Keep Believing


It’s nice, Milan never lose their faith. If you asked me five sessions ago, I would probably tell you that Milan would end at third place, I wouldn’t even think on second place; I wouldn’t even dream on first place.

Milan are more optimistic than I do, maybe their new echelon make them optimistic. In 5 weeks, Milan had become to two points behind of Juventus, the gap before was something about seven points.

No one talks on having the championship this year but less than third place is not even an option. Third place means two things: First- Milan reach Uefa Champions League qualification. Second- Milan will keep going through with the same coach, Carlo Ancelotti.

This is not a quite dreamy season. Well if we judge according trophies Milan has take this season, the index would stop on zero. Milan not going to take the league championship [This year Inter is better], Italian cup [2-1 lose to Lazio] or Uefa Cup [Poor 2-2 that show to Milan the exit door].

The Rossoneri should be thankful to the Old Lady for making two bad results in their last two matchups. One draw and one lose brought Milan to 61 points within two points of the Bianconeri in second spot.

The former Juventus coach dogmas his club can take the black-white place and end the campaign when they need to observe downward to see Juve. One little win next week at San Siro and little help from the hated (By Milan’s fan) Inter and the table – turn over.

I think it is the first time that Milan’s fans, well I don’t want to talk in generalization. I think it is the first time I want to see Inter taking the three points, you can call rubbish  fan but to Inter winning has double meaning, one good for them and one for Milan’s: Good for Nerazzurri –  This might be

promise them a surly spot as the league champions. Good for Milan – It’s all about the Milano city, Inter wins, great, Inter lose, great. But Milan have to win on Sunday if they will, the second spot is theirs.

“We believe we can [reach second place]. The Bianconeri must be careful, just like us. They play Inter on Saturday and this will act as a stimulus. The three points we earned on Sunday in Verona are important for our position in the standings.”

Seems like the fan think so much about having second place they might forgot Milan’s struggle with Genoa, Fiorentina and Roma who fight themselves on the fourth place. Ancelotti is not like us (The fans) he knows that everything can be change and Milan must be carful. He knows that Chievo match wasn’t such as brilliant but the three points was promoted them to the race on second place and help them run away a bit from the fight of the other teams on their the third spot.

Many injuries, it’s hard to manage a team with such horrible injuries. Vital players are under injury. Players like Kaka who always moving from recovery to injury, recovery to injury, the quality of these players is not good in their first game after injuries. Kaka had poor showing at Verona.

Carlo Ancelotti knows Kaka is not in the best condition, his kind of player use a lot his speed, when he not totally in the game, he punished by poor showing. He was out of playing for long time; he needs another game to be in better capability.

The Rossoneri will try to take three more points when they will face Torino at San Siro, Milan are still optimistic. Have nice day and keep on faith…

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