Biglia diagnosed with a lesion to his thigh femoral bicep muscle, recovery time estimated to be four weeks

Lucas Biglia during training at Milanello. (
Lucas Biglia during training at Milanello. (

Lucas Biglia has been ruled out for a month after suffering muscular injury.

The former Lazio captain joined the Rossoneri last month, and a day before he was supposed to make his debut in a friendly against Real Betis, the 31-year-old midfielder picked up an injury.

“After today’s tests, Biglia was diagnosed with a lesion to his left thigh femoral bicep muscle. His time of recovery will depend on the evolution of the clinical picture and is estimated to be approximately four weeks,” a statement on Milan’s website reads.

The Argentine will therefore miss the two Europa League playoff matches against KF Shkëndija on August 17th and August 24th and the Serie A matches against Crotone on August 20th and Cagliari on August 27th. It is also possible that he will miss the encounter at Stadio Olimpico against the Biancocelesti on September 10th. He will most likely be ready against Udinese on September 17th.

With Biglia out for the next month, coach Vincenzo Montella will have to rely on Montolivo and Locatelli. There are also suggestions that regardless of Biglia’s injury, Milan Badelj is still considered.


  1. Btw, I looked at Biglia’s stat numbers (interceptions, passes, tackles, etc) last season and it was up there among Europe’s best midfielders.

    Get well soon. Milan needs you

    • Because Montella wants to turn milan into fiorentina just like allegri tried to turned milan into cagliari with the permission of galliani. None of these coaches are worth milan. Only a coach who UNDERSTAND that milan is milan, is worthy being milan coach. Montella will be sacked, mark my words. He is as pathetic as allegri was. Digusting acutally. And oh yeah, both preferred 433 even though milan didnt have the players for it. Both are not even worth serie b teams.

      To montella agian, go and su*k your own ****

      • what are you on about @perfect 10?
        Both Montella and Allegri are worthy managers what has either of them done to warrant comments like that? Allegri was the last manager to win something with us and he’s done a fantastic job with Juventus since or have you failed to notice he’s won the league with them since he’s gotten there and got them to TWO champions league finals only to be beaten by a team no other team on earth could beat
        Max Allegri is a top class coach full stop
        And you also think Montella is a joke? Your the joke
        Have you any idea how hard it would be to manage a club the size of Ac Milan with little to nothing and still get us to a European spot with a squad as poor as ours?
        There’s so many people on here complaining all the time that I wonder are there any actual fans here?
        There’s a few commentators on here like Ink, Milan 10 and a few others whom I don’t always agree with but still enjoy arguing or agreeing with because there real fans and understand what there talking about and would argue till deaths door to prove there point but then there’s so many idiots who talk absolute rubbish you’d wonder why you’d come on here in the first place

        • 100% agree
          to be fan is loyalty
          but this newly money flow made some mushrooms gow
          sometimes it feels like reading real madrid fan page
          with a win all smile-by a loose smash the whole boat
          people have no patience anymore
          football has changed
          with all this no mans clubs turning in multi billion teams
          fans change ther point like socks
          i support milan since 1999
          have passed the years with sheva fall in to the ones with matris and constants
          now we rise again
          i like montella
          he is a young choach
          but like any human he will learn to get flexibale
          it is up to the managemant finaly to build a strong force and give trust
          in the choach
          wo already gives trust in our youth
          wasnt that what we all cryed for years
          finaly having a root
          dona -calabria-loca-cutrone
          i could have not wished a better outcome
          was a bit wear selling to chinese
          but they impressed me
          it is time for us fans to grow
          and become the 12 man
          that milan can rise
          awake from the sleepen
          if bacca goes or kalinic comes
          what does it bother me
          we have a amazing young milan chore
          we have a strong defence with bonucci musa and roma
          we have finaly some middlefeld
          this is something to build on
          we might loose games
          in the end FINALY we are on the right track

