Kalinić getting closer to Milan, the next week could be decisive to find a definitive agreement with Fiorentina

Nikola Kalinic celebrates during Fiorentina-Torino at Stadio Artemio Franchi on February 27, 2017. (Photo by Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images)
Nikola Kalinic celebrates during Fiorentina-Torino at Stadio Artemio Franchi on February 27, 2017. (Photo by Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images)

Nikola Kalinić appears as the likeliest option for the attack and an agreement for around €25m can be reached soon.

The search for a striker continues and with Andrea Belotti staying at Torino and the situation of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang getting more and more difficult by the day, the Nikola Kalinić option is getting more and more concrete.

According to Gianluca Di Marzio and Alfredo Pedullà, Kalinić is getting closer to Milan and the next 7 days will be very important to understand if an operation can be made. Pedullà claims that Fiorentina are looking for €25m + €5m in bonuses for Kalinić, but would also be willing to accept counterparts like Luca Antonelli in a deal.

Di Marzio believes that the constant contacts between the parties will result in an agreement for around €25m. Sky thinks that Milan would be willing to pay €20m plus bonuses, bringing the total sum to €25-27m. Fiorentina are likely to replace Kalinić with Genoa’s Giovanni Simeone.

Everton are also interested in Kalinić, but the 29-year-old Croatian wants Milan and already made it public over a month ago. Fassone and Mirabelli keep working on a striker, and Kalinić seems likeliest.


  1. Kalinic is like that average but loyal girl who loves and faithfully waits for u despite knowing that u’ve been around the blocks flirting with supposedly hotter girls. Oh well, still better love story than twilight or 50 shades of grey i guess

    Moral of the story: patience is a virtue

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    Milan fans before and during the mercato : We will buy belloti aubameyang morata lacazette giroud . We have chinese. We are so rich. FASOBELLI POWERRRR. Don mirabelli. We will even buy your mom your dad so clubs protect your players.
    Milan fans right now:At least he fits montella tactics. Meh.
    Where is your chinese money hahahahhaa. We will again finish 5th this year because we dont have good players in the squad. Except andre silva none of the signing is good. I pity milan fans who think they are rich whahahhaha. Do they even know we are under the loan vulture funds elliot? I hate to say this but chinese have destroyed our milan. We should start a petition to change owners or else they will bankrupt my heartac milan

    • Leonardo bonucci sends his love dear sir. He also asks when r we faithful milanisti gonna read the rich and famous suracho analysis on regular basis again

      • Let the serie a start my friend milan10. Suracho analysis only deserves the best league in the world that is serie a. I don’t do Europa league or friendly because they are down markets.

        • Your analysis hahahaha. Milan finishing 5th????? All bookmakers in the world have made us 2nd challenger at 1 to 5. First is Juve at 1 to 1.8 and 3rd is Napoli. Just because Milan10 is apple polishing you, you can save your analysis for him. You can private message him.

        • Ah i see. Well, fassobelli promise great st will arrive in 7-14 days and u dear sir promises suracho analysis continuum. Great time for us to be milanisti if u both really deliver. Im really looking forward to it mr suracho. Thank you

    • So sad for people like you hahahaha. You see Milan’s success = Chinese success whereas nobody cares whether the Chinese is successfully or not. All milan fans want Milan to be successful but you want Milan to fail. Your jealousy of Rich Chinese has turned your love for Milan into hatred. Where is Chinese money???? 210M hahaha. Elliot???? The Chinese has spent more than what milan owes Elliot hahaha haha. Elliot loaning Milan 180M and BOUGHT 120M of JUNK BONDS.

      • I don’t hate Chinese. I will gladly take suning or any other known owner because they are ambitious owners who know what they are doing and have wealth of gold in China unlike our owners whom you pray that they have some secret sugar daddy waiting in China . If you are grown enough you will know that all these are only fantasies so step out of your fairyland and revolt against our Chinese owners to go away or else watch our Milan getting crumbled by ffp.

        • Hahaha did u mention sunning? They just bought valero vecino hahaha hahahahahaha.

