Donadoni and Bologna show interest in signing Cutrone, Crotone also want to have the 19-year-old Milan striker

Patrick Cutrone during Milan-Craiova at Stadio San Siro on August 3, 2017. (Photo by Emilio Andreoli/Getty Images)
Patrick Cutrone during Milan-Craiova at Stadio San Siro on August 3, 2017. (Photo by Emilio Andreoli/Getty Images)

Patrick Cutrone has been a target of Crotone for a while and now it’s suggested that Roberto Donadoni also has his eyes of the player.

Not many would have bet on Cutrone to be one of the most impressive of the summer, as he netted four times, and became the second youngest Milan player in history after Alexandre Pato to score in the red & black jersey in Europe.

Vincenzo Montella claimed there is no intention on the part of the club or the player to part ways but that could change based on the mercato movements.

Milan are still in a market for a striker and if one arrives then it is not rules out that Cutrone will leave on loan. According to, in addition to Crotone, Bologna & ex-Milan man Donadoni have also taken a liking to Patrick.

Crotone have already signed Giovanni Crociata, who scored against Lugano in the first pre-season match, from Milan on a permanent basis. Cutrone has said that he wants to stay at Milan.


  1. U want cutrone signor donadoni? Then try to impress fassobelli and li family this season, that way they’ll sign u therefore u can train him here at milan. Win – win solution for everyone

    • Oh come on, not every young talent becomes great player… Look at Mastour and Cristante for example.

      Coach and many staff members surely think for hours about this kind of decisions, they see them off the field and on trainings too. Few youtube clips doesen’t make you great player.

      Yes, we missed some talents but how many players per year we reject and they are trash? 99 of 100 are not gopd enough..

      • Crociata and Mastour over Borini any day if the question is of ”depth” in case of Borini.
        And Hamadi and la Ferrara.

        Not everyone will be a gem but they deserve to be the chance of being the back up if our definition of back up is Borini.

    • And what did Crociata do that was so great? Let’s stop with this senseless BS – they sold him because he wasn’t good enough to be Milan material, plain and simple. Same thing was said about Mastour and Cristante and both didn’t turn out good. People here complain about everything. They want Milan to play all their young players but then again, they complain when Milan loses – if you want to play all your players, you will loose a lot before you win and fans aren’t patient. So why don’t we stop bitching and enjoy the beautiful Mercado we had this summer? Milan is going in the right direction and that’s a positive sign.

      • They do the same with Aubameyang and now he is one of the best strikers, with Vieira and then he became a legend for Arsenal…etc…

        • Yea, but he wasn’t one of the best strikers when he was here!
          Plus, our first team was stacked.
          You never know what a player is going to become later in their career. You just work based on what you see now.

          This isn’t FIFA where you can see a numerical potential.

  2. Milan have not had a youth side this good ever, Donnarumma could potentially surpass Buffon and there is Locatelli, Calabria, Cutrone while I believe that Milan will likely regret letting Cristante and Petagna, go and especially Vido and Pessina who are outstanding, yet Crociata could be the best of them all. So take your pick because they are all in the A-TEAMS. Yes that’s right. So to end the Cutrone Saga, I think Milan just have to wait for the next Europa league games when Cutrone will likely score again if he does not bag more than one goals because he spits goals. I just hope he keeps on showing what he can do. Then Milan will realise that if there is anybody who is closer to MVB, it’s not Andre Silva who Montella thinks is the dutch man. Andre has nothing in common with any of the former Milan leading strikers and Ballon d’or winners MVB, Gullit, Weah, Sheva, Kaka in the last 3 decades . Call me Crazy, But at this point I will not trade Cutrone for any of the strikers Milan are being linked with and that includes Silva. If anyone comes, they should be ready to partner with Cutrone. I don’t the kid will easily be disposed because deep down I think he knows that he can fight with anybody for the striking spot and he is doing just that. Milan must go all out for Cutrone.

    • “Milan have not had a youth side this good ever,” baresi, maldini, costacurta, evani, panucci, toldo, antonioli, ambrosini all say buongiorno.
      So if cutrone is san marco’s heir then milan already have Mastour the next zizou AND san marco’s heir, according to u. I dont know about u but the day zidane 2.0 make match winning assist to van basten 2.0 in ucl final, giving milan 8th ucl trophy, i’ll die a happy man

      • Milan10 is right – KLUM’s post is very inaccurate. Curtone looks promising but lets not say he is the best – he is nowhere near any of the strikers we are liked with. According to KLUM, Milan should approach Belotti, Costa or Auba and tell them they should be ready to partner Curtone – wtf are you on dude? Put the bottle down, you’ve had enough to drink!

