Mission accomplished: Milan 3 – Palermo 0


The winning streak just cannot but over, does it. After two great results last week another three goals today what makes it 13 in two weeks. Last’s week results were great 5-1 against Torino and more 5 against the Hungarian League team, gave Milan great momentum to the clash today at San Siro. The game opened with 22 players on the field but ended with 21, outcome to red card to the Palermo team.

It should have been a difficult match against Palermo, which made Galliani to sound the alarm this week. Palermo who just last week celebrate a winning, been excepted to show good performance or at least object Milan’s force was easy to win after poor achievement. Milan’s best players (on the field) crushed them today. Kaka and Inzaghi were the main reason to this result.

The Rososneri opened with Dida; Flamini, Maldini, Favalli, Zambrotta; Beckham, Pirlo, Ambrosini; Seedorf; Kakà, Inzaghi. When Pato is not fit to play, Inzaghi started as Milan’s fronman and Flamini keep on playing as right back. Palermo started with Amelia; Cassani, Kjaer, Bovo, Balzaretti; Migliaccio, Liverani, Nocerino; Simplicio; Miccoli, Cavani. Unlike Milan, the Eagles have no injury problems while Milan cannot play with Gattuso, Borriello, Nesta, Kaladze, Bonera, Abbiati, Antonini, and Pato.

It is hard to forget what is Milan’s main objective to this season, looks like they made it by this win today, When the Rossoneri have 67 points and they are in second place, they is only 0.01 percent they not going to reach Uefa Champions League Qualification next season. Seven points from the leaders Inter and only two points from the third Juventus, Milan can reach the championship this year. Theoretically, there are 15 points in jackpot until the end of the campaign. If Milan, will win all their games and Inter lost their all. Milan is the new champions after 3 years of Intery leadership. However, Milan have to win difficult matches in those five last game. They still need to play against Catania, Juventus, Udinese, Roma, and Fiorentina.

First Half
From the beginning Milan attacked from right. Not long passed and then Milan got their opportunity to be the driver of this game. It was not clear if there was a foul or not but the referee Nicola Rizzoli controversially gave Milan a gift to take this match to their hands at soon. The ref put his finger on the white spot and declare penalty it is after coming-together in the area between Massimo Ambrosini and Mattia Cassani. The man who stood up to kick it was not anyone else by Kaka who had very bad comeback last week. The Brazilian kick the ball to the left side of the goalie with no mistakes, low, and fastball, the keeper could not do anything about it; Kaka and Milan decide 1-0 to the hosts from Milano.
Milan made it double 10 minute after the first one. This time Ambrosini was involved as well as he gets the ball to behind the Palermo’s defense, cross the ball to the unmark player Inzaghi who just easily headed to ball all the way to the back of the net. 2-0 to the Rossoneri. Palermo’s goalie Amelia could not do anything against the two goals.
Kaka tried to test the goalkeeper from long range, then the ball released to David Beckham who can make it three it one-half but…no! The midfielder’s finish was disappointing. Inzaghi was unmarked also when David Beckahm tried to blazed well over but nothing.
Palermo did not have something dangerous until the half hour when Miccoli blasting inches wide from 30 yards… but out! First opportunity to Palermo but nothing good happened from that.
Milan controlled the tempo for the almost all 45 minute. Right before the whistle, it could be three by Kaka when he whipped a 20-yard curler just past the far post.

Second Half
Palermo knew they had to do their best to try to win the match; therefore, they got in the young attacker Abel Hernandez instead of Nocerino. They also clinch their formation to 4-3-3 when Miccoli tucked in behind two Uruguayans.
The second half opened with Milan’s control as it been at First half. Kaka skinned Simon Kjaer, was close twice to make it 3-0 but not to be (Yet). Palermo’s mountain became steeper as Cesare Bovo saw red for two yellow cards after fouling Kaka.
Milan were in the driver sit in this game as Seedorf  fired just wide, before Milan got their 11 meters kick on 55 minute. Kaka stepped up again, and then it was clear, if he makes this shoot right, Milan taking the game for sure. As Kaka pulled up by Federico Balzaretti. Kaka sent the keeper to the wrong way, and make it 3-0, two-penalty kicks0 by Kaka and one header by Inzaghi.
The hosts’ team eased their opponent after the third goal. At 63′ and 66′, Ronaldinho and Shevchenko got some playing time, to see and smell some grass today as they game by game getting in the last 20 minutes and sometimes give the three points by their own, however, this time they do not need to. It is Comfortable time to get, when your team is going in front with three goals.
On 73 minute, it could be four as Pirlo rifled a daisycutter just wide.
Gianluca Zambrotta cut in from the left and forced a save out of substitute goalkeeper Samir Ujkani, nevertheless, Milan are in second place, alone in second place thanks to Juventus 2-2 draw with Reggina.

Match Stats
Milan: Dida; Flamini, Maldini, Favalli, Zambrotta; Beckham (Cardacio 78), Pirlo, Ambrosini; Kaka, Seedorf (Ronaldinho 63); Inzaghi (Shevchenko 66).
Palermo: Amelia (Ujkani 63); Cassani, Kjaer, Bovo, Balzaretti; Migliaccio, Liverani, Nocerino (Hernandez 46); Simplicio; Cavani, Miccoli (Mchedlidze 56).
Goals: Kaka pen 9 (M), Inzaghi 18 (M), Kaka pen 55 (M).
Cards: Bovo (P) –  Red Card.

To see all the declarations click here

Clarence Seedorf
“We must believe until the end, because today an important win arrived which sent us seven points from the top spot, we shall see what happens tonight.
However, we are already concentrated from now on the clash against Catania, because it will be a key match to secure the qualification for the Champions League, then afterwards we shall think about the clash against Juventus.”

Ricardo Kaka
“It was a nice game, personally I managed to play and enjoy myself. If before this game I had said that I was not yet at 100%, with today’s game I say that I’m getting closer to the 100% because every game I play is useful to find the right condition.”

Gianluca Zambrotta
“We’ve been playing good football for the past games: we manage to arrive often to shoot towards goal and even score. We’re also conceding few goals. Let’s hope to continue in this way, hoping in a false step by those who are ahead of us in the standings.”

Filippo Inzaghi
“It’s always nice to score. I’m going through a nice moment just as it happened at the end of last season which I ended scoring many goals. That’s why I also wanted to score today. I must thank the team who always puts me in the best conditions to score and then it’s a moment in which I really feel well.”

The game ended with the result 3-0. Next week Milan will meet Catania at Stadio Angelo Massimino. We will see if Milan cans continue to ride on this wave until the end of the season.

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12 years ago

Inzaghi is a magician !

12 years ago

inzaghi live for goals, is wonderfoul forward, he have sure a place in the milan history….