          Fantasies????? Action speaks louder than words. With the money spent in transfer market and the debts of 220M wiped out plus that 90M paid to Berlusconi for the losses incurred from August till April, in total its already 310M. This is more than what Sunning paid for Inter.

          • Yes it is truly said action speaks louder than words, just like suning and their global presence rather than a ck approved sugar daddy owning hen li. Please tell us where did 310 m came from? a china sugar daddy? han lis private life money? whahahahahaha

          • Approved daddy? SInce when I say they are sugar daddy. They are all business man.

            Do you understand what I am typing. The debts were wiped out which was reported not by me but by articles. How and who paid? It was reported that it was Li Yong Hong. What Han li. What are you talking about. Your reply makes no sense. Please articulate clearly what you are trying to say

        • Comment:talking like an interista,just shut ur mouth u know nothing about Milan..the money our Chinese spent in buying Milan double the amount inter were bought.. Inters transfer this summer below
          And a headless chicken from sampdoria
          Crappy squad to say the least,u are jealous of Milan… Lol

    • Where is the chinese money? Well, Lazio has some, Juventus has some, BvB has some, Atalanta has quite a bit of it, as does Raiola.

      You think the fact that we haven’t signed a striker yet means the money isn’t real? Isn’t enough? Since when does spending >200 mill on 10-12 players, and perhaps hesitating a bit on whether to spend, 30, 50, 70, or 100 mill on one additional atriker mean we are poor? Rich clubs arent rich because they throw their money away as if it’s worthless, theyre rich because they buy the right players for their sporting success without completely risking their financial stability and predictability.

      If Andre Silva is the only good signing in your opinion you just excluded yourself from any rational discussion about Milans transfer & financial situation and strategic management. Clearly, your football understanding pertains to gameplay, and is limited thereto.

      Aubameyang is a proven option, but his price is high, and it can seem like BvB has decided to keep hold of him. For good reason; Milan got pre-occupied with the Donnarumma BS and had to refocus their attention to cover a role that should not have taken more than an hour to solidify this summer.

      Bellotti is clearly a huge potential, but isn’t proven in more than one single team, not in europe and not at a top-of-the league club, for only a single season. His price-tag makes his transfer an enormous risk, as he wouldnt be the first man to flop up front at Milan in recent years. (Huntelaar, Vieri, Torres, Ricardo, Sheva on his return, Matri, Cerci, Lapadula). So, sure, dream signing, but also potentially a nightmare signing, if he flops.

      Morata made a different choice. That’s part of business and a part of sport. Nothing to blame Fassone and Mirabelli for.

      The Elliot hedgefund? Not a problem, as long as revenue growth matches expectations. Seeing >60k fans at san siro for the craiova game makes me think thir somewhat audacious predictions may actually come through. Clearly, the excitement of being back in Europe, having a lot of high-profile arrivals come in and finally keeping a coach for consecutive seasons, has been anticioated and planned for. I am delighted to watch the direction the new owners are taking Milan.

      There will be a new striker. I would loce both Aubameyang or Bellotti, at the right price, cause the backups are there in case it fails. Silva and Cutrone can adequately cover the central striker position, with all these goal scoring midfielders we have in the group (Suso, Calhanoglu, Bonaventura, Rodriguez, Conti, Locatelli and Kessie are all good finishers with an eye for goal and a proven track record of getting themselves into dangeous situations) until january or possibly next summer, when CL qualification will habe reduced one hurdle for top class players to join Milan. Thw added advantage of having certain players gain a year more experience before we shell out 100 mill on a one-season wunderkid or 100 mill on a player whose characteristics may be excellent in Germany, but harder to place within a team that is still just starting to gel is another reason why i am not stressed out by the lack of a high profile striker.

      I’m not too excited by Kalinic, but then again, i wasn’t about Lapadula either, and he really surprised me, despite a rather horrible goal scoring record. Kalinic may not be the superstar he is.being listed with in Milan trandfer rumours, but the man does hab a goap scorers instinct. If that’s what Montella feels is missing for his attacking play and forward movements, i would rsther see a relativelysuccesful 30 mill signing than a high flop risk 100 million euro man.

