Montella: “The derby comes at the right time, I feel the confidence of the club, I didn’t like Berlusconi’s advice much”

Vincenzo Montella during training at Milanello. (
Vincenzo Montella during training at Milanello. (

Vincenzo Montella is looking forward to the Derby and answered to the statements of Silvio Berlusconi.

Milan lost two matches in a row and some fans want to see Montella fired but according to reports in China and today’s edition of La Gazzetta dello Sport, the club has total faith in the ability of the ex-Fiorentina coach and even if Milan lose to Inter on Sunday, he will stay.

Montella was at an event yesterday receiving the Gentleman award and the Rossoneri boss spoke to Sky ahead of the Derby.

“I’m happy to be here and receive this award from the journalists but we are thinking of the derby which is an important, beautiful and exciting game which is also very stimulating for a coach,” he said. “Often we forget we won the Supercoppa last year and today, despite the ‘particular’ start I feel the confidence of the club. I do this job with passion, I enjoy it and I’m stimulated to do even better.

“I’m delighted with the demonstration [of trust] from the club but I certainly know that I have responsibilities, I know that I have to get results and bring forward a growth project that we all have, the players and the team. The derby comes at the right time and I’m very confident because I saw good things also in the last game in which we deserved much more. The way we’re going in is the right one and we need to have some more understanding and a pinch of serenity.

Vincenzo Montella during a Milan team building event at Milanello on October 9, 2017. (
Vincenzo Montella during a Milan team building event at Milanello on October 9, 2017. (

“What I can say to those who have never played a derby? We are still few and we await the return of the internationals. Against Inter it will be a particular game and I think it takes heart and coolness. I don’t know if it will be the derby of Bonaventura and Suso but as of today [yesterday] I can say yes because we’re still so few. From Wednesday I will have to evaluate some situations, however they are two important players from whom I expect a lot. I’ll say no more to not give benefits to Spalletti.

“If I’m disappointed by the team? More than once, talking to [director of sport] Mirabelli, we [said we] knew that we would have a complicated start, we were hoping to start well because after so many changes it also takes a bit of luck. Today we can say that we haven’t had luck and we hope to have it. We know that we can do more but the process of change and renovation also involves highs and lows. This doesn’t make us happy nor gives us an alibi, we have to do more and we’ll do it.

Vincenzo Montella during Milan-Rijeka at Stadio San Siro on September 28, 2017. (
Vincenzo Montella during Milan-Rijeka at Stadio San Siro on September 28, 2017. (

“The derby can be a crossroads like many other games in a season. I expect a convincing performance in the lines of the last match where we were equals against a very strong team. I hope that the results then will be different and the boys will be able to provide more malice in the last 30 meters.

“If this Milan is Champions League worthy [Fassone said in an interview that not making it wouldn’t be a drama]? I think that we have the potential to be able to get there, we it must be our obsession but we mustn’t be fooled by the table. In the long run, this team is going to reach these goals.

Vincenzo Montella after winning the Liedholm award 2017 on October 6, 2017. (
Vincenzo Montella after winning the Liedholm award 2017 on October 6, 2017. (

“The words of Berlusconi? The President has the right to express all of his ideas. What he said must be put into context but on my part, I will always listen fully to him and to others. This job is mine and the decisions I make must be independent. I like listening to advice, such as Berlusconi’s, I didn’t like his much last season but I still listened and worked and there’s no type of controversy.

“I make the most out of my work which is also my passion.” From tomorrow, Montella will have the full squad at his disposal to work in full speed for the derby, knowing that he has to win this time.


    • That’s not going to happen buddy …this whole team plays like shit so we re gonna lose again . Unfortunitly shinter plays better footbal than us right now.

      • I hope you are not right on Sunday even though it is true.
        the coach say it going to be an anyhow win.
        so we should focus more on the scoreline than their gameplay.

        • I am a AC Milan fan and i always will be, but i got to be honest to say the truth and that is that inter plays more attractive football right now even tho they are on the same table as us . The difference betweem us is that inter has a better coach and thats the difference !!! Our coach montella is the reason why our players play like shit !!! Bonucci has been terrible non stop !! Biglia too romagnoli too our best players play bad . And thats why i think inter will outsmart us and so win . But ofcourse im for the rossoneri and if your mad about the truth than you are the merda here .

  1. Comment: It should be more of Suso and Bonaventura’s Derby because they were at Milanello all through the break.
    At least they should have improved a bit more.
    Kalinic is not sure, so Andre has the advantage.
    Antonelli wants to play, but his legs are not helping him.
    Romagnoli should impress us too.
    musacchio is having fatigue issue.
    I wish Montella could just play with 4 at the backline,
    leave suso and Jack on the wings
    Andre and Cutrone burning inter’s defense upfront.
    All the youngsters were impressive and Bonucci tried in his last game for italy (play off).
    Line up:
    Calabria/Abate Bonucci Romagnoli Rodriguez
    Kessie Biglia
    Suso Jack
    Cutrone Andre
    Subs: Borini, Locatelli, Mauri
    for 3421 (343)
    Musacchio Bonucci Romagnoli
    Borini Kessie Biglia Rodriguez
    Suso Andre Jack
    sub: Cutrone, Locatelli, X

  2. Bla bla bla…after this coming derby defeat he’ll come out with another excuse.Spalletti will outsmart Montella on Sunday.

  3. I hope we will get a positive results even though it’s near impossible considering our preparation towards the match and our lack of compactness on the pitch.

    I will welcome a draw as the team is still trying to gel, won’t be surprised if we lose.

    Let’s wait for Sunday, Forza Milan!

