To be or not to be… A Fan!


Many have complained on how the fans of the Ac Milan Team need to be similar to the fans of the bigger Clubs such as Barcelona and Real Madrid. They say that the team lacks the motivation needed from the fans. But can We really be compared to the fans of other teams. The question is, are the fans of the AC Milan team worthy of being called fans of any team?

Fans are the most important part of a team aside from the players. The fans are considered the 12th player of the team. They influence the team in a great way. They determined if a player is worthy of joining their team or staying on the team. They will defend their players until the bitter end. The characteristics of a good fan are, Loyal, Protective and Proud. So do the Milan fans fit this description?

In my opinion, The Milan Fans are good enough to be called fans. They include the basics to be called fans. They are loyal fans, very loyal in my opinion. At least 70% of the people who called themselves fans, Are as loyal as fans can be. Especially the fans that are from foreign cities. Milan has the most Loyal Foreign Fans any team could have. Majority of the Fans from Big Clubs such as R. Madrid, and Manchester United, are what we call in the Football world “Glory Hunters”. These fans are only looking for teams that are doing great during the current season. They just want to cheer for teams they know will do well. Majority of the Madrid foreign fans are just looking for Glory. They will quit cheering as soon as the team stops performing well. On the other Hand, Milan fans will cheer no matter what. Win or Loose they will cheer.

How are they protective, well let’s take Kaka for example? When everyone heard of the record breaking deal from Manchester City, All Milan Fans quickly acted to stop the team from selling their Star Player. People were camping out in front of Kaka’s Apartment in order to demonstrate their affection for their Star. They would Protest in front of the offices of the Board of Directors of Milan. If Warning would have been given due to the Madrid bid, I’m sure the fans would have acted more efficiently to this atrocious deal. The fans would have never wanted the BOD to sell Kaka. Clearly Milan took a decision without consenting the Fans.

Proud? Yes but in a healthy way. Most Madrid fans are the proudest fans you could meet. If they loose, they would start a war because of this. The fans have to be proud but to a certain level. You have to believe your team is the best but Respect the other teams also. Madrid fans do not do this. To them Madrid is absolute superiority. No respect and that’s not something to be proud of. Milan has been compared to Knights when playing on the field. They play with Honor and Pride, but with Respect. And so should the Fans. For what the fans do, That’s how you reflect your team.

In conclusion, Milan Fans are good enough to be worthy of being called fans. Yes we need to be more active in motivating the team and more interested in the actions the team takes. There were some fans who acted out in the Farewell game of Paolo Maldini. These are clearly not fans. Maldini is a Legend and does not to be compared to any other previous player from the Milan History. Despite loosing our star, Milan must Rejuvenate in our players and in our spirits of the fans. Continue to Cheer for Milan, For Milan will win more Glories, and we Must Demonstrate that one player does not make a team. It takes 12 to make AC MILAN!

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