Serie A: MIlan 5 – 1 Torino

At the Meazza conflicting goals for Milan and Turin, on the one hand the rossoneri that after the balance of Juventus, they see an opportunity to grab the second Bianconeri’s place, on the other hand grenade, that after the defeat of direct competitors in the afternoon, have the possibility of making an important step toward salvation.

Ancelotti makes some changes and mixes the cards deploying Dida between the posts in defense Flamini,Senderos, Maldini and Zambrotta,  midfield Pirlo, Beckham, Kakà and two forwards Inzaghi and Pato.

Camolese on the other hand, having promised a bolt from the heroic times, decide to Sereni in the door, with defense Rivalta, Natali, Franceschini and Rubin, a midfieldAbate, Dzemaili, Barone and Diana, forwards Rosina and Bianchi.

The grenade launches start in putting in difficulty remain the rossoneri surprised by such enterprise, light up a couple of dangerous mixtures, Dida must take a couple of times to unravel rather complicated situations.

But Milan, with calm, take the measures and, finally, begins to share and does so with great danger, especially on the band right where interchanges Beckham – Flamini, manage to break through the Maginot grenade doing cross that ignite mixtures appalling.

On the 8th of Pirlo’s punishment Inzaghi  is able to anticipate all and mark goal, just the cancellation of the goal, the tip part rossonera fact from a position not eligible.

Shortly superpippo evil is like a spring load and at 13 ° on the left corner to beat Beckham, off the center area to the highest of all bags and the ball close to the pole to the left of the goal Sereni for the advantage rossonero.

The reaction shell is of nerves and leads to dangerous actions, is still with the usual Milan Inzaghi to touch the first with a double blow to the head checked with some difficulty by Sereni, and then with a weak conclusion to raid deep Pato .

In the half hour is still the jewel of Brazil, served by Pirlo, to appear only in flight, but the touch over the crossbar, but it would be more comfortable and effective transition to an alone Inzaghi!

Finally you see in comforting Kakà, but the whole team wants to play and to do it in fast speed with plots and effective defense grenade terribly hard to deal effectively.

At 34 ° will review the progress in Turin, after a good raid of Bianchi allows Dzemaili to explode a beautiful shot from outside the central area that reaches into the arms of Dida.

Terrifying rossonera the restart at 36 °, ball Kakà running from midfield, makes and serves to limit Pato, the Brazilian runs for arrival Beckham, control and delightful cross for Inzaghi who, in the center area, even the head, fighting for the second time Sereni, 2-0 for Milan, for the pleasure of all rossoneri Sitemap 🙂

Camolese tries to run to the guards outside Rivalta, ailments, and inside Dellafiore to 40 °.

Rife Flamini on a band at the British, first with a terrific blow on the fly that touches the crossbar, then concluded with a staff to assist with a kiss for Kakà who alone hit cornering.

The finish is a series of exciting and spectacular play, especially Pato, however, that lack of malice necessary to develop into goals, the rest comes to the Torino that sounded like a boxer.

To return to the field at last we see Ronaldinho has’ ben ’45 minutes, entertaining … and gives way Pato, Camolese also carried a change: off Dzemaili in Saumel.

It smiles a fouls of Ambrosini against Banti 🙂

Suddenly to 54 ° from threequarts, Bianchi leaves as sudden a shot under the crossbar direct, Dida puts us at the Manon, the ball returns are rising and in allowing the Brazilian goalkeeper to control it.

At the 59th state the restart rossonera ball Ronaldinho is placed beyond the lines grenades where the fast, as always, superpippo that monitors, enters in area and centrally pierces Sereni for 3-0 rossonero and three staff, chapeau!

65 ° Ancelotti grants standing ovation Inzaghi to replace it with Shevchenko.

Incursion of Ambrosini to 67 °, it extends Sereni, rigor that transformed Kakà pulling to the right of Sereni, vain prosthesis dip, 4-0 and goal number 12 in the championship for the former golden ball.

To 71 ° between the thunderous applause of the San Siro captain Maldini, an author of capital, in its place one of the hopes of spring: Darmian.

The first corner 80 ° grenade Barone head towards the center area, Franceschini is very fast to turn toward the door, Dida is surprised and only osservre putting the ball behind him for the goal of honor of the flag and grenade 4-1.

88 ° Kakà has yet to touch the goal with a shot to the limit around the area, the ball deflected by a defender, you lose just to the side.

Ends at 90 ° with an incursion of sumptuous Kakà who arrived at the post a perfect assist for Ambrosini, the midfielder pesarese check right and left to beat, Sereni is beaten and the ball is still in the network threads grenade ends here with a convincing exhilarating and 5-1 for the rossoneri.

Disarming the provision of Turin, the team after a heartening start has been lost, just defending and bad, rarely spreading and with little danger, the work that awaits Camolese salvation is in a difficult, even though it is true that the direct contenders, Bologna firstly, have similar problems or even worse.

What about the rossoneri? provide capital, when the boys were inspired and they should always be beautiful to see and give full play to the hands.

Sin have thrown away so many times and left on the street points to the right and heavy missing, otherwise now armed with Mourinho would not be so quiet and safe from its 10 point lead ….

However, this passing through the neighborhood and that we must take, hoping that the years prossmo things go better.

The best: in Milan Inzaghi and Flamini in Turin Abate and Bianchi.

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12 years ago

fantastic game of Inzaghi !