Austria Wien-Milan: The Rossoneri squad


Here is the squad of Milan.

AC Milan face FK Austria Wien on Thursday evening when the clock points 19:00 CET / Italy time at Ernst-Happel-Stadion for the 1st matchday of the 2017/18 UEFA Europa League group stage and coach Vincenzo Montella has named his squad for this encounter.

Andrea Conti, Matteo Gabbia, Gustavo Gomez, Gabriel Paletta, Ricardo Rodriguez, Jose Mauri, Niccolò Zanellato and Fabio Borini are out of the squad; the right back is injured while the others are out due to technical choices, Rodriguez and Borini have been left out due to squad-rotation reasons.

Antonio DonnarummaIgnazio AbateLucas BigliaPatrick Cutrone
Gianluigi DonnarummaLuca AntonelliGiacomo BonaventuraNikola Kalinić
Marco StorariLeonardo BonucciHakan ÇalhanoğluAndré Silva
Davide CalabriaFranck KessiéSuso
Mateo MusacchioManuel Locatelli
Alessio RomagnoliRiccardo Montolivo
Cristian Zapata


    • Because of rotation and Milan will use 352. I think that Antonelli will play on the left flank. I don’t know, somehow i have a feeling that Antonelli will score if he plays.

  1. 3-4-1-2
    CB: Musacchio, Bonucci, Roma
    MID: Abate, Kessie, Biglia, Antonelli
    CAM: Suso(Cahanoglu)
    ATT: Andre Silva, Kalinic

    CB: Musacchio, Bonucci, Roma
    MID: Abate, Kessie, Biglia,Bonaventura(Cahanoglu), Antonelli
    ATT: Andre Silva/Suso, Kalinic/Cutrone

    CB: Musacchio, Bonucci, Roma
    MID: Abate, Kessie, Biglia, Antonelli
    CAM: Suso, Cahanoglu/Bonaventura
    ATT: Andre Silva/ Kalinic/Cutrone

    CB: Musacchio, Bonucci, Roma
    MID: Abate, Kessie, Biglia, Antonelli
    ATT: Suso, Kalinic, Andre Silva(LW)


    • Based on the type of players we have at Milan all these formations are better than a 4-3-3 or 3-5-2.

      I will never understand why we signed players like Hakan, Andre Silva, Kallinic, Bonucci, Mussachio, Kessie and Biglia but yet Montella uses a 4-3-3 which doesn’t work for these players.

      Montella is clueless man. He had a hand in signing 90% of squad but he doesn’t know what the best formation and tactics are to get the best out of this squad? Madness!

  2. Montella is not ready for us to improve our square. Can montella tell us why no Rodriguez and he is using antonelli. I say again montella need to go. We need a good coach. You have perlligrine Lawrence blanc fine these coaches and put montella out.

    • Rodriguez is always play in national team and Milan, he should have rest to prepare for udinese.

      If you judge Montella just because Rodriguez absence, you just have shut up than provoke someone with your little critical judging. Or better you play Master League, you can play RR every single time

  3. Donna
    Musa Leo Roma
    Abate Kessie Biglia Jack Antonelli
    Suso Silva

    Too bad Conti and RR are out, there’s no backup to flanks except Calabria for the right side. Dunno what “squad rotation” means but it’s fishy, hope there are no troubles in paradise

  4. I’m afraid that Zapata will play in 352 because he has done well so far this season. Because Montella doesn’t make difference between first team and back up players. He doesn’t believe in “performance is temporary, class is permanent”

