Rossoneri Blog Question: Do Milan need another striker?


While Pato, Inzaghi, Borriello, and Viudez are in the team, the Rossoneri are still looking for another striker. Rossoneri Blog is checking if Milan really need another attacker to the store.

Despite il Diavolo have four strikers in the team, they are still not satiated from them. Milan best scorer for season 08/09 is not even a striker, is Ricardo Kaka, who recently moved to Real Madrid, in breaking deal of €65m, which gave Milan the option to start the transfer season on the right foot, without a playmaker in Kaka level, but still, they can buy one.

AC Milan’s main target is Wolfsburg star Edin Dzeko who been selected as the best Bundesliga of last season, scored 36 goals in 42 matches. Dzeko dreams about playing at Milan, but do Milan actually need him? Galliani already said Milan’s future is Pato, the young Brazilian who scored 16 goals in Serie A last season, only one less Kaka did.

Dzeko is only plane A, as the Rossoneri are also interesting at Sevilla Luis Fabiano and Arsenal’s Emmanuel Adebayor, whom I do not think are really needed at Milan. The Rossoneri are trying to build a young, fresh, and full of energy squad. Ade is 25 already, while Fabiano who has a lot of skills and experience, is 28-years-old and might not fill in well in what Milan try to do.

Inzaghi had great season, his best, as he said earlier last season. He scored in burst for few games in late part of the season but succeed to score only 17 times in all competitions. Despite Inzaghi is already 35-years-old, believe it or not, he shows spirit of a young player, screams when he finds the back of the net every time like it its his first goal of his career. Inzaghi is like a good wine – getting better with the years.

As for Borriello, the poor Italian could not play so much for the Rossoneri last season, in outcome of an injury, succeed to play only seven times in all competitions, and scored only one goal last season. The injury ruined his AC Milan return after was on loan for many years. Borriello’s intentions are to stay with Milan for the next years, he showed it well by struggle with the injury, and he expect to play again even in those pre-season games.

Tabaré Viudez played only one time for Milan since came there from Defensor Sporting. Personally, I never saw him play in my life so I cannot recommend about him. However, he is probably a wunderkind, if Milan bought him when he is only 19-years-old, he surly worth something, but I repeat, I cannot say anything against him or glorify on him.

Shevchenko is returning to Chelsea this year, while Ronaldinho and Seedorf can play as attacking midfielders. But do Milan need one more striker? Another player to the squad is never hearts the match, but it does hearts the amount. World class striker such as Dzeko, Adebayor or Fabiano, is probably cost a lot, and when there are four more talented players in this position, there is no need to buy another one.

On the other hand, Leonardo is about to play with Milan with a very offensive formation – 4-3-3, as Galliani told, and for that you need a three strikers + some substitutes. Let’s say we put Pato is the middle, Ronaldinho in one side and Borriello in the other, in order to make three strikers in the formation with two other in the substitution (Inzaghi and Viudez).

It never bad you have a spare striker, but Milan have to think deeply before they do something. However, I agree Dzeko can be a wonderful addition to Milan squad. He could even be Inzaghi’s heir at Milan; but who knows he ever comes. As for Adebayor and Fabiano, really not needed at Milan, but if Dzeko deal fall through, I prefer Fabiano.

What do YOU think : Do Milan really need another striker?

By Meytar Zeevi, Rossoneri Blog

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11 years ago