      • spot on.
        enjoyed reading your comment.
        we invested 200 mil in almost a whole starting line up
        let montella have his guy
        for me this is a worthy milan
        even me would love to have seen a star striker
        but sometimes a whole team with players who complete each other
        can win more then just allone blinking stars
        we may have bought for 200 million
        a star constellation
        from far a galaxy
        from close little stars forming a union
        great times are coming for us

      • Hello Vinnie. I like your comment but if we were ambitious and so rich none of this obstacles would have mattered. Look at psg and mbappe. Do you think monaco would have sold their gem to their local rivals psg for around 150 mill? Money talks my friend. If you have money you rule the world. If you have money you don’t care whether the player you bought will flop or not. I have a problem with Milan fans in China who had #wearesorich scarfs. If we were so rich we would have bought auba and given Dortmund whatever they need and make it hard for Barcelona to buy Dembele but it looks like it’s the other way round here. As someone on this blog said earlier that you don’t buy so many players to have kalinic Cutrone as your second striker.

        • Hahaha. PSG of course is richer. They are a state owned club.

          Anyway in terms of amount spend, they have only spent 200M just like us. They did buy a LB and sold a CF but they amount isn’t noteworthy.

          Give other clubs the money hahaha. Nobody paid 80M for Aubamayang when he was 26. Now that he’s 28 or 29 still 80M hahahahaha. Wealth and stupidity are 2 different things.

        • Why should we pay 150 mil for a single player, with that money you can comfortably buy half of a very good squad and in any way i think if u buy a player for that kind of money you become volnurable in the future cause everyone will start making higher demands 🙂

        • “If you have money you don’t care whether the player you bought will flop or not.”

          Oh yes, you care a tonne. You move on a flopping player before his value diminishes, so you cut your losses. Do you see Inter with Kondogbia right now? They don’t just give him away, they want to regain as much as possible, thoigh some of the 40+ they paid a year ago is surely lost. Trust me, Suning cares about loosing perhaps 20 mill on a player after 12 months.

          Monaco have ways been a selling club. Maicon, Falcao… nothing new with Mbappe. Monaco knownthey cannot fight woth PSG on money, but that doesnt rule them out in the league, does ot?

          I didn’t see any scarves, but that is a bit silly. Still, what a few fans do has no bearing on milans finances. We aren’t trying to be the richest, we are trying to be the best. This isn’t about showing off.

          There’s a reason our transfer budget this summer was listed as 50 mill + revenue from player sales. 200 mill later we’re still talking about shelling out 75 mill for Bellotti or 80 mill for Auba. A cunning move, as RR would surely have cost a lot more had we announced we were gonna spend 300 mill. So would Musacchio and the other early transfers. Milan thusly got a lot out of the money they had, probably much better value for money than PSG has, spending 370 mill on Mbappe and Neymar. Our need was not one superstar striker, it was improving the squad in all positions. Now, with that done, we still may buy a superstar striker, spending less than PSG did on two players. My guess is that Milan care much less about one of our players flopping than PSG does about Mbappe flopping, despite them having a lot more money than us.

        • You again.! Gosh!Suracho or whatever your name is. Please stop this. I will repeat my comments
          Your comments are so irritating and repulsive. You sound like a person who has no knowledge and comprehensive abilities in about modern football. So let me educate you. Kalinic was totally Montells’s choice. He is the coach and he craves a striker like him. The current transfer market slams huge sums on players who have not even proven themselves at big stages. In one season we evolved from a club who only purchased players on free transfer to one who at least buys potentials at huge bargains. When Juventus came from the second division after the scandal, they kept signing and signing. From mediocre to average to potentials to experience to big players because building a competitive team is a process. 10 players in one season with just 150 million is commendable. I am proud of the Chinese and the effort they are making to turn Milan into a powerhouse. I recommend you avoid putting unpatriotic comments on this platform as it is one for those who love milan unconditionally. Cheers!

      • Where is the money?

        Biglia – 17 M + bonuses
        R. Rodriguez 18 M
        Musacchio 18 M + bonuses
        Bonucci 42 M
        Andre Silva 38 M
        A. Donnarumma 1,5 M
        Conti 22 M + 3 M next year
        Kessié 9 M + 20 M in 2019
        Calhanoglu 22 M + 3 bonuses
        Borini 1 M loan + 5 M buyout
        Donnarumma, Suso: contract renewal.

