Italian Serie A day XXXV Milan 1 – 1 Juventus


After the emotional balance of the afternoon between Chievo and Inter at San Siro for the rossoneri, passes the last train to a shield that, from a mere mirage, seems now something more than a half-dream of spring, on the other hand, Bianconeri, results in crisis for almost two months, and hitted by internal polemics with the aim pincipale coach Ranieri, are called to a strong response to stave off the winds of crisis.

Ancelotti, who voluntarily gives up certain important player, chooses to deploy theMilan with a 4-3-2-1:Kalac, Flamini, Maldini, Favalli, Zambrotta, Beckham (Pato 22 ‘st), Pirlo, Ambrosini, Kakà, Seedorf (Senderos from the 43 ‘st), Inzaghi(Ronaldinho 30’ st). (Dida, Jankulovski, Gattuso, Shevchenko). (Dida, Jankulovski, Gattuso, Shevchenko).

Ranieri, who some courageous decisions, responds by deploying the Juventus with a 4-4-2:Buffon, Grygera, Legrottaglie, Chiellini, De Ceglie(Zebina from 28 ‘st), Camoranesi, Poulsen, C. Zanetti, Marchionni, Amauri (Del Piero 30 ‘st), Iaquinta. (Manninger, Ariaudo, Tiago, Giovinco, Trezeguet,). (Manninger, Ariaudo, Tiago, Giovinco, Trezeguet,).

The bad part Milan, contract, slow and cumbersome is facing a Juventus determined, focused, alert, gathering in 30 meters, which leaves no space to maneuver rossonera predictable but that can just enter in ball possession, to share with fast actions and ficcanti who Iaquinta in a timely and effective offensive end.

In the first quarter of an hour to highlight opportunities for guests with Marchionni that, freed in area, the output of the desperate Kalac, Calcia badly to the stars, and then with Flamini who, in desperate defensive recovery, he manages to lift the ball all ‘Iaquinta last moment in a good position, a few timid protests Bianconeri a doubt episode in area players Flamini and Iaquinta, Orsato leaves run.

The first response of Milan is 20 ° with Inzaghi who has the best strength on Chiellini but the limit of the pull up, three minutes later, Buffon saved on Kakà freed in area.

25 ° beautiful counterattack Juventus fan, from back to cross that Amauri is a tower for the beautiful shot from the edge of the Iaquinta, save ground Kalac.

We try again Kakà out by the 28th but his shot is too predictable, save Buffon in two stages.

Big chance for Juventus to 36 ° with Poulsen driving a rapid restart, thanks to early cuts of the two attackers, one finds only in area but wasted pulling badly to the side.

The recovery continues along the lines of the first half, is still the coupled-Iaquinta Amauri to rossonera undermining the door, you save with difficulty Kalac to 48 °, responds after the Milan 5 minutes with a nice counterattack ended by a bad hit to Seedorf who loses a hand.

To 56 °, by a punishment of Juventus in threequarts defensive rossonera part a terrific counterattack by Zambrotta ball to Inzaghi who hand in their half court, arrives on the bottom and center for arrival Ambrosini, the midfielder hit badly, but the ball arrives line near the port where Seedorf must accompany only networking for the 1-0 Milan.

Nor  the time to remain on the advantage that, even at 59 °, Camoranesi, from threequarts, fishing Iaquinta positioned at the second pole, the attacker calabrese impacts diving headache, despite the contrast of Flamini, and try goal for 1 -1.

73 ° Pato arrives on a bowl and the center for Inzaghi, beautiful shot on the fly the bomber who just goes off on the high street, a few moments after intervention in area of doubt about Legrottaglie Pato, Orsato even in this case leaves run.

The match, fatigue accomplice of the two teams, which are dangerously stretched, it becomes a succession of attacks and go, who struggling to produce outstanding occasions, to remember only a head shot from Ronaldinho in the failure to assist a perfect measure of Pirlo and a bad hit from inside the area of Del Piero.

Ends as a draw, Inter can start to uncork the champagne, and must thank for his own this bitter ‘enemy’ in bianconero, who has played with dedication, intensity and physical and mental well deserved equal.

In contrast to the Milan shows all its known flaws in the construction phase is being defensive, in the past lucky advantage, for the umpteenth time, is unable to defend it and burn tonight its remaining vague title, if ever there are.

Goodbye and thanks for Ancelotti, Maldini, Seedorf, Favalli, it’s time to get away on the bench and in the field, so you do not go anywhere, other than bales of the type ‘would be the first injury-free’, seeeeeeeeeeee

The best: in Milan Flamini and Inzaghi, in Juventus Iaquinta and Chiellini.

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