Romagnoli: “I’m physically fit and now I’m only missing the rhythm of the game, we have to do well on Thursday”

Alessio Romagnoli during training at Milanello. (
Alessio Romagnoli during training at Milanello. (

Alessio Romagnoli is set to return to the starting XI on Thursday but thinks ‘formation is just numbers’.

Romagnoli has played just 45 minutes so far this season, as he spent the summer recovering from a meniscus injury.

But now Alessio is finally back and he’s expected to start alongside Leonardo Bonucci and one of Mateo Musacchio and Cristian Zapata in a 3-5-2 formation against Austria Wien on Thursday evening.

“We are well-prepared for Thursday’s challenge, we absolutely have to do well [the match kicks off at 19:00 CET / Italian time],” Romagnoli told during an NBA 2K18 presentation in via Dante in Milano today (Tuesday). “The mental approach? It’s not only that, there are so many factors that make a different. The formation, however, is just numbers, it doesn’t change much.

“My physical condition? I’m physically fit, I’ve worked hard to get in shape again. Now I’m only missing the rhythm of the game. As for everything else, I’m completely cured.”


  1. Welcome back R13.
    Get fit for the udinese game. The team needs you.

    Europa league games useless. There is a sea of difference between the quality of serie a and Europa league. These games only end up giving us false assurances that we are doing well. Once/if we reach semi finals then we will have real opponents in EL. Till that time use EL for practicing new formations, playing fringe players and youngsters.

    • A match is the best training session the more games we play the more game time we have helping us gel… And EL is packed with gritty teams even if you say that

  2. “The formation, however, is just numbers, it doesn’t change much.” yeah, the amount of money in ur bank accounts and even 1-4 scoreline at olimpico are just numbers too, whats ur point roma? How about saying something meaningful like “after sheva left, ance changed milan formation to 4-3-2-1 and walah, they won 7th ucl” or “4-3-3 didnt work for chelsea last season so conte changed it to 3-4-3 and walah, they won epl” for a chance.
    Regarding roma – bonucci – musa trio at the back, it certainly can work out fine. However, musa and especially roma and bonucci have very similar style of play; theyre “clean” defenders. I think the best defensive lines always consist of balanced number of clean and hardass defenders. For every beckenbauer, scirea, adams, maldini, nesta, sammer, ferrara and rio ferdinand you need to have breitner, cabrini, keown, baresi, stam, kohler, montero and vidic to do the dirty work while the former group of players mentioned organize and lead the defensive line. this is where zapata, gomez or even paletta could be useful, as long as paletta doesnt take his dirty defender role too seriously of course haha. Montella should consider himself lucky that for all his attempt to sell paletta AND gomez, he actually has 6 cb at his disposal. Shame that ely (AND bacca AND niang (a much better footballer than borivaldo) AND kucka) was not so lucky though


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