          • So you think Max is a poor coach?
            So he’s time at Milan wasn’t hampered by the fact B&G did everything they could to disrupt him by signing rubbish players and undermining his every move?
            You’ve got it all wrong and really showing your ignorance

      • I have been here most times keeping mute reading people’s comment and never commented.
        At times you wonder if those commenting here where never a milan fan?? How can you say such about a club you love with your heart? Unless you are not loyal.
        When allegri was sacked after that game against ssasuolo, I knew we made a great mistake and I knew we where going to be punished for it. And we got punished for 3 yrs no European competiton for us. We lost fans, we lost prestige, we lost pride, almost everything then Allegri went on to Juventus and dominated the league and no other f**king coach Could stop him till now. That shows you quality, and how stupid for us to have let go the best thing in the league then. With allegri the worst finish mIlam had was 3rd place and that was a team that was declining. Cos we sold our pillars at the same time to PSG mehn!!!! I don’t know which big team does that. What we have PSG made them rule french league up until last season.
        And now the first time montella was approved milan s coach I looked at him that another joker is here due to his previous season with sampdoria. Especially the first game against Torino that we almost lost 2 point thanks to Donnarumma last minute penalty save. Then I said it’s only a matter of time before we start loosing again.
        But the day we faced Juventus and Montella s boys defeated them with the upcoming talent and loanee s we had that was the day I saw hope and began to believe in Montella then I started reading and watching you tube videos about the coach. He then moved up to 3rd position on the table mehn at that point I began to fill maybe milan will be the surprise of the season. But we just made our mark that we are back. He then faced Juventus 3 times that season and montella won 2. And lost 1 even the one he lost it was just one goal difference and thats due to we not having depth in the team. So what more do you want from a coach that brought out something out of nothing????
        Milan should sack this one and we will see how far we will come. I know it’s only a matter of time before we will start dominating again.
        FORZA MILAN!!!!!

      • Allegri won the title with Milan and 3 titles in a row with Juve, with 2 runners up in Champions league and you say Allegri is not a good coach ??? pERFECT10 stop saying bullshits !!! Allegri in this moment is one of the best managers in Europe, Allegri means performance, how could you say Allegri is pathetic ?? You are pathetic, my friend !!

  2. It’s a real shame that his time with us starts with an injury. I was looking forward to seeing him in action in UEL playoff. In any case let’s hope locatelli takes his chances well. We need to get used to injuries as well, coz this season is going to be very long​.

    Get well soon biglia. I hope you are available for the Lazio game which if I am not mistaken in in week 3. I’m hoping loca will keep us well covered in biglia’s absence.

  3. This is a Milan tradition. Please, if somebody go back and make a research about how many NEW players are INJRUIED within the first DAYS signed in milan, we have a world record on that one.

    Milan always announce new sigings to be inuried, please look this up. What is this? A tradition accroding to me

    • Biglia is injury prone so this didn’t come as a surprise. He plays on a average around 24 league games a year. That should ring a bell.

    • Footballers get injuries… its part of the game… since you think its milan tradition to injure their players at arrival makes me question your sanity.

  4. Damn. Well, Loca will step up, but we will need Lucas fit asap, as he is one of our most important signings without a doubt, will give both stability and leadership to our midfield which it really misses… at least in theory, hope it will be so on the pitch too. Wish you a speedy recovery Lucas!

  5. Relying on Montolivo is worst than Arsenal relyirelying on Ozil. Two overpaid and overrated midfielders.

    Locatelli hands down.

  6. Again with these injuries … I really wanted Biglia and Bonucci to start the season off. Oh well, at least it’s at a position we have backup for.

