 56′; Oddo (M) 76′

Watch highlights here

The next match is against Inter tomorrow, we all hope to see something different in the result, but the team is playing well. Good game, bad result…

By Meytar Zeevi, Rossoneri Blog

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