  4. “Today we can say that we haven’t had luck and we hope to have it”
    That quote further shows you are far from reality because you don’t expect your attack to be that sterile against Roma (even in San Siro) and expect some luck to show out of no where, that is very unrealistic.

    Prepare your team to be more dangerous in attack and see if lucks from opponents own goal etc will not arrive.

  5. Montella, you should give your best against Inter, i don’t care about your formation, 4-3-3, 3-5-2, 3-4-2-1. It’s your choice, but you have to win this match. You must know how to coorporate Suso, Bonaventura, Andre Silva, Kessie, Romagnoli, Bonucci with a fit formation. It can be dangerous if they can get his performance at the same time

  6. I always loved to get 3 points, but will stay calm if we lose, and hopes we will not conceded to much goals.
    Draw is a win for us, and win is a gift.


  7. I strongly believe locatelli should start. Dat guys movt is gud. I watched biglia and d truth is biglia only thrives wen u have gud play makers and attackers b/c He naturally doesn’t join in attacks but loca does dt perfectly well. Since our attackers and wingers are more concerned in defending we need midfileders dat are also concerned in scoring and forward passing. I watched d Roma game and if we had loca in place of biglia it would have been a different result. Play loca with dis crop of players and u will know how gud he is. My humble opinion

    • Comment: I believe montella more has been playing defense minded players than attack in the games, but this one should be
      Suso Jack
      Kalinic Andre
      Forza Milan

  8. Well looks like we’ll be using a 3 4 2 1 vs inter. Once again another formation change and new starting line up.
    Musacchio bonucci romagnoli
    Abate Kessie biglia Rodriguez
    Bonaventura suso
    Kalinic or Silva?
    Abate has derby experience so should start this game, now up front do we start kalinic who’s coming off an injury or do u start Silva who’s been a fine performer?? Either way like montella said, we need to win this game anyway possible. Although I fear it’s either we play really well or really bad but playing really well we usually get unlucky and concede and then all the winds in our sails is lost. In our eyes this is a must win for several reasons. For one, its the derby. Secondly if we win it’ll make a statement that we are a team to fear and thirdly if we lose we can already be possibly 10 points out of a champions League place and that’s really bad. I believe in these boys though! Haven’t given up yet!

  9. Also keep reading people’s statements that all of a sudden milan ‘spent their money badly’. When they were bought people praised them, everyone was a good buy and the right buy including bonucci. Only two I doubted were borini and kalinic. We missed out on aubameyang big time and had we got him I feel we’d be in a much better position right now but the position we’re in I don’t think it’s the players fault but that of the coach’s. Buy 11 new players and have changed formations and players every single mat h we have played so far so how do you expect chemistry? At this rate it’ll take three more months to get anything going. Although players like bonucci haven’t looked like themselves they are on a new team that need time. Montella has to settle on a starting 11 and a formation that suits them best, then you Can start to think different tactics and start one or two different players. That’s been our problem because on paper this team has every right to be top 3

    • Not everyone was star-struck by everyone who came. I know I certainly wasn’t. Bonucci aside, because the entire football world is shocked by the low level he’s displaying, Atlanta and Leverkusen players are far away from sure thing guarantees.

      The fact of the matter is that it was clear we didn’t enforce enough in the final third, which was our most problematic area, and invested too heavily on the backline. No one could predict Bonucci’s terrible form, but 25 mil on Conti?

      • Well unfortunately that’s how today’s market is? Is de sciglio worth 12m with a year remaining on his contract? I don’t think so. Conti actually is a good player and young and promising so yet its fair. Look at zappacosta to chelsea for how much 28m?…anyways, like I said we missed out heavily on aubemayang because we wouldn’t be in the position we’re in now. But we still have time to gel and become a winning team. Hopefully by starting with a win vs inter.

  10. Am not sure if we can win against inter because this formation 3-5-2 is never and will never be a rossoneri’s formation it was just to favour bonucci style of play but not the full squad. we have been using 4-2-3-1 format for almost 30years and we just signed players without knowing where to play them and a coach that don’t have a vision on wining other than ranting blaming and talking trash .we a still have a piece missing in the sqaud LW & CF using Silva as a starter will we give him the confidence ,I rest my case until d Derby my idea is montella should be fired.and for the new owner’s finically am as still worried scared of eveil Eliot fund’s and d future of Milan that I have been a part of for 20years

  11. Yess this derby comes at the right time, when the team play suck and you lose this match, its the right time you pack your bag out of milan..

  12. I still don’t get why Montella is being remonstrated so much. Even Sir Alex Ferguson failed to bring laurels to Manchester United immediately. Please give Montella some time and take the pressure off him. Sure he makes mistakes but who doesn’t? Sacking a coach mid-season would be a HUGE mistake as the new coach would have no idea how to work with his players. I am sure this attitude will help in the long run.

  13. Huge test for us and Montella. After all of this Montella bashing, one wonders how Fassobelli are being left untouched. I mean we had a team that finished 6th place last year, and even was top 3 for half of the season. You’d think that with 200 mil and a goal of advancing 2 spots on the table, the main theme wouldbe tweek and improve, and not completely rebuild.

    We had a few things goong for us last year (admittingly none world class level apart from St Donna), and we never thought of building upon them. Changing a 3 year formation after the season starts is not great planning. Spending around 40% of our transfer kitty on CBs which were the least of our problems is not great planning. Buying 2 new strikers when you only intend to use one is not great planning. Selling Kucka for 2 cents and then wondering who can cover Kiesse is not great planning.

    Montella also shares the blame for our transfer strategy, but surely he shouldn’t have ut all on himself.

  14. we will win with some conditions..
    1. give good ball to our striker
    2. stop act like messi ..
    3. we can attack but never forget to defense



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