Fassone: “Montella has our esteem and our trust in him is not only valid for 7-8 matchdays, I expect a nice derby”

Marco Fassone during a Milan team building event at Milanello on October 9, 2017. (@acmilan.com)
Marco Fassone during a Milan team building event at Milanello on October 9, 2017. (@acmilan.com)

Marco Fassone has reiterated Milan’s trust in coach Vincenzo Montella and said the derby on Sunday is not decisive.

The international break is now over and the head of Milan is towards the Derby della Madonnina on Sunday (20:45 CET).

Based on recent years, Inter are clear favourites as they have 19 points out of 21 while Milan have had a rocky start, picking up just 12 points – one less than they had last season after the same number of matches. The defeats to Samp and Roma made fans turn on Montella but the position of the club is that he absolutely stays.

“Montella? He has our esteem and we have trust in Montella, a trust that is not only valid for 7-8 matchdays,” Fassone told Milannews.it last night. “We knowingly confirmed him and we know within the club that there is a need for some time, we hope not so much time, to produce a good game and to build that future we have talked about so many times. We have a strong team with quality players, in some matches we’ve already seen nice football and we expect a little bit at a time to grow.

“Sunday’s derby? I expect a nice derby. Milan and Inter want to return to being calcio protagonists and the derby sublimates this spirit. It will be a great challenge between two teams that are growing up. It’s an important game, it has a special meaning because it comes after two defeats in the league.

“But speech of a decisive derby is perhaps too much.” Montella and Fassone, however, are both aware that another defeat can make the supporters doubt the coach and the project even more.


  1. Thank you. More sensible this time.
    Just don’t call extremely ill-timed press conferences to bash and threaten the team and the coach in public and start a media storm.
    Do that in the privacy of the dressing room.

  2. Even if Montella wins the derby I don’t trust anymore in his qualities as a coach ! For me, he remains a clown, unable to react during the game, unable to do something when there are difficult moments. He won nothing and proved everything he can until now ! An average coach for Milan, a very talented coach for catania !

  3. We have debt to pay to Eliot fund and fassone and mirabelli talk like unprofessional ,lost 3game’s out of 7 ,struggled in the remaining 4 ,just like last season. Montella OK the singing of new players without no idea of where to use them,Milan’s DNA is 4-2-3-1/4-3-1-2 formation ,but with this way we have started I don’t think we will reach top 4 because our medicore coach has no idea of what he is doing and for fassone to act he is talking trash .is just a shame Milan is no longer the threat of European football.montella see you in the derby.



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