  5. Austria Wien is not the kind of team that can slap in your face like lazio, so Antonelli can play as a left wingback, it’s ok like that, it’s ok without Borini, but if montella plays with borini against udinese, he will have big problems, he is already under pressure after his huge mistakes against lazio and another flop is not allowed if he wants to stay with us. He made some childish mistakes against lazio playing with Calabria instead of Abate ( it’s about experience and value in such tough games ), with Montolivo in the same time with Biglia instead of Hakan or Jack Bonaventura, exposing a shy attitude in front of lazio, give them a signal that he has defensive intentions ( a loser mentality ), even if they hadn’t on the pitch their most dangerous weapons ( Felipe Anderson and Nani ), with Cutrone instead of Kalinic and then Silva, Cutrone who is in his best form but he hasn’t experience with games against big teams… and his last big mistake was that he didn’t change Kessie who was awful, if u don’t give him a lesson when he played awful second time in a row, when will u do it ????!?!?!?!?!? Kessie after his third, fourth mistake must have been replaced ( Hakan, Jack, Loca, Mauri, Silva, I don’t care who, but he must have been replaced ) !!! It’s not the moment to sack Montella but it is the moment for him to show if he has quality or not, this is not a childish game, this is a serious business and if he can’t succeed then he must go !!!

  6. Formation ‘may’ not win a game but selection of the right players. Stop shouting on montella,let’s beg him. Wicked people are meant to be begged. We beg u Mr. Pls don’t frustrate the management effort to bring Milan back. Thanks

  7. Why is everyone saying Bonucci cannot play in 4 man defence? He was quite good when Juventus played 4231. It’s all in coach and how he utilises his players to play

    • Yup. But then again Bonucci was really poor against Spain as well, so I wouldn’t put the entire blame on Montella, Bonucci is just having a coincidental huge slump in form. Needs to prove he is a class player and bounce back, even without Buffon, Barza and Chiellini by his side.

      • Hope he really is having just a dip in form but I am more worried he’s a Pique type of player, an average defender when a mentor is not around (Pique-Puyol, Bonucci-Chiellini)

  8. So montella wants to tell me that he is leaving ricardo Rodriguez behind and send calabria to Austria? This is just misunderstood. Poor montella you are confused. I wish milan well in Austria

  9. The amount of people here not understanding how to rotate a squad his hilarious. Calling for the sack on Montella because he is resting rodriguez? We have 3 tough games coming up over the next 2 weeks. Y’all need to relax. This isn’t fifa wh3re you can keep playing players over and over again get a grip

  10. alexmilan correct most people here were chanting and raining abuses on montella for considering abate over Calabria forgetting that in football experience counts ,Calabria is not ready yet and wen some of us kicked against it we got shitty comments ,plsss Milan blog should stop confusing montella ,I said it initially montella is not for a club with high expectations but for smaller clubs that come out of the blues to surprise

  11. I’m happy that RR and Conti are rested here hopefully both will be back for udinese game. Start kiesse from the bench too and give him time to reflect on his poor performances.

    But I would love to see Silva, kalinic, hakan, bona and Romagnioli​ take the field. Sadly these guys have not played much for varied reasons. And these are the players that make our best XI so they should be given game time before udinese game.

    There is no better training session than a real game so get a good workout.

    Good luck. Hoping for the win as a confidence boost before next serie a game.

  12. time to reload confidence after (more like) heavy slap, healthy slap is draw or lose by 1 or 2 conceded,

    classic original Italian 352,

    …………… Gigio
    …… Mus – Leo – Rom
    Abt – Jax – Big – Can – Ant
    ………… Kal – Silva

    Loca -> Cano/Biglia
    Suso/Cut -> Kalinic
    Zato/Kesi -> Jax
    alt. RR -> Ant

    Forza Milan

  13. I think Montella is getting something wrong at the back.

    You cant play Romagnoli-Bonucci-Mussachio together. These are players with same characteristics (ball players). A balanced defence must have a mix of rough and smooth center backs. Bonucci was protected left and right by Bazagli and Chiellini, they did the rough jobs while he tidied up with quality.

    Zapata has been so composed so far and he’s the fastest cb we have, Gustavo and even Palleta (if he gets better with cards).

    One of these 3 players should always be in the mix (depending on the opponent). Musacchio and Bonucci struggled badly against Lazio because they are too tidy.

