Rebuild? Think again!


Milan’s vice-president Adriano Galliani is also the man who decides who Milan buys or not buys. The transfer guru admits the Rossoneri must find a better strategy to compete with the European giants but he’s sure that the foundations of the team are solid.
Milan is once again in the middle of another disappointed season, the must go on with hard moments but during the summer, everything can be change. In summer, Milan expected to make a change. Although everyone wants them to make some really big transfers, Galliani might ruin their plans.

How to win by Adriano Galliani: you need: 1 – Great club. 2 – Good coach. 3 – An adequate squad

Milan has all of those but Galliani keep on repeating that il Diablo can not compete with those who earn twice as much income as Milan, such as Real Madrid, and pay lower taxes.

We must have a special strategy.

This season is also disappointed because of lost of injuries. Since the start of the season, Milan has been contending with long-term injuries.

Later this season, Kaka, Ronaldinho and Christian Abbiati were injury but two of them already played but still not the same players we know, game or two will back them on their feet with full quality.

Although all these injuries, Galliani said:

Milan don’t need to be rebuilt

In recent weeks, Milan has linked with some top-class stars but not like most of the Rossoneri players, these players are decade younger than they are. Galliani insist one of Milan target during the summer is make the age average low by much.

Adriano Galliani said Milan will bring in a couple of big stars, but they have several youngsters plying their trade across the peninsula.

Alberto Paloschi (19), Davide Di Gennaro (20) and Ignazio Abate (22), these names might know to you but maybe you don’t know that their all young career had made by Milan hands, well the players legs had a job in it too.

Galliani said that they might come back next season and he keep follow them. Good young players are exactly what Milan needs for next season. The summer will be interesting – That for sure…

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