Ricardo Rodriguez: “Lazio was a tough game but we should have been more compact, Milan must bounce back”

Ricardo Rodriguez during Lazio-Milan at Stadio Olimpico on the 10th of September, 2017. (@acmilan.com)
Ricardo Rodriguez during Lazio-Milan at Stadio Olimpico on the 10th of September, 2017. (@acmilan.com)

Ricardo Rodriguez is looking forward after the bad 4-1 defeat to Lazio.

Milan failed miserably in their first real test of the season as they were embarrassed at Stadio Olimpico 4-1.

Ciro Immobile scored three times before assisting to Luis Alberto (Riccardo Montolivo scored for Milan), and the defensive problems were exposed.

“It was a tough game. Lazio played well and we did not,” Rodriguez told MilanTV. “We should have been more compact and better at pressing. We must improve and bounce back in Vienna.  In football, everything happens very fast. Serie A is a difficult competition.

“We have to focus on our next match. We must bounce back, on Monday we’ll have a team talk and we will keep working hard to continue improving.” Next match is A. Wien on Thursday at 19:00 CET.


  1. One of the victims of others poor performance for me. If RR had any poor moment it was becos most others over played badly. For me in this order
    Others who made one or two other mistakes n had a drop in their game was mainly becos of the bad output of this aforementioned four. They played so badly

  2. The formation was wack and started the snowball effect right after the first goal.
    Putting Monti as AM was a bad idea.
    The coach is responsible for team selection and tactics and Montella failed at both.
    He sat on his hands even though the team was playing badly. I doubt he’s got a plan B.
    Bottom line, this guy is over his head. And won’t last past this season.
    OTT, can teams in Serie A please boycott the fat bastard!! Hes setting up Gigio for a move next summer, its obvious. Passed over for the captains armband and crap.

  3. It is all on monetella and his so bad formation and specielly subs i mean what a hell is he doing , milan best formation should be 442 specielly with the quality of the players ac milan has , so this in my opinion must be ideal donna
    Conti bonucci Roma RR
    Sosu Bona biglia calanhanoglo
    Kalinic Silva

  4. I don’t blame you RR, and even sympathize with you because you had montolivo and borini for support on your flank.
    One has no pace and the other has no skill, no wonder you were screwed big time.

  5. And people please stop bashing Calabria as how would you expect one of the youngest players to do well in such disorganized system where the likes of Biglia Suso are lost. I read people saying he’s responsible for all the goals conceded when I saw him moving/running trying to do something while others standing watching. He got dribbled for the other goal and so Bonucci got one of the best defenders in the world got dribbled too. Calabria didn’t do well but he got potentials to be a very good modern fullback.

  6. There is no point blaming individual players when the whole team played shit.

    We can blame players if 1,2 or 3 of them had a bad game and didn’t play up to the level of their teammates. Here the entire XI looked clueless.

    If the entire team sucks then it is the coach who has to take the blame and try to fix the problem if he has any clue about it.

    I didn’t want to assess every players performance but I will do it anyway and share with fellow milanistas what I observed during the match. I will not give any excuses to protect any player. Just the fair assessment.

    Cutrone- didn’t do anything. I wonder why he even showed up for the match. 0/10

    Borini- runs a lot. Zero productivity. 0/10

    Suso- only player who looked capable of making something happen but still was below his standards. 5/10

    Kiesse- terrible first touches. Miserable passing. Zero powerful runs in midfield. 0/10

    Biglia- got too easily robbed off the ball many times. Couldn’t protect the defense.1/10

    Montolivo- slow as a snail. Offered nothing going forward.0/10

    Calabria- he just vanished when we were conceding goals. The worst on the night.minus five on ten.

    Bonnucci- got dribbled too easily. Couldn’t lead the defense or the team.0/10

    Mussachio- just like cutrone, I wonder why he even bothered showing up for the game

    RR- couldn’t have any impact whatsoever​.1/10

    Donnarumma- didn’t do much other than pick the ball from the net.0/10

    I have no bias for any player. I’m a milan fan first.

    This is what I meant when I said that there is no point blaming individual players when the whole team played shit. It’s montella’s fault.

  7. I thought we bought nine extra players(borini and antonio for me don’t exist) so that Montella won’t have any excuse to field Montolivo? how does he even still make the matchday squad


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