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Today at Rossoneri Blog: Eto’o to Milan for free, Oddo to Lazio and Gattuso to Chelsea. All that and more – today!

The 50-50 guy has returned. Massimo Oddo who finished his loan period at Bayern Munich, is looking for a new future in the Serie A teams. The right-back player is not very needed at Milan as they already have three of this kind of defenders: Zambrotta, Mattioni and Antonini. Oddo want to return to AC Milan at the most, but if an attractive offer will arrive, he will jump on it. The World Cup winner denies that is he going to Wolfsburg during this transfer window. The only team Oddo will go to if this team is not Milan is Lazio. Oddo is very close to them and if they will offer him, a re-signing he would positively consider to say YES. “I wouldn’t refuse such an option [Lazio option], it’s one of the few clubs for whom I would leave Milan.” Lazio are yet to show any intentions about signing the players but the rest we will see.

Pirlo, Pato, Seedorf and now Gattuso. These are the names Chelsea’s manager Carlo Ancelotti wants at The Blues next year team. All of the representatives of all the clubs said they are in Milan, besides Pato who hint to Chelsea that he want them to bid him. Gennero Gattuso’s agent does not close the door to West London and say that the rapport between his client and Ancelotti is very strong {FWI – when Ancelotti left, Gattuso cried badly}. Andrea D’Amico (the agent) added that ‘Milan cannot afford to part with such a player’. Let the offers to continue – we loving it, this what D’Amico screamed in his own mind by saying “in the transfer market, never say never…” Gattuso is good for the English League; he is very physical and has a good body to block. Sometimes he is very emotional but the fans love him very much and will not let such as player to go.

If there is one thing that every Milan fan agrees on, is the fact Milan need someone to replace Kaka, who transferred to Real Madrid this Monday. To all those minds, join three of AC Milan stars: Gattuso, Zambrotta and Pirlo. The trio talked about Milan who have to find someone to do what Kaka does, lead the team to victories. Milan need someone who good at that, or continue to do what they doing in the last time – take risks. Gattuso spoke to Sky Italia and said that many people left AC Milan in its history: Van Basten, Ruud Gullit, but the club moved on (Maldini said similar things yesterday too). The Word Cup winners push Milan to use the money they got in a smart way, and not keep it till death. They all count on the directors who know what they are doing. “We hope Milan can find someone good to replace him. It will be difficult, but we need a player who makes the difference,” Zambrotta said. Pirlo added by saying that he hopes the directors will bring someone soon. Pirlo has also linked with Chelsea, but nothing-new today with his saga.

Milan are more than angry about Pato’s latest words about having a “Future Talk” with new Chelsea’s boss Carlo Ancelotti. Look like another Brazilian is on his way out from San Siro. After Kaka now, it is Pato’s turn to have a saga, like many Milan players, with Cheslea. Alexandre Pato is only 19-years-old, just want to blow a great striker, he does not know what he really wants. claims that his comments have left Rossoneri vice president Adriano Galliani fuming and he has moved to contact Pato and his agent. Milan been thinking about giving Pato a rise in salary in order to keep him, and Milan have this option now as pocketed a reported €67 million from the Kaka deal. Milan bought Pato in very high price for a 17-years-old-kid, €22m to sign Pato from Internacional in 2007; they took over Chelsea and Inter in the fight on him. Alexardre ‘the duck’ Pato is still contract with the Rossoneri until 2012, but ‘never say never’. Vice President Galliani insists Pato is staying for 100% and there is no need to talk about that some more! “Pato? He will stay at Milan 100 percent.” Gallaini said that all the big stars (such as Pirlo and Gatusso) would remain in the club for 99.9%.

The swap deal of Ibrahimovic and Eto’o seems possible to occur, while Milan are more than willing to get Cameroon striker. has reported that the Rossoneri have already made their proposal on Barcelona’s goals record holder (season 08/09) to try to get him when his contract will end, in the end of next season. And the player’s advisor, Josep Maria Mesalles has been informed of this deal after he was contacted by FIFA agent, Ernesto Bronzetti. Barcelona seems unlikely to offer Eto’o a new contract, as he wants to be paid as much as they pay for Messi, and he does not going to get it. The all thing almost done, Ibra is going to Barca next season, and all they need to look for is Etoo’s OK to move Inter. If he says no, you can see him as AC Milan player, for free! Despite all the money Milan got from Kaka’s deal, owner Silvio Berlusconi does not seem so keen (unlike Florentino Perez) to let the money go away on one, two top three players. The will not have to do so with Eto’o as they can take him on free, without paying even a cent to any club, just personal terms. Eto’o could be a great addition to the Rossoneri. Eto’o or his agent has yet to talk about this matter.

AC Milan and Parma F.C. both have 50-50 ownership on Alberto Paloschi. The best striker he is not, according to his stats, only 11 goals in 39 appearances in Serie B with Parma. However, Milan have considering about buy his full rights in the future. Milan want to add young side to the squad as they said earlier this year, they want to get the age average lower. Paloschi is only 19-years-old, like Pato just less talented (or just have less confidence). However, the sporting director at Parma, Pietro Leonardi, quashing the rumors linking the starlet is coming back to San Siro as he has claim that Milan have yet to speak with him about any kind of issue. “In this case, there is a serious chance that Milan may want him back, so we need to find a solution to cover that.” Leonardi said. He also agrees that both clubs would like to get some young players to the team. Leonardi insists that no-agreement or even meetings have taken place between the two clubs regarding the player’s future.

The Fiorentina’s striker Stevan Jovetic seems unlikely to do make a Milan move. Despite the reports, which said Milan going to Jovetic, his agent has revealed Milan has not done a step toward; bring the Montenegrin to San Siro. Some says Jovetic could be Kaka’s replacement in the team. He does not have much experience, joined from Partizan to Fiorentina last season. Jovetic is only 19-years-old, like Paloschi. Milan try hard to get young players to the team. The reports say Milan are interesting, but the agent has yet to get a phone call. “Milan? They would have to get in touch with Fiorentina first and I think it would be difficult for Pantaleo Corvino to accept.” Jovetic is at Fiorentina only for one season, but took part in Cesare Prandelli’s (Fiorentina’s coach) heart and role. The agent added and said that Joventic wants to stay and wanted at Florence.

Edin Dzeko is the new main subject at AC Milan. The Rossoneri had ups and downs with the player, in the start the club say no, but extra money will handle it good, then, the deal was very close to be done, after that the NO word has return. And now, the new AC Milan head-coach Leonardo saying, after all agrees Milan are interesting at him (despite one report that said Milan may back off Dzeko deal) that he likes the player. “I really like Dzeko,” the coach told Sky Sport Italia. Edin Dzeko said he would like to play for Milan; however, nothing is done yet. Dzeko have scored 32 goals in 34 times last season.

* Before finishing the article, I just want to say that I think Real Madrid and Fl0rentino Perez are absolutely insane: 94 million Euros on one player it is total nuts, even so it’s the Ballon D’Or winner, even Cristiano Ronaldo doesn’t worth that high! And I thought 67 on Kaka was too much…

This is it all, have a good Thursday

By Meytar Zeevi, Rossoneri Blog

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