Milan doctor Mazzoni: “Conti’s ankle has improved but he hasn’t recovered yet, Bonaventura is fit to play”

Stefano Mazzoni talking to MilanTV at Milanello on the 12th of September, 2017. (
Stefano Mazzoni talking to MilanTV at Milanello on the 12th of September, 2017. (

Stefano Mazzoni has said everyone is fit and healthy in Montella’s squad right now, with the sole exception of Conti.

Milan will be looking to bounce back from the 4-1 defeat to Lazio when they face Austria Wien in the Europa League on Thursday (19:00 CET), and Montella will have an almost full squad available.

“Conti was not available for the match [against Lazio] because he suffered from a sprained right ankle with lots of swelling in the first few hours,” the Rossoneri doctor Stefano Mazzoni told a MilanTV reporter on Tuesday as part of the weekly segment of medical updates, which has been introduced this season.

“After a week, the clinical picture has improved but he hasn’t recovered yet. We have to keep him monitored day after day. Surely things are improving. Bonaventura? He is fit to play, he was also subbed on last Sunday. He has fully recovered from injury, so it’s good news.

“Romagnoli? He has recovered as well and has been training regularly. The over condition of the squad? It’s good. The coach has a full squad at his disposal, except for Conti, for now.”


  1. -out of topic-
    Bentancur and especially de judas were garbage last night vs barca. De judas even nearly got an assist when he passed the ball to dembele. I dont see anything good from pjaca also. Long may it last

  2. Doctor, please check to see if monto has his nuts on him and not in his wife’s handbag.
    While your add it make sure Montella has a brain and not a mouldy cantaloupe in there.
    Def. do a wellness check on Gigios blimp agent just to make sure nobody has harpooned him.
    A fat bastard like him never goes to the beach as people will mistake him for a whale and try and throw him back into the water.

  3. If we want to win anything this year keep Romagnoli fit and healthy and dont overplay himas we have depth in the squad.

  4. Out of topic- Juve lost 0-3 to Barca in their home, sack Allegri immediately, Liverpool were hammered 5-0 by Man City, sack Klopp immediately, Monaco was hammered by Nice 4-0 sack Jardim immediately, even Bayern lost 2-0 to a lowly team, sack Ancellotti immediately….
    This is how many fans here talk and it makes me wonder. Some of us say Fassone has no plan cos of his interview, expecting him to sack Montella whereas the world will know that Milan truly has no plan if Montella gets sacked.
    Having 11 new players, infact 12(Cutrone) of which 10 of them are capable first teamers is no joke, where has it happened before? Montella needs time. I know he can be stubborn and hate the way he losses certain games like against Lazio but its not enough to ask for his head. You guys don’t realise that if Montella gets sacked, then we have 26 new players and a new coach and everything starts from the scratch.
    I don’t see how Spalletti is better than Montella, Ancellotti that we are asking for lost against a weaker side over the weekend and he has been with that team for a while at least.
    Relax guys, I’m sure we would do a double against Juve or at least win one of games outright. Roma will pay for Lazio’s actions so have no fears, last season we did a double on Lazio, but Roma did a double on us, we’ll balance that this year I believe

  5. Coach Seedorf,ur name suits you,u have just said it all and u have really changed many impressions ,ur comments has touched me well although I don’t like montella cos of his stubborn attitude but I am willing to stick and go along with him ,montella all the way


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