        And it’s not over yet, we want a striker too.

    • You are a disgrace and not worth d blood of milanista a true supporter stay’s behind his club even down to relegation zone.am not supporting fassone or mirabelli neither the new Chinese owner.am supporting my true RED &BLACK. U should be ashamed of your comments if you can keep with the new project and it’s progress den go support yeovil or Catania or parma maybe don’t support at all we are happy with the progress and we will keep praying for our beloved ROSSONERI with or without u hater.

      • I don’t like the new owners does not mean I do not support Milan
        If Milan gets success I will be the happiest man alive deep inside just like you Gallo .

        • Well, dude, then get on the train. Enjoy the moment. It’s looking good. Even if we have to deal with FFP down the line, it’s fantastic to see the improvements this summer. Over the next three years we can build to become a powerhouse in football again and enjoy many more CL nights.

          Milan revenues were minimal in recent seasons. Ticket sales, merchandise, TV rights. There is a lot of room for growth and there is no debt to contend with. Personally I am not worried. Besides, milan, to me, will always have a lot of memories of Maldini, meaning the Berlusconi presidency and so, considering his politics and morals, whoever the Chinese financiers are, they’re unlikely to be a whole lot shader than what I am used to accepting as the owners of my team.

          Forza Milan.

    • Your comments are so irritating and repulsive. You sound like a person who has no knowledge and comprehensive abilities in about modern football. So let me educate you. Kalinic was totally Montells’s choice. He is the coach and he craves a striker like him. The current transfer market slams huge sums on players who have not even proven themselves at big stages. In one season we evolved from a club who only purchased players on free transfer to one who at least buys potentials at huge bargains. When Juventus came from the second division after the scandal, they kept signing and signing. From mediocre to average to potentials to experience to big players because building a competitive team is a process. 10 players in one season with just 150 million is commendable. I am proud of the Chinese and the effort they are making to turn Milan into a powerhouse. I recommend you avoid putting unpatriotic comments on this platform as it is one for those who love milan unconditionally. Cheers!

  3. Kallinic is so underrated and I don’t understand why Milan fans on this blog dislike him.

    He’s better than Bacca in holding up the ball and linking up with the midfield.

    He’s exactly the type of player that fits into Montella’s formation and tactics.

    He’s also good with both feet and in the air unlike Bacca who is one footed and easily gets man handled off the ball.

    If we could also get Diego Costa or Belotti before the window closes then we will definitely challenge Juventus this season for the scudetto.

    Good signing in my opinion if Fassone and Maribelli pulls it off.

    • “He’s better than Bacca in holding up the ball and linking up with the midfield.” nope, he’s actually a poacher. A taller, slighty more skillful bacca. A poor man’s suker

      • Berardi would have been a better fit out of the 3. The young Italian could be the sensation of next season in Seria A having been dogged by injury last season.

    • @nick. I hope you will be the one to tell me “I told you so” otherwise it would be bad news for the both of us as I don’t believe Kallinic will be an upgrade. The only reason he will likely put on the red black is because Bonucci interrupted with Milan’s transfer budget although it’s a good buy. Otherwise Milan would have had 70Million for a high profile striker. But who knows. That could still happen.

  4. I don’t know what it is and I don’t know why, but I am so against this deal. Maybe it’s because I’m begging for aubemayang or that we were linked with world class strikers and then get him. It seems like a galliani type deal. If we do buy him then I’ll support him, and in any case I truly hope he makes me eat my words, but I’d rather keep bacca until we can get belotti or aubameyang… News today is that aubameyang had an interview and never fully committed his future to Dortmund. Maybe a transfer still in the works.. I hope so he’s top notch. Would be our best signing over already incredible signings

  5. -Out of topic-
    1) im watching man city playing fairly well right now. Guardiola bought quality attacking fullbacks so he switches to 3-5-2 to maximize the damage. Smart coach, overrated but smart nonetheless. Mind u, this is the very guy who helped popularize 4-3-3. Get it?
    2) vladimir putin, arguably one of the best, smartest world leaders of our time, is actually former kgb member. What many people didnt know’s that Kgb actually stands for: king giacomo bonad10nho. rumor has it that putin still seeks advice to beat us clowns like hellary or lolbama from the king every now and then. The. King. Is. Not. Dead.

