Gattuso: “We have to sign an important player in midfield and if possible a Suso-alternative, no one asked to leave”

Gennaro Gattuso during training at Milanello. (
Gennaro Gattuso during training at Milanello. (

Gennaro Gattuso talked about the plans of Milan for the transfer window, and discussed his World Cup favorites.

Milan coach Gattuso is in Russia with director of sport Massimiliano Mirabelli to watch some of the World Cup matches and earlier today he saw Russia beat Saudi Arabia 5-0 in the opening match.

Before the encounter, he spoke to Premium Sport about the situation of Milan, as their mercato is on hold until the corporate matters are resolved in front of UEFA.

“We know that we need to do something, but we also know our problems,” Rino told the PS reporter earlier today. “Fortunately, the season doesn’t start tomorrow, we have time. Now we need to see what UEFA decide, but we’re not stuck, even if this month it might seem that way. It’s not a secret, we definitely have to sign an important player in midfield and, if possible, we have to do something up-front to offer an alternative to Suso. If we want to play 4-3-3 we have Çalhanoğlu and Borini on the left, but Suso doesn’t have a backup. These are the roles in which we must operate.

“Possible sales? I hear a lot of talk, but nobody has asked to leave, there’s a desire to do well. Obviously, it’s not nice to live with uncertainty, but right now we have to be calm and wait for what UEFA decide. I think I have a cohesive team, and that’s very important for us.

“I must give peach to the environment, it is useless to be alarmed. André Silva? The World Cup is an incredible experience, it will definitely do him good. The guy has a lot of talent, he’s young and we have to wait for him. But this experience can be very good for him.

“The World Cup? It’s hard to say who’s favorite but I really like France, a young team that’s fast and talented. Of course, with youngsters you know you can lose something along the way, but I’m really curious to see them play. Brazil might have something more, but in any case, I’m sure it’ll be a nice World Cup. We will watch Russia, then Spain-Portugal, and we’ll be back for the second round.

“The Milan team? We have players of great quality. When I arrived, I worked on the physical condition and the guys have always worked with commitment and professionalism, and this brought important results. When you wear the Milan shirt, you can’t keep a low profile, the expectations and pressures are normal, but we have to think only about working.”


  1. Same comments everytime i pray UÊFA does not ruin ur plans this loan-FFP issues is even giving me a concern mostly with doubt of the owner capability….forza milan.

  2. Our number 10 as a winger again? Unbelievable. Cahanoglu must play biglia’s position and I tell u guys he would explode. He to be coverted to a registration. Trust me guys he is our best passer in the team. The only player with loca who gives incisive passes from the back. Not again, not again

  3. “an alternative for Suso” for what? when u buy someone it has to be better otherwise better not to buy anyone.

    I guess even if Milan bought Messi… that they would put him on the bench just to let Suso play… as he (Messi) is “an alternative” smh


    another season without wingers…. they never learn anything… ffs

    no LW…. and playing with the slowest RW in the world.

    • LOl!, I thought alternative could mean better. I agree with you Milan needs to do better than Suso to get back the continental elites like Real, Barca, Bayern, etc

  4. IDK what Fassone-Mirabelli are doing. Sporting just released 5 of their stars, out of which 3 are high-class players: Carvalho, Bruno Fernandes, Gerson Martin. Milan Badej is also free and is 10 times better than Montolivo. Suso is so overrated he’s valued at 50M and Fekir 60M. Fekir score and assisted more in his lasted than Suso ever since he came to Milan.
    Sell: Mauri, Kallinic, Suso, Gomez, Montolivo, Abate, Antonelli, Bertollaci, Gabriel and we are already getting 40M from Niang, Lapadula and Bacca sales. somewhere between 120-130M income
    Buy: Carvalho, Bruno Fernandes, Gerson Martin, Milan Badej, Fekir. total cost 60M
    Total Revenue – 60-70M

      • C’mon now, Serie a is weak these days. Two season ago over 4 players scored over 25 goals. Immobile has scored almost 70 goals in 3 season, played absolutt shit outside n for Italy. Luca Toni became toppscorer twice in the age of 36 and 37yrs recently. Serie a is also the league with most goals and many wingers have better stats in Serie A than Suso.

        • Fekir is a better player then Suso atm, but serie A is by far a superior league compared to the French.

          And I dont agree with your point on Immobile. He started 15 games for dortmund over two seasons. 4 goals in 4 games in CL. Not so lucky with the few chances he got in the league. And only 4 starts for Sevilla. Where he scored 2 goals. rather not given the chance to succeed. When he get consistent game time he scores goals.