        • Oh common, Klum might have exaggerated a little bit, but we just have to get the point of his comment, we hurriedly let Auba leave at a tender age now we are begging for his signature, Cutrone should be given more playing time or loaned out, NOT outright sale, Mbappe is 18yrs old and is commanding the world because somebody trusted him and gave him a chance, same goes for The Maradonna of Goalkeepers, all thanks to Miha.
          Montella seems to have a liking for Cutrone anyway, saying he sees his zeal to play and he reminds him of himself.
          Cutrone might not be MVB, but he can be a decent striker, who can be very useful in the nearest future especially at a time where strikers cost much more than gold.

      • @Milan10. Milan haven’t had a youth side this good. I did NOT say that Milan haven’t had youth players this good. Shouldn’t you be be smart enough to know the difference since you think you are in a better position to correct me always on my tail, can’t wait to make jest of me? For your information all of the above players you mentioned are not from the same time although they crossed eras. Baresi retired in 1997. Panuzci is not from the Milan youth team but Genoa. Evans retired in 1999. Which leaves just Maldini, Costacurta and Toldo, and Ambrosini who retire around 2010 with Albertini retiring in 2005. Right now Milan have more youth players from the youth side than ever having already sold others. is Calabria, Cutrone, Donannarumma, Locatelli, Zanellato and Gabbia who are all immense talents otherwise they won’t even be warming the Milan bench since it’s arguably harder for a youngster to make it into the Milan senior side. You must have something special. Plus there is crociata, Pessina, felicioli snapped by the serial a sides. And there is De Sanctis as well. That makes it 10 hugely talented youngsters who have all from the same time. Finally I find your impending Mastour comments and now Cutrone’s is rather offensive. Whether I’m right or wrong on the issue gives you no right to go on harassing with jest. We all have freedom to say what we want without being subjects as victims and called names. And I won’t stoop low to that level. So just back off.

        • like i said, milan have always had great primavera graduates in every era. Maldini, costacurta, albertini came from same era, likewise cudicini, toldo and antonioli. Have i mentioned astori, auba, darmian, cristante, paloschi yet? Like i said, milan have always had great players coming from their academy, its just that previous milan coaches before miha never had the balls to trust, let alone play them. Its not surprising at all that milan have potential youngsters.
          Calabria, cutrone, crociata etc are potentially good players but theyre reserve players so stop overrating them. Judging by ur comments, u have habit of overrating milan’s youngsters. Loca is better version of busquets, like really? Let them prove themselves first like maldini or baresi then talk. Ajax of van gaal, now thats young side. This milan, not so much

  3. What, Crociata is permanent? I thought he left us on loan only…
    I hope Cutrone stays, whether a new striker joins or not, he will be needed, as we will need more than two strikers.

  4. we sold Crociata & now Cutrone while Niang, Borini & Bacca still here, wtf is happening???
    i don’t want to say but we need Galliani (or someone like him) as director of selling, he’s good in selling garbage,

  5. Niang, palleta, zapata and motolivo have no numbers in Ac Milan, I wonder why they had to bring in Borini, yet there was some one like Gazzel on a free transfer. we need one more midfielder for depth, a striker and a winger. we should try Bamba of st etiene. Peace, we are going to beat team wait and see pipo, Milan forever

  6. Calm my friends, there are no talks about selling Cutrone, the worst possibility is just dry loan. BUT, personally, I think it will be good that Cutrone stays with us, train among great players here, play in Coppa and EL, even some Seria A matchs

    About Crociata, he already go to Crotone.. So, let him prove himself first. If he proved himself, let’s bring him home again
    Don’t forget our great mercato so far haha

    Forza Milan

    • Cutrone will stay with us and will be a very good striker for Milan. Please calm down ! He extended his contract with Milan until 2021 !!!

  7. If he doesn’t have a place here, he should be sold. Think about the players as well. They aren’t toy manikins; they are professional football players who need to play in order to advance their career. Most of all our youngsters, more than 90% I would say, will not be able to make the cut. Like good parents, we also must know when to let go.



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