  7. a bit luck we always have.
    the time biglica is out-he misses some considered weak teams we need to play
    this is a perfect time for locatelli to step up like he showed last year
    i believe 100% in locatelli
    this boy will be with kessie a rock in the future
    wath a milan we have now
    cant wait this team to grow
    finaly having the feeling
    `damm cant wait to see the next game“
    even if we loose or win
    just to know
    that finaly we have A WORTHLY MILAN TEAM
    thank u chinese guys and old inter workers
    football is a world language
    people just need to belive in the project
    could some one imagine this old inter guys turned out
    to buy us a team
    what me personaly could not have dreamt of
    end get well soon biglica
    you are the master for our boy loca

  8. No ,one gonna care those player’s don’t know each other.
    This is the reason Montella going to be fire, a team with 20 some player’s have to playing a friendly game every 6,7,8 days. (10 New player’s)

  9. What a drag. Honestly though, this is just a taste of whats to come. If anyone really watches football, milan in particular, he’d know injuries are just part of fooball. I just hope milanlab can do better treating biglia and romagnoli injuries than how they treated san marco, gullit, nesta, kaka, pato and el sha. I dont trust milanlab at all. Maybe chinese owners can improve milanlab by merging western medicine as we know it with eastern one (acupuncture, herbal med, meditation, hell even buy out the greatest witch/alchemist practice/franchise in asia)?

    Regarding badelj, like i said, why doesnt montella just cry to his chinese sugardaddies so they can buy fiorentina out for around 200m for him, that way he can play around with any fiorentina player he likes? Also, if he’s gonna hijack fiorentina then at least use 3-5-2 just like in his fiorentina days goddammit

    • The thing about the Milan Lab is that I’ve read from several ex players that it’s a state of the art complex and one of the best they’ve ever seen,
      David Beckham was blown away by it and he’s been at Carrickton with Manchester United and also Real Madrids and he put the Milan Lab above both, he accredits Milan with finding a problem with his back teeth which was resulting in back problems he’d been having and by removing a tooth it sorted him out and prolonged his playing career!
      We do seem to always have a long injury list so maybe it’s specific specialists dealing with specific problems aren’t up to the task and there the problems more so than the actual complex
      I don’t know, just a thought I guess
      Anyway I hope Biglia gets sorted he’s definitely one of our must have players who we’ll need

      • we also mostly used to buy players who are almost over their peak
        even to spend too much money for them
        and could not sell them 🙂 kept loaning them out with paying even their salarys untill they where out of contract
        pato was a strange guy-he started like a super duck
        i in the end he never recoverd
        some players are by nature injury prone
        they might become stars
        who clubs like milan in the past used to spend money for
        just to overpaint the b&g black operations
        and hope for a positive outcome
        even the best labs can not keep players like this healthy
        it was like a virus it feels
        when b&g started to rot from inside
        they also atracted players who where about to rot or already having rotten
        in the end every team will have some injurrys
        but we can be happy finaly having new owners
        i dont know if im right but
        some where i read that they put new people to work as physios
        i just hope that montella do not get too much lost
        and sing badej
        we have locatelli and monti as a back up
        biglica will recover and be a realy help for us
        if montella realy wants to stick to 433
        there is no need for more middlefeld players i believe
        for a 352 he has to weak back up in the 3 man defence
        to risky for him play all the time roma-bonucci-musa
        as roma is already injury prone
        and musa has a name for it too
        maybe in th coming years with more quality back up we could play in a 3 man
        all year around
        if 433 then we in my opinion would be better
        get close to suso a star winger
        who can score and assist
        silva will turn out good and cutrone is growing

      • When i said milanlab i didnt mean milanlab specifically but rather milan’s medical teams and physio/athletic trainers in general.
        I understand that football world once held milanlab in high regard (galli and berlu practically stopped milanlab project and fired their chief, a belgian dr, years ago. Just another proof that they ran milan without plans and vision). Also, nice beckham anecdote. I didnt know that although i know seedorf story which is quite similar to ur beckham’s.
        Have milanlab done good job? In general, yes. Cafu, seedorf, maldini and even beckham were living proofs. But did u know that del piero, messi and pato faced similar problem in their youth; they lacked body mass and strength to compete with another highly conditioned/trained footballers? What did their respective clubs do to handle that? Not surprisingly, their respective clubs did exactly the same thing: Putting them through hard fitness/dietary/training regimes so they could gain extra muscles. The results:
        1) del piero lost his speed and agility that made him dangerous in late ’90 but he became much less injury prone, still playing in 2012
        2) messi couldnt handle garbage asier del horno when he was still young skinny prodigy but now he can handle the likes of boateng, pepe, ramos on regular basis.
        3) pato never reached his full potential (because he grew too much too fast) and most probably never will (milan shouldve sold him instead of ts33/ibra when psg came calling for him)
        Now, who’s at fault for pato? I dont even have to tell u tragic tales of san marco, gullit (who got his revenge with sampdoria) and el sha do i?