    • Milan10 I actually believe montella is going to play a 3-5-2 formation, if not why buy another striker? Don’t tell me Andre Silva was bought for 40m to sit on the bench

  6. Forza milan
    i have follow and know kalinic for a long time during is blackbuck day,i would prefer we keep bacca to that flop

  7. Suracho I see the pressure in you.
    You are not milan fans. what you see will soon come to hurt you.

    By the way I merely support Kalinic to milan, for I remember inzaghi, so let all support this new restructuring.

    • But Kallinic hasn’t done even half of what Inzaghi has done on club and international level. All we can say is to hope that Kallinic eventually turns out good if he gets bought. Everyone has his or her own beliefs. And mine is that he is just no good for a teem that what to be competitive at the highest level let alone be dominant. The papers said that how Milan finishes the market is just as important as how they started it. Unfortunately many Milan fans are just to enthusiastic to realise the weight of that statement. Even though there is now 4 spots for the CL. But there are the big 5 fighting for the spot which still puts Milan as a potential risk not to make it. And having a big personality upfront would be a big help and I’m just not convince that Kallinic can do the job scoring in every third game.

      • How many champions league final did Inzaghi habe under his belt qhen he came to milan at the turn of the century? How old was he when he sealed the victory in Athens?

        It isn’t accurate to expect a player to have a resume like Inzaghis at a younger age – Pippo did some of his very best work in the later stages of his career, and played in better teams than Kalinic ever has for most of his career, with Juve and Milan at the time miles ahead of everyone but Inter, Roma and Lazio.

        • Ricardo RODRIGUEZ is an excellent player, Lucas Biglia is an excellent player, Musacchio is an excellent defender, Andre Silva, Hakan and Andrea Conti are excellent hot prospects. Enough ???

          • But what have they DONE though? The excelled in a team that competed for nothing, just like Kalanic; except he did it for a seria a team. Market wise, he’s about the same level as those you mentioned (see e.g. price), except for Biglia perhaps which is world class.

  8. In truly this mercato’s cherry on top signing would have been Aubameyang or Belotti but being that Torino’s asking price is Outrageous for a player yet to touch european football and Dortmund trying its hardest to keep its best players especially because Dembelle likes the idea of Barcelona….i have warmed up to the signing of Kalinic,he offers more team wise than Bacca with the same amount of goals,he holds up the ball well and i can see him being the experienced partner Andre silva can really thrive under. Kalinic is a better signing than Falcoa or Diego costa(who is a liability and see’s us as a bridge to get away from chelsea and until Athletico can do business) the only better signing that would be better in my opinion that would become available soon by default is Cavanni. We all know the situation with zalatan’s agent and i prefer the club to avoid him at all cost its bad enough we still have to do business with him because of Donnaruma,Abate and Bonaventura

  9. If he’s Montella’s personal choice then why not?

    Aubameyang – Hard for B.Dortmund to let him leave considering the fact that they are losing Dembele.

    Belotti – He’s my personal choice but i will not like to see Milan bow to greedy Cairo’s demand. Belotti has done great for a season and would be too risky at €70m talkless €100m.

    Costa – His agents has been trying over the past 3 weeks to join Milan but he insists on keeping his promises to Simone for Athletico. His lawyer is threatening to take Chelsea to court so he could be freed to join Athletico and he openly said Costa only wants Athletico.

    Who else is available? Falcao? Its a NO for me.

    Kalinic is a Milan fan and has openly expressed love for Milan even to the detriment of his image in Florence, I believe he might not be the icing on the cake striker we all crave for but he could turn out great in this new Milan.