    • Agree. Combination Zapata, Bonnuci, Palleta seemed better option for 3 CBs formation. But don’t put Palleta on the middle since he would be the last man before GK and tend to make foul for penalty and RC. Pallata do the dirty works, Zapata to compromise with fast opponent wingers or counters. And Bonucci as the last coverage due to his ability to read the opponent’s attacking game.

    • Agree. Combination Zapata, Bonnuci, Palleta seemed better option for 3 CBs formation. But don’t put Palleta on the middle since he would be the last man before GK and tend to make foul for penalty and RC. Pallata do the dirty works, Zapata to compromise with fast opponent wingers or counters. And Bonucci as the last coverage due to his ability to read the opponent’s attacking game.

  14. Someone is making sense…our defense can’t just be about bonucci, u need to play a Zapata to complement bonucci, I still maintain dat 3 at d back is not d solution…Milan should play a more stable 4 at d back…whilst we can shuffle d MF n fwd… Montella’s selection for d match against Lazio was just not good enough…u can’t play a Calabria, cutrone borini against such a matured team like Lazio, dey were just overwhelmed….

  15. First of all, let me get real like tupac or kendrick lamar and lay out milan’s problems:
    1) montella and his, for lack of better words, funny tactics, formation and strategies. Anyone who understands football knows he cant properly prepare his team let alone proactively deal with ever-changing situation that happens in football match. Im not joking here; he often gets outclassed by coaches whose teams have much less pedigree than milan. How the hell can milan beat the likes of madrid when cagliari is already too much for them? He plays borini because he’s fast and suso’s slow? Really? (Btw, like i said, suso is slow. even montella acknowledges it. Anyone who thinks he’s fast or cant play as ss/am have to apologize to me and most importantly, to themselves for being ignoramus). I dont remember rivaldo – figo combo in van gaal’s barca being particularly fast but between them they won 2 ballon d’ors in 3 years. Its not about being fast montella, its all about footballing skills. Unfortunately, i think its unwise to just swat him away like flies now because it’d be big gamble to bring in new coach this early (Besides, which good coach is available now?) hence its probably a good idea to let montella stays, for now.
    2) playing players out of positions. Abate can be good wingback, considering his characteristic and background but can antonelli? Shkendija match anyone? Even deulofeu, who was reasonably good rw, played like garbage as rwb in 3-5-2 set up last season. Some might say that was milan b but donnarumma played well even though he was surrounded by mediocre players so whats anto’s excuse? U guessed it, Playing out of position. So why is montella playing with fire again? Of course i hope anto does well and i know its better to experiment in el or coppa than serie a but still. Also, if there’s formation that fits vangioni and de judas like a glove, its 3-5-2.

    Lastly, i chucked when i (still) read comments claiming its tactics and set of players that matter not formations, mentioning ance, pep and conte as examples. Get it straight, tactics and set of players depend on formations and vice versa. U cant execute ur game plans without being dead right on all three components. Mostly, u cant change ur set of players so its tactics and formations that need to be set accordingly.
    Ance did well with milan using 4-3-1-2 but he didnt use that formation at chelsea, psg and madrid. Now at bayern he uses 4-2-3-1 or 4-1-4-1. Pep started with 4-3-3 but at bayern he used 4-2-3-1 and 4-1-4-1 like ance, now he uses 3-5-2 at man city after finding out that 4-2-3-1 didnt work. Conte used 3-5-2 at juve, setting up the trend like pep, but now he uses 3-4-3 after finding out that 4-3-3 didnt work. See the pattern here? Great coaches adapt to their squads rather than forcing the squads to adapt to them. If i have to read “formations dont matter” one more goddamn time im gonna scream like brazilian commentator celebrating golazo

  16. All this italian teams don’t know how to play champions league,just to bully millan and other teams in italy,
    The sleeping giant should wake up

  17. Ac Milan have the good players now but montella is our problem because he don’t know how to manage the players which we don’t even know our first team….. Rotation rotation rotation. just play the best information that the players you know can do with and win our game for us. Forza Milan.


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