  10. There must be something wrong with our training… Even teams like Crotone do not suffer from so many injuries.

    • No, actually the other way around.

      What other said was trivial are what Milan Lab seriously handle. 🙂

      It is not tradition, rather attention to detail and “leaving no stone unturned”

  11. we don’t need badej and kalinic, so must montella must entrusted all milan transfer plan, so that he will turn milan to forentina like allegri did to milan by sold our best midfeilder in andrea pirlo. pls don’t entrust him with all our transfer plan, come to think of it, if montella were to be sack and the new is employ, then what will be our lot and turning milan to forentina

    • im with you. Only drugged fans dont realise that. Im sure if you IQ test people here, you will be shocked.

    • it would be a shame and so disrespectfull
      buying badej
      when loca carryed this team last year
      finaly we need a choach with balls
      giving trust in a young boy who has all it takes
      look all the games he played now in pre matches
      never mistrust your youth core
      in my opinion
      dona – calabria-loca-cutrone
      should be givin as much time and trust possible

      • Well from our youngster, Locatelli above all deserves the starting spot, he was great against Romania side in EL second leg and also against Betis. There shouldn’t be a doubt, he is mentally prepared to start, he’s calm on the ball, has good reading etc.

        • the rest is covered well
          cutrone can and will learn
          calabria has also good mentors
          i am hopefull and looking for a great year
          for me its the first time since long
          that i cant wait to see milan
          loose or win
          it is a TEAM TO SUPPORT
          in my eye worthly

  12. Hey guys, I was checking out the calendar for Serie A this season. Almost all of the games are being played on a Sunday early afternoon. With that kind of a schedule, i can only watch the Europa league Milan games. Anyone else having the same issue?

    • Why cant u watch milan on sunday afternoon mate? What, do u think sunday church or quality family time or work are more important than watching milan? Infamia

  13. montella shud worry abt his formation,I really don’t know why most of us here want to play the role of the coach ,raining abusive words and negative comments abt the coach,let’s leave the coach to what ever tactics he wants to deploy,montella has be given a target let’s allow him play his thing,we said we want champions league and the man has not failed us yet so y r most of us already pushing for is sack like we can do better,Milan needs patience to gel together,all aspect of Milan need stringing both in management and players so let give them our support and let them shine ,a rebuilding team needs fans support,Milan lost a times bcos of some of us,condemning one player or the coach and making them loss confidence ,as for biglia we need u back and we wish u a quick recovery

  14. Honestly i have big doubt’s about montella, why does he want badej ? He’s another player not worthy of ac milan . Why are we not going for someone like matuidi ? .

  15. If we EITHER sign kalinic OR badej, we already SOLD scudetto.

    Fassone, please tell montella to shut up, because he will be sacked, i already now say, montella WONT win anything, and in the END he will be sacked just like his copy allegri. So dont sign players left by him when he get sacked.

    Milan is NOT fiorentina

  16. Hope he gets well soon. And this is an opportunity for Loca and Zanellato both.
    I saw that Mauri’s squad number was announced. So hopefully he is staying with us.

    I still think we should just convince Bacca to stay instead of chasing a wild goose in a new striker. Bacca will definitely be deadly (even more than he already has been) if he gets some better service.

    <3 Naz

  17. please let bacca stay ,he is a far better striker than kalinic,and don’t Milan badej is not as bad as u most of u think,Milan has always wanted to sign him a long time ago



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