    • i agree
      better a team player who is good with both feeds can score from far and in the air
      can link up bring players in to game (that would be making suso a more killer winger)
      and silva will benefit from him too
      as silva is used to play on the wing for portugal
      i guess we all having flying high with so many singings and the hope of a big star up front
      but sometimes u also can have goals by havin a klose type player
      and most importand i guy who want to sweat for milan
      i support montella
      he is the man
      it is his game
      and if he knows this player
      he knows what he will get and hot to use him
      next year we get a more explosive belotti
      vamos lets stand behind coach and team as the 12. man
      milan for ever

  10. I would have preferred Aubameyang or Belotti like many of us here but what can I say,the options are limited right now, so if he comes I will support him and i know he will definitely offer more than Bacca and before anybody starts blabbing about montella buying fiorentina team, know that if montella really wanted montella we would have bought him since so he’s like a plan c

    • Kalinic is not so bad, he is a killer, he’s strong, has a good header, a good shot, I think he’s ok for now, we will see in the future who will come to us but for now Kalinic is ok.

      • I agree Alex, we had high hope when we bought bacca, berto and balo but they didn’t live up to expectation. T’was the average purchases like bona, suso and kuco that saved us many times. So hopefully he can do the same.

  11. Kalinic is better (but not much) version of Borini, a striker who score less but sacrifice himself for the team but absolutly not a 25m kind of striker, Toro plan Simeone as his replacement (15-20m only), why don’t we going for Simeone?
    i wont disapointed if we sign Kalinic (we’re rich after all) cuz Montela think he fit our formation, most important thing is Cutrone must stay!
    we don’t need Badejl cuz we’ve Locatelli & Zanelatto, in case if Sosa (or/& Monty) left he (or best R. Sanchez) can be better replacement,
    i think if we failed to sign Auba/Belotti/Costa, buy Kalinic then get Zlatan, he’s free, good for marcedise, can act as a bait for big players to come & won us games (atleast vs small team)

  12. milanista
    imagine where we have been
    hiding under the table
    could not see milan play
    getting sick seen player wear this shirt who would not even run and get millions
    now finaly we have a WORTHLY DEFENCE
    great wings
    a STRONG middlefeld
    and great players upfront
    most importand
    what can we want more
    why not get a players montella KNOWS
    as silva can play on the wing
    that would make two deadly young wingers suso and silva
    where a tall guy who can USE BOTH FEETS
    can score from far and fromt the air
    who can link up and feed players
    will make silva and suso killer wingers
    with calkanoglu rodriguez and conti
    kalinic will get what he is good for
    balls to his head
    where he can explore his strenghts
    the star will come next year
    we have belotti next year
    this is the year of locatelli – cutrone
    lets stop to become greedy children
    who are not happy becouse daddy could just affort a simple bike
    and not the bmx we wished for
    lets be happy
    kalinic will just be the point what montella needs
    A 433
    this is not our fifa manager
    this is real world
    we are the fans
    and should be THANKFULL

  13. We have spent fire in this transfer market, less not forget that there is still more transfer to come I believe then our target will be ready for capture kalinic is 29years old good with d head and both leg’s ,return’s back to hustle for the ball I don’t like him so long he is a milan fan just like me DAT make me love him more and will support him wearing the red and black Jersey. So fellas let’s see and finger’s crossed for a better campaign. Forza Milan as for [email protected] I repeat please stop deceiving yourself

  14. Yeah, he’s not the world class striker that we were hoping for. Honestly, I never saw us shelling 100 mil or so considering the prices we paid so far. I don’t think we have the funds. And for 25 mil, there are not many better options out there, especially considering Montella doesn’t want Bacca,

    He can give aerial threat and coverage which we don’t have enough of, and he’s also better in the link up play (but by no means great). All CL contenders (plus Torino) have better strikers than us; let’s hope our defense and midfield can rise to the occasion.

    But it’s going to a battle for places 3-4, a real fight between us Roma, Inter, maybe Lazio and some random Cinderella team.

  15. Definitely not my first choice but an improvement over Bacca in that he can actually run with the ball and even link up occasionally. There’s talk of still getting another striker as well but my worry is what will happen to Cutrone.

  16. Kalinic to milan is like a pink bugatti chiron. Bugatti is bugatti, and you forgive the color for the car, but still. Why not choose a better color if you now buying a bugatti.

    I really hope we DONT sign this as the completion of your building. kalinic have no business in milan, another players we are going to pay millions to for sitting on the bench next season.