          Compared to the Hyped Morata who barely score anywhere and still is considered at prices over 50 million. Look at his stats and then you will understand what overrated means. Morata scored 9 goals for juventus the same year that Luca Toni scored 22. He is a very underrated goal scorer and legend. nothing to do with the quality of the league

  5. Comment:we Should Just Buy The Whole Sporting Team And Rename Them Lol. I Like The Fact That You Dream Big Though But You Gotta Wake Up Cos “Mirabelly” Is Going To Ruin Those Sweet Dreams Of Yours

  6. I heard that Sevilla FC wants Kalinic to join in. Hope the transfer will become a reality. Use the money plus some cash to buy Nabil Fekir or Hakim Ziyech. Please don’t make Liverpool gets Fekir and Roma gets Ziyech.

  7. It’s better we should just swap Cavani with Donnarumma with a buy back option!!!Cavani is all we need as a striker!!accurate passes,free kick specialist,penalty specialist,he can also assist in the middle field!!!he’s ibramovich2

    • Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s ever possible cavani joins us. But he is an amazing striker, I’m not sure he gets the recognition he deserves from the majority of football fans because he plays in France and psg hasn’t achieved anything in the ucl.

      But if lewandowski goes to psg who knows lol.

  8. Juve are doing good job in scouting. They are closer to sign Aleksandr Golovin from CSKA Moscow. Watching Golovin playing in the opening WC game against Saudi Arabia, he reminds me of Pavel Nedved. Running tirelessly, great vision, passing and shooting. Damned!
    On the other game, Hakim Ziyech didn’t play great game during Morocco vs Iran. His long passing is killing me. Although he has nice shooting but he is not versatile and strong enough for Serie A. Forget him and let Roma sign him lol.

    • Remember that it was against Saudi as well… the worst performance i’ve seen from a team in the WC to date, but for sure he is a talented player. Ziyech struggled against a team which is better individually, collectively, well in every possible aspect, than what Saudi is, so let’s not be so quick to judge the players – it’s been one game after all.

        • Maaan, flattering words gadamnit, right back at you!
          Did you see Cro – Nig? Strinic wasnt that bad. let’s see what he can do against Iceland and especially Argentina.

          • Thanks. Yeah, I wanted to see how he plays but I will wait until Croatia plays Argentina to see how he holds up against Messi and co. But he did well today especially when covering his CB on counter attack’s which is a good sign.

          • I was just going to say that strinic looked good hoping not to get backlash. I dont know much about him but he was good
            He had two crucial blocks and looked tidy on the ball. Ill keep an eye on him

  9. I don’t expect that Milan will get a transfer ban from UEFA. There are other clubs like PSG who have made a mockery of FFP rules and they got let off leniently. If PSG were told to dispose €60M I doubt what kind of punishment Milan can get in terms of fairplay

  10. But wait o.what did u see in etebo @karese. Am a Nigerian and I watched same game and I didn’t see anything fantastic in him. He even scored an own goal. We need a midfielder with vision bro. Anyways He just signed a contract with Stokes last week

  11. Considering half of these players will only get to play 3 matches maximum but with the tournament even barely starting ,fans are already pointing out which players are good and less so, who we should buy etc.

    Well basing all our judgement of players at the World Cup will lead to the worst player suggestion of fans on this blog!! No offense but Etebo?.

    And if Ziyech shouldn’t be bought because he didn’t do well in one match then the whole French team should be off no interest to any club.

    I have seen Strinic enough already so him getting terrorised or being superb in 3 matches will not change much in how I generally rate him.

    Such tournaments should mainly be used to discover unknown talents. We could be talking about that interesting Peru team for instance.

  12. Its reported that Kalinic could be sent home from Croatia World Cup squad after refusing to enter in the dying minutes against Nigeria.Now there will be no goals for him to get his prize up , instead scaring clubs with this attitude.

      • Hes ridiculous. What kind of professional are you always refusing to play or getting angry. You’replaying for your nation at the worlds biggest tournament show some respect. I hoped he have a good tournament and if thid is true i just want him gone

  13. Apparently Kalinic was sent home yesterday after his unprofessional ism against Nigeria. He will no longer participate in the World Croatia manager was not please with his refusal to come on as a late substitute. This guy is 30 years old yet he still does not understand the values of the team and what it is to be part of a group. No wonder he is floppy with us.

  14. We should buy poli and bonera back those are true milanista’s , and we should sign muntari and essien at all cost and we also should give montolivio a 5 year contract because he’s italian and our former captain .

  15. We talkin ganso. Could be the shot of creativity we need centrally/back up for hakan if gattuso puts him in his rightful position

    • Aleksandr Golovin of CSKA Moscow is the real deal! Juve is luring the club with 20 mio euro and Barca is trying to hijack him from Juve.

      I am sorry that Hakim Ziyech and Nabil Fekir are not strong enough to compete for Serie A.

      Milan also need to chase Thomas Meunier of PSG for RM and RB post.



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