Back to losing policy: AC Milan 2 – AS Roma 3


Milan have lost today 3-2 to AS Roma at Stadio San Siro from three goals against as they scored two.

It was the last San Siro match for a very special man – a man who led Milan to new highlights. Man who better known as Paolo Maldini. This man who also known as Milan captain. He did not have the last home match he wants to have as his team have lost to Roma at home. Before the match had begun – Maldini took a lap to share respect and get some as well with the fans. We also praise him – every player you ask would say he is the best Italian ever or even some say of all the times.

David Beckham and Mathieu Flamini came back to play after both were suspended as the all team wore special jerseys to honor Paolo Maldini in his final home match. On Roma side – Juan returned to the centre of the defense for Roma and Marco Cassetti was deployed on the right of midfield.

First Half

The first chance was of the visitors as Mirko Vucinic’s ball passed Flamini away…Rodrigo Taddei’s shoots! Dida clear well. The match has continue without any actual chances for both side until the 20th minute as then it was Milan chance to score!!! But no… Inzaghi was in an offside position – if it was not an offside it could have be in one-on-one with Roma’s second goalkeeper Arthur. Back to Roma, as Vucinic succeed to take over Favalli… But fail to get a chance following good closing by Pirlo and Maldini.

Now it is Beckham was try a long ball toward the young Brazilian Pato…Pato cannot get the ball and Arthur take it. Matteo Brighi does a give-and-go with the Giallorossi captain Francesco Totti and fired just wide as the match began to open up and take on a higher tempo. Again, Beckham find Pato, the starlet shoots…Great save by the keeper Arthur!

Roma were the first the take the lead as Roma wins a free kick, doing a great trick by giving short one to Riise, Riise shoots…AND YES – HE SCORING AND BREACK THROUGH, GREAT GOAL BY RIISE- THE KEEPER JUST CANNOT DO ANYTHING AGAINST IT. BRILLIANT GOAL!

In the time that remain to the first half Milan playing in a great hunger to make it a draw and just do everything to score, however it does not happen now, but wait a bit. The ref is whistle to the end of the first half. Very nice half but we have another 45′ minutes of joy to this game.

Break Time

During the break – Ancelotti make his first substitute by send Beckham to the bench and give some place to the international Dutch Clarence Seedorf because he new Seedorf may be the player to bring him the goal he so wants. Roma had done nothing but talk in the locker room.

Second Half

The Dutchman impact was immediate felt as he sending the ball to Inzaghi who can barely got control over it…Pipho falling in the penalty box – the ref wave to keep playing as Arthur was on his way to take the ball. I think it was a penalty and I could see Juan touched him and make his fall but we cannot know because Inzaghi could have be a player very easily.

Ancelotti did the rest substitutions by let Ronaldinho and Zambrotta to get for Pato and Jankulovski place. Now, Zambrotta crosses the ball well, Pirlo got control but no! The ball goes out for a goal kick. Milan were close and than more close to find the break through, as Kaka whipped in a low ball that Seedorf just failed to redirect into the net from a close position.

After that, a great saves of Arthur came by as Milan attacked much as first finger tipping Kaka curling effort and then knocking Massimo Ambrosini’s header away. When you attack it just a matter of time until you will score or get score in Milan case, the first is better…As the make the draw on 74′ minute by goal of Ambrosini!! Kaka sent the ball toward Inzaghi who shoots well but Arthur save to the box, Inzaghi tried again but miss the ball…Ambro was there to cover and score! YES! IT IS AMBROSINI! NUMBER 23 WHO MAKE IT 1-1 IN SAN SIRO DURING THE SECOND HALF OF THE GAME. 74′ MINUTE, THE KEEPER ONCE AGAIN COULD NOT HAVE DONE ANYTHING AGAINST IT, GOOD AND IMPROTANT GOAL BY THE INTERNATIONAL ITALIAN!!!

Roma’s substitute Jeremy Menez got focus in the match very quickly as few minute after came in, got into the box but in the end of it…Blocks by the defender Giuseppe Favalli as he was about to pull the trigger. Remember this name – Menez!

Now, Riise and Menez doing great double passing and the Rossoneri defense, which was not on guard, just could not do anything. Menez got the ball and sent it to the back of the net. GREAT PROCESS OF RISSE AND MENEZ, HE JUST DID HIS JOB WELL AND SCORE HIS THE SECOND GOAL FOR ROMA!!

Few minute later it was Milan again to attack and now, it ended with a ball in the back of the net following crossing of Kaka after got the ball from Seedorf. Once again, Ambrosini got control over of the ball, and sent it to the net! 2-2, JUST AMAZNIG FELLING, GREAT GOAL BY AMBRO FOLLOWING GOOD MOVES OF SEEDORF AND KAKA. I JUST CANNOT TELL YOU HOW MUCH I EXCITED ABOUT IT, WONDERFUL!!

Totti was not in the best match but not long after Milan’s goal, it was his chance to make it 2-3 to Roma and he did it! Following free kick Roma earned, once again, short pass and Totti make it 2-3 to the visitors. ROMA ARE IN THE DRIVER SIT NOW WHEN THEY ARE WITH THREE GOALS, IF IN MILAN’S GOAL I WAS EXCITED, IN THIS ONE, I JUST WANNA KILL TOTTI!! ANYWAY, IT WAS A BEATUIFUL GOAL; THE BALL JUST FLEW TO THE SIDE OF THE NET.

Zambrotta falling in the box and asking for a penalty but the ref ignore, Milan players surround the red as Ambrosini taking it too far and been sent off by the ref. Second yellow card to Ambro when it just few minutes remaining to the match.

One of Maldini’s final contributions was blocking a shot for Roma and the Rossoneri captain looked disappointed as the referee blew the final whistle. THE MATCH IS ENDING WITH THE RESULY 3-2 ON THE RESULT BOARD AT SAN SIRO WHEN THE CLOCK IS MINUTE 90+4′.

Match Details

Goals: 36′ Riise (R), 75′, and 81′ Ambrosini (M), 80′ Menez (R), 84′ Totti (R)

Sent Off: 88′ Ambrosini (M)

Squad List

Milan (4-3-1-2): Dida – Flamini, Maldini, Favalli, Jankulovski (60′ Zambrotta) – Beckham (46′ Seedorf), Pirlo, Ambrosini – Kaka – Inzaghi, Pato (60′ Ronaldinho)

Roma (4-4-2): Artur – Motta, Mexes, Juan (68′ Diamoutene), Riise – Cassetti (62′ Felipe), Pizarro, Brighi, Taddei – Totti, Vucinic (75′ Menez)

My Opinion

Nice match, I could not say Milan were better and I could not say Roma were better. In the end of it – I disappointed from the result, especially when Juventus won today 3-0 and just 1 point behind Milan. Milan have to win away next week in the final fixture of the season for finish at the second place.

I sorry about Maldini who had this game as the last at home.

What are you think about the game? The Rossoneri Blog wants to know what YOU think about it!

Meytar Zeevi, Rossoneri Blog

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