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After rumored with Real Madrid and Manchester Untied, the hot Brazilian is ready to say once again that he will not leave AC Milan anytime soon. He almost leaved the club in January for Manchester City; the 26-years-old-midfielder has linked again from two sides. Kaka is a big wanted in football but he keeps on his commitment with Milan.

Real Madrid (La Liga, Spain) – Just cannot rest a bit. Always in a race of find players, find it now. Florentino Perez has not elected yet but he surely wants to be the president of Real Madrid again. He always looking around, that is a great thing but he keeping to remember that he can’t just goofing around of players and offer them a deals. For every thing, we have rules sir. At first, when he came to Milan, he had a completely different purpose. He meant to take the coach from Milan not the players. He came to Milan for offer to Carlo Ancelotti a deal to be the coach of Los Blancos next year. Then, he wanted to fulfill his other wanted. With good formation already for Real, Florentino Perez his been up to buy also Kaka and make super unit for next season if he will elect. His plans had disrupted after the coach says him no, not long after that Kaka was saying no to Perez’s offer and rule-out them. However, recently, Florentino Perez has return to one’s previous state and staring again to try to talk with the super Brazilian Kaka.

Manchester United (Barclays Premier League, Engaland) – The rumors with The Red Devils is recent. Unlike Real Madrid who are in the race to get him for a something about a month. These two teams has a different goal about having him to their lines; Real Madrid want him to add strength to their lines but Manchester Untied wants him only like a replacement to the winner of Ballon d’Or, Cristiano Ronaldo just in case he will go to Real Madrid next season after linked with Florentino Perez as well as Kaka. Ricardo was close to move to Manchester Untied rivals Manchester City for £100m on January but that felled down right in the last minute when Milan’s president Silvio Berlusconi step into the room and says the deal is off. Sir Alex Ferguson has receive the fact that his hitman could leave Old Trafford and he need to find another playmaker to help make Ronaldo’s job. There is yet further speculation in Manchester that Kaka could still be set for a move to City. Reportedly, the Manchester clubs will be in a race over the Brazilian when Manchester City and Untied will try to make an offer on him. Florentino Perez is the main factor in Kaka’s future with Real Madrid and with Manchester United. If Perez will not elect Real Madrid will try another offer with Kaka or not at all.

AC Milan (Seire A, Italy) – Milan was the first team to found this talent, after played in the Brazilian San Paolo. The Rossoneri found him and gave him a chance. Well a player with these kinds of qualities it is a big bargain. He came to Milan on 2003; his first debut in Seire A with Milan was on 1.9.2003, Ancona – Milan (0-2). Since that game, in few years he became to the epitome of Milano. The superstar is an idol to Milan’s young players. He showing everything good with football, he does not say things not in the right and he always goes with his hurt. The phenomenon has choose Milan over big (= big money) offers of others. The top of that was this January with Manchester City and her £100m, his decision that was very surprising, even me reckons him as former player of Milan. But in football we have injury time and as it was happen that, in the injury time the deal was off because Silvio Berlusconi says that he talked to Kaka and he said to him he don’t want to leave. Kaka reiterated repeatedly that, he does not want to leave Milan soon or at all. The fight on Kaka will never end until he will retire eventually. Ricky Kaka is keep on committed to Milan anytime. “I have already said and already shown that I am committed to this club so there is nothing else to add,” Kaka told the Italian media. “I truly enjoy myself at San Siro and I am happy with the support I receive here.” Kaka said, and delay the story for a while, well Vice-President Adriano Galliani did it too when he said, “Kaka is not for sale.”

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12 years ago

Kaka is the best !