    Include this in the contract, when montella is sacked, kalinic automaticly follows montella where he goes

  17. There were reports Milan has 60-70 millions still available mostly for a striker. It was also reported they had an offer of 70+Palleta+Niang turned down for Belotti. If they buy Kalinić for 25-30 then maybe we can expect another purchase? Midfield? Defense? Wings?

    What about Arkadiusz Milik of Napoli for attack? He is also available

    • something is going on
      why would mirabelli and co
      offer 70 + paletta+niang
      if they would just have 30-35 for a striker like calciomercado wrote
      i would not mind to get
      25 a air proven both feedet international expirienced team player striker
      and a nother great speedy tricky winger for the rest
      lets wish the smiles of mirabelli and co
      have some surprises for us

  18. Comment: montella is a good coach who knows what he wants and to bring about the best in his players, last season he took a bunches of players whom were flop in the previous season before his arrival as the head coach with little or not much financial back up to get the players he wanted, which saw the arrival of the like of lapadula,sosa,marti fernandez, mario pasalic , gostavo gomez arriving with some of this players been taken on a season loan he still manage them beat juventus twice(in seria A and in the supercup) giving milan it first trophy in last past five years and had some impressive run in the first half of seria A, only for injuries to keys members of the squad to bring the club run of impressive result to an end but he still manage despites the injuries and suspension of his players to finish in europa leagues spot, if you still doubt the coach choice of players then here are the players some of us doubted that he transform into world class players; pasalic the chelsea loan just 19 years old he build him into an important squad member, suso is another player who was a big flop in the previous season before montella arrival last season transforming him from world class flop to world class player, locatelli gave him his debut against champion juventus and he not only impress but score the winner at the age of 18, lastly defoleu taking him on loan as one of worst premier league flop then turn him to world class player on a five month loan then everyone who called him flop were now showering him with praises then barcelona who has his buy back clause now take him back, in barcelona last friendly game he score and provide two assist,clear your doubt montella is the right coach and he knows what he is doing.

  19. Ok fassobelli, aubemayang basically screamed for you guys to go for him. On an Instagram livestream just now he said he wants milan but what can he do? Then he imitates the San sir commentator citing his name and the empty number 7! My god go for this guy, him and torreira we’re winning a scudetto!! Aubemayang desperately wants to come even turned down China and only wants to join us!!

  20. I still want Auba to be our first choice striker. If we have offered Belotti 70m + 2 players than logically we can offer 70-80m for experienced & proven world class striker. We don’t need to spend 80m directly in this mercato, we can divide that amount with installment agreement, we know that Fasobelli are smart to get the job done with effective and efficient. AND, hey it’s not just Kalinic who wants to join us, Auba wants it too.
    Auba: “I’d love to come back, but if they are sleeping, what can I do?” (from Football Italia)

    BUT if in the end we go for Kalinic, I will support him ofc

    PLUS it will be good for Cutrone to stay with us, even another striker arrives

    Forza Milan

  21. Aubameyang wants to come, I just saw his Instagram video where he says “number 7 is free,I want them but they are sleeping” well its up to fassobelli now

  22. Milan were targetting auba/morata/belloveratted but had to settle for silva and apparently kalinic.
    Milan were targetting james but had to settle for hakan.
    Milan were targetting renato but now theyre targetting badelj apparently because his first name is milan not because of his football skills. Why arent milan targetting pastore or kovacic again?
    Bonucci is fantastic signing but milan werent even targetting him, its bonucci (and his agent) that offered himself to milan.
    Those facts prove that prestige and money alone arent enough. A club has to perform well in the league and ucl to lure creme of the crop players in. Hopefully milan can do even better next 5-6 mercati, like milan of old

      • Yh…y arent we targeting Pastore? Neymar jux came and took away the number 10 jersey hes been wearing this preseason. I dont believe hes happy abt that. Moreover it doesnt seem like he’ll be getting lots of playing time. Afterall he did say he wants to play for Milan one day. So y not now?

  23. i hope you guys who mock kalinic had already watch his whole match…not only watch compilation in yo*tube an then you judge him ‘cannot do this,cannot do that’. He is top striker in serie A,and more complete then bacca



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