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Brazil is the land of samba, carnivals and of course football. In each year, at least five footballers are rolling from Brazil to the big Europe and many more other players to different continent.

In all South America, you can find good players, players that change the history, like Maradona and even Lional Messi. But Brazil, elevated upside every other South American countries in the quantity of starts they have publicize to clubs in the world.

If you do not believe it, just take a look over the biggest European clubs: Barcelona, Real Madrid, Inter, Milan, Manchester United and much more more clubs ouside of Europe. In all of them, there is at least one Brazilian star. Barca have Dani Alves, Real have Kaka, Inter with Maicon and Milan just drowning in Brazilian players, but the main is Alexandre Pato.

What is Brazil secret, do the Brazilians just have something in the blood that makes a player to be so talented. Or it is just the size of the country. Brazil sprawls on 8,514,877 km2, which is enormous; it has many people, so the players market is quite big.

Brazil has few leagues when the top league is Campeonato Brasileiro Série A, like the Italian Serie A, only for Brazilian teams. The Brazilian Serie A includes 20 clubs, all the clubs export players to any club in the world, no matter if it for Europe, Asia or Australia.

Have you ever asked yourself from where Kaka or Ronaldinho came from? Of course you know they are Brazilian players, but from what club they came from. Well I can tell you that Kaka’s originally club was Sao Paolo and Ronaldinho started at Grêmio. Dani Alves started at Bahia. I am sure that half of you did not know that before.

Milan always liked Brazilian players, they are good, they are fast, and they are very technical. Is it in their blood? The latest Brazilian player they got is Thiago Silva, while Pato, Dida, and Ronaldinho were in the club, and few Brazilian were out of loan. Milan brought a Brazilian coach as well. So what is that means, Brazil = Milan?

The Rossoneri are interesting at more players that are Brazilian, such as Hernanes and Miranda, who are both own to Sao Paolo. Sao Paolo want more money on the players, but we will see what happens with that. I suggest Neymar to Milan, he is young and fast. But he is own to Santos right now (The biggest star Santos ever had is the legendry Pele!).

There is only one Rossonero in the Confederation Cup (Alexandre Pato). Pato has also rumors linking with Chelsea, but he is un-saleable. In the start of the Confederation Cup, Milan also had Kaka but during his staying at Brazil, he left Milan for Real Madrid.

Brazil is not a reach country. The education is not at the top level. So what they have to do – play football of course. Most of the best Brazilian players grew in the streets, played football with their friends, and invent their own tricks. From poverty to richness – that is the Brazilian way.

So, let us ask again, what is Brazil secret. Does anyone can tell me what it is because I do not know!

This is only my opinion; most of the things have no steady base

I’m not a big knower of Brazil and as you probably understand, I haven’t read so much before write the article, just tried to do what I can with what I know. Next time will be better I hope

By Meytar Zeevi, Rossoneri Blog

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