Wants a new contract? Come and get one!


Milan’s Massimo Ambrosini has not a clear future in the Rossoneri uniform. The Italian contracted  with Milan until 2010 but no-one yet called him up for renews it.

The 32-years-old-midfielder wants to keep being a Rossonero and staying at AC Milan but the main directors of Milan not make his life easier. . Ambrosini do not have any sign from the directors that confirm his remaining at the club.

His contract ends in the summer, which means that if Milan won’t offer to him a new deal, he could find himself without any club. He can start new way with another club and he can be found on a free transfer in 2010.

Even he wants to stay, he have great desire to keep playing with AC Milan, the offer from Milan’s side haven’t come yet, but who knows- maybe they can’t afford themselves to renew his contract…

Ambrosini himself knows the facts pretty well, he knows his contract is about to expire in 2010 but he not worried about unrenewing of his contract, maybe he think he too good for be on a free transfer, maybe he also believes he so many time there so they won’t let him go.

I have a contract which expires in 2010.
I hope that sooner or later, someone from the club calls me up.
I will put my will to remain, but we must always be in two to do things, therefore…

Bar one season when he was loan to Vicenza on 1997/98, Massimo Ambrosini has been at Milan since 1995. Until today, he played 247 league games and scored 22 goals. I don’t think he will go so quickly.

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