Adebayor? Too expensive


In recent month, Milan was up with the name of Arsenal’s hitman Emmanuel Adebayor. The target was clear; add power to Milan’s attacking lines. Therefore, make one of the biggest and powerful attacks in the world, which will include Pato, Adebayor and Inzaghi in front and super Brazilian Kaka behind them.

The Rossoneri tried to contact with the Togoman to add some strengthen to their forwards lines, they were ready to trade in with ‘Ade’ and they really did. Adebayor has three options, continue his career with the Gunners, play classics with the giant Barcelona or join to AC Milan and play with the big boys.

Emmanuel took his time a bit and in the end of the thoughts period, he had a conclusion, which is stay at Arsenal. His decision was sign in the good book, since he said no to the offers he keep scoring, well it’s not an Arsenal blog but I have to say I was amazed by his goal against Villarreal last week, that was truly one of the beautiful goals I seen this year.

He said he very happy at Arsenal and he never would leave. Milan had to offer something about €30m to Arsenal for let their man leave, not even one euro less. Adebayor is good and young player; he’s a big star at Arsenal and the most dominant player in Togo. Milan really would to bring over as superstar, Galliani said they would bring two stars next season, but big sum on one player will be unthinkable.

That was what happened here, you see, a player in first class, as Emmanuel Adebayor is not a cheep expense. Milan in the middle of hard times, money problems – they got hurt pretty hard from the economic crises lost tons of money, but still David Beckham placed first in the most paid players in the world, I know it’s contradictory, but it’s happen. Milan just haven’t afford them self such player, Arse cost is €30m, ‘Ade’ makes €4m per year, the money is too high for Milan.

If ‘Ade’ is too expensive, Milan has to find alternative, they one step ahead me, they already thought about Claudio Pizarro, who is on loan at Werder Bremen from Chelsea, and Sevilla ace Frederic Kanoute as an option to add some power to the attacking lines. They both similar to Adebayor, I just hope their future will not be the same as his.

A deal with Kanoute could be more complicated from the simple reason of his contract which just had renew with Sevillia which will expire on 2013, if Milan wants to buy him, they will pay much more for him because it will considered as a breach of contract. Kanoute is good player, he scored many of goals for Sevilla and as I said, he’s their ace, they won’t let him go cheaply.

The 30-years-old-former Bayern Munich-striker Claudio Pizarro already has an Italian passport, this make it easier to Milan if they want to buy, because if they will, he will not calculated as away player. Not matter who will go to where, Milan are keep on the race on the striker, but try to not make a big purchase, well good players, yes but who cost high, not…

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He’s a great scorer !


He seems very good athlete, good player and goleador in Arsenal, but in Milan will be so good, we hope yes, but the Flamini’s experience said